(1931 UF )
Incl: 8.52929
Eccent: 0.0865207
Period: 5.2304981264586 years
AU 3.0131122
Type: 0000

Discovery Chart

18.10.1931 01:50 Heidelberg 8e43 49n24 observations 1

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This is a name of a plant. The first letters of planets  (1227) through  (1234) form the name G. Stracke. Due to the desire of Stracke that no planet be named after him it was in this manner that the discoverer was able to circumvent and to honor the noted German astronomer and diligent orbit computer. Stracke later was also honored by planet  (1019). (H 114)

The same method to honor an astronomer by using consecutive initial letters was used again in 1995 — see the citation of planet  (5699).

Avastatud: 18-10-1931 Avastamiskoht: Heidelberg Avastajad: Reinmuth, K.

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