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nr  ↓ name  ↓ Name Source  ↓
117240ZhytomyrEngineer-in-chief of the first manned flight by Yurij Gagarin in 1961, Sergej Korolov (1907-1966) wa
152217AkosipovAlexandr Kuzmich Osipov (1920-2004) was for 43 years a research worker at the Astronomical Observato
155116VerkhivnyaDuring his later years, the outstanding French novelist Honoré de Balzac (1799-1850) stayed at the e
159011RadomyshlRadomyshl (formerly Mychek) is an ancient city in Ukraine located on the Teteriv river and first men
159181BerdychivBerdychiv is the second most populous city in the Zhytomyr region in the northwest of Ukraine. Firs
161962GalchynLocated precisely at latitude 50° north and longitude 29° east, the village of Galchyn has been know
175636ZvyagelLarysa Petrivna Kosach (1871-1913), better known under her pen name Lesya Ukrainka, was one of Ukrai
177982PopilniaThe district of Popilnia was the motherland of Maxym Tadeyovych Rylskyj (1895-1964), famous Ukrainia
190026IskorostenAn ancient city in northern Ukraine, Iskorosten was the capital of the Drevlyany tribe in the times
199986ChervoneLocated 10 km from Andrushivka observatory, Chervone was noted at the beginning of the twentieth cen
202778DmytriaDmytro Yaroslavovych Yatskiv (1963-2004) was a laser physicist and observer at Kyiv satellite laser
207585LubarThe ancient city of Bolokhov was the capital of the Bolokhov principality in the times of Russian Ki
207899GrinmaliaEugene Grinishyn (b. 1956), a stonemason, and Sergiy Malinovskiy (b. 1964), a farmer, are neighbors
212465GoroshkyGoroshky settlement, currently Volodarsk-Volynsky, Ukraine, is first mentioned in the chronicles of
214487BaranivkaThe town of Baranivka is known for one of the oldest plants for the production of porcelain in Ukrai
216451IrshaLocated on the Irsha river, the ancient city of Malyn in Ukraine is noted for the museum of Nikolaj
217420OlevskOlevsk is an ancient city founded in the times of Kiev Russia. In its environments is located the P
220418GolovynoThe small town of Golovyno is noted for a labradorite mine, one of the greatest in Ukraine and Europ
221073OvruchThe ancient city of Ovruch, located in northern Ukraine, is noted for its unique cathedral of Saint
227326NarodychiNarodychi settlement, located in northern Ukraine, has been known since 1545. During the emergency
241192PulynyThe town of Pulyny (currently Chervonoarmijsk) in the north of Ukraine and nearby settlements were t
241538ChudnivThe small town of Chudniv in northern Ukraine is noted for its beautiful Catholic and orthodox cathe
246132LugynyThe district of Lugyny in the north of Ukraine is full of virgin forests and parks. Located within 1
246164ZdvyzhenskThe ancient town of Zdvyzhensk (currently Brusyliv) in Ukraine has been known since the eleventh cen
251001SluchSluch is a river that flows through Ukraine in the basin of the Dniper. The ancient town of Myropil
251018LiubirenaLiubov Grinishyn (b. 1955) and Irene Malinovska (b. 1967) are poetesses and lyric story writers. Li
261291FucecchioFucecchio is a historic town located midway between Pisa and Florence. Each year in May a carnival i
269245CatastiniMario Catastini (b. 1932) is a retired Italian elementary-school teacher. He is one of the authors o
269251KolomnaKolomna, founded around AD 1140, is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the Moscow region
274334KyivplaniyKyiv Planetarium is one of the leading cultural and educational centers of Ukraine to promote astron
278386SofivannaTwins Sofia and Ivanna (b. 2007) are the grandchildren of Boris Romanyuk, Professor at the V. Ye. La
300932KyslyukVitalij Stepanovych Kyslyuk (1940-2014) was a Ukrainian astronomer. His main research interests were
318794UgliaThe Ukrainian Humanities Lyceum (UGL in Ukrainian) was founded in 1991. It is an innovative educatio
325368IhorhukIhor Huk (b. 1952) is a professor of surgery at the Medical University of Vienna, and a foreign memb

download list of asteroids in this group in Zet act format.