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2288KarolinumNamed for the original main building, still in use, of the Charles University, founded in Prague in
2304SlaviaThis is an ancient Slavonic name, now also that of a famous sports club in Prague.
2390Nezarka Named for a small river running through the town of Veseli {see planet  (2599)} in southern Bohemia
2442Corbett Named for Jim Corbett, hunter, writer and a great friend of animals, born in Nainital, India. (M 665
2474Ruby Named for the discoverer’s dog, which lives at the Kleť Observatory. (M 6650)
2552Remek Named for the first Czechoslovak astronaut Vladimir Remek, born in South Bohemia, a member of the cr
2622Bolzano Named on the 200th anniversary of the birth of Bernardo Bolzano (1781–1848), distinguished Czech mat
2647Sova Named in memory of Antonín Sova (1864–1928), Czech poet, who sang of southern Bohemia. (M 22245)
2696Magion Named for the first Czechoslovak artificial satellite, launched together with Interkosmos 18 in 1978
2781Kleczek Named in honor of Josip Kleczek (1923– ), distinguished astronomer and solar physicist, known in par
2821Slavka Named in memory of Sláva Vávrová (1910–1985), the discoverer’s mother. (M 22245)
2936Nechvile Named in memory of V. Nechvíle (1890–1964), professor of astronomy at Charles University. During a s
2971Mohr Named in memory of Josef M. Mohr (1901–1979), professor of astronomy at Charles University, founder
3003Koncek Named in memory of academician Mikuláš Konček (1900–1982), founder of the Meteorological Institute i
3069Heyrovsky Named in honor of Jaroslav Heyrovský (1890–1967), Czech physicist and inventor of polarography, reci
3096Bezruc Named in honor of Petr Bezruč (1867–1958), popular Silesian poet. (M 21607)
3130Hillary Named in honor of the New Zealand mountaineer Sir Edmund Percival Hillary (1919– ), who, with Sherpa
3137Horky Named for the hill where the discoverer installed his first telescope in 1939. (M 22828)
3141Buchar Named in memory of Emil Buchar (1901–1979), professor of astronomy and geodesy at Prague Polytechnic
3257Hanzlik Named in memory of Stanislav Hanzlík (1878–1956), professor of meteorology and climatology at Charle
3278Behounek Named in memory of František Běhounek (1898–1973), the first professor of cosmic-ray physics at Char
3313Mendel Named in memory of Gregor Johann Mendel (1822–1884), Austrian monk and botanist, discoverer of the l
3324Avsyuk Named in honor of Yurij N. Avsyuk, geodesist and gravimetrist, who worked with the discoverer on the
3334Somov Named in memory of Mikhail M. Somov, leader of the first Russian Antarctic expedition during the Int
3364Zdenka Named in honor of Zdenka Vávrová for her 20 devoted years in the astrometric program at KLeť. (M 231
3395Jitka Named in honor of Jitka Beneš in recognition of her assistance at KLeť during the International Hall
3419Guth Named in memory of Vladimír Guth (1905–1980), outstanding Czech astronomer, founder of contemporary
3423Slouka Named in memory of Hubert Slouka (1903–1973), Czech astronomer, well known as a popularizer of astro
3424Nusl Named in memory of Frantisek Nušl (1867–1951), Czech astronomer and mathematician, director of the N
3479Malaparte Named in memory of the discoverer’s favorite writer and poet, Curzio Malaparte {1898–1957}, born Kur
3490Solc Named in honor of Ivan Šolc, well-known Czech inventor of birefringent polarizing filters for resear
3492Petra-Pepi Named in honor of the discoverer’s daughter on the occasion of her eighteenth birthday. (M 21955)
3515Jindra Named in honor of Lumír Jindra (1936– ), an old friend of the discoverer, for his contribution to Cz
3550Link Named in memory of František Link (1906–1984), founder and for ten years director of the modern astr
3603Gajdusek Named in memory of Vilém Gajdušek (1895–1977), Czech optician and maker of many outstanding telescop
3630Lubomir A well-known old Slavic name, widespread in southern Bohemia {see planet  (371)}. (M 25976)
3645Fabini Named in memory of Tatiana Fabini (1943–1989), editor-in-chief of the Slovak popular-astronomy magaz
3665FitzgeraldNamed in memory of Ella Fitzgerald (1917-1996), renowned jazz singer known internationally as the “F
3701Purkyne Named in memory of J. E. Purkyně (1787–1869), professor of physiology in Wroclaw and Prague. He disc
3715Stohl Named in memory of Ján Štohl (1932–1993), well known for his work on the dynamics of meteors, direct
3716Petzval Named in memory of József Miska Petzval (1807–1891), mathematician, professor and inventor at the Un
3727Maxhell Named in memory of Maximilian Hell (1720–1792), famous for his determination of the solar parallax f
3732Vavra Named in honor of Anton Alfred Vávra (1896– ), the discoverer’s father. (M 22246)
3781Dufek Named in honor of George Dufek, an associate of Richard E. Byrd and for a long time the leader of Am
3791MarciNamed in memory of Jan Marcus Marci of Kronland (1595-1667), Czech physicist, mathematician, astrono
3847ŠindelNamed in memory of Jan Ondřejův, known as Šindel (c.1375-c.1456), Czech medieval astronomer, mathema
3879Machar Named in honor of the Czech writer and poet, Josef Svatopluk Machar (1864–1942), whose work is close
3899Wichterle Named in honor of Otto Wichterle (1913–1998), Czech chemist with a special interest in macromolecula
3978Klepesta Named in memory of Josef Klepešta (1895–1976), outstanding Czech expert in astronomical photography
3979BrorsenNamed in memory of Theodor Brorsen (1819-1895), Danish astronomer, known for his discoveries of five
3981Stodola Named in memory of A. Stodola (1859–1942), professor at ETH Zürich who taught on the construction an
3983Sakiko Named in honor of Sakiko Nakano, sister of orbit computer Syuichi Nakano {see planet  (3431)}, in re
3993Sorm Named in memory of František Sorm (1913–1980), president of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences dur
4023Jarnik Named in memory of Vojtěch Jarník (1897–1970), Czech mathematician and professor at the Charles Univ
4090ŘíšehvězdNamed for Říše hvězd (the Realm of Stars), Czech popular journal for astronomy. Origi
4112Hrabal Named in honor of Bohumil Hrabal (1914–1997), one of the most reputable contemporary Czech writers,
4146Rudolfinum Named for one of the most beautiful and important neo-Renaissance buildings in Prague. Constructed b
4170Semmelweis Named in memory of Ignaz Fülöp Semmelweis (1818–1865), Hungarian physician. (M 22501)
4176SudekNamed in memory of Josef Sudek (1896-1976), outstanding Czech photographer, well-known for his black
4190Kvasnica Named in memory of Jozef Kvasnica (1930–1992), Czechoslovak theoretical physicist, professor at Char
4287Trisov Named for a village in southern Bohemia northeast of Kleť Mountain. Near the village there are remna
4318Bata Named in honor of Tomáš Baťa (1876–1932), world-renowned Czech businessman. (M 16444)
4369Seifert Named in memory of Jaroslav Seifert {1901–1986}, Czech poet and {1984} Nobel laureate. One of his vo
4405Otava Named for a Czech river that has its confluence with the Vltava {see planet  (2123)} river near the
4552Nabelek Named in honor of Jan Nabelek (1908– ), now the most senior member of a group of teachers in Nove Me
4554Fanynka Named in memory of Frantiska (“Fanynka”) Burian (1911–1980), associated with the discoverer during t
4567Becvar Named in memory of the Czech astronomer Antonín Bežcvážr (1901–1965), founder and first director of
4610Kajov Named for a village in southern Bohemia south of Kleť Mountain that is the pilgrimage site of a Goth
4662RunkFerdinand Runk (1764-1834) made many landscape paintings of the Czech and Austrian countryside as th
4663FaltaJosef Falta (1786-1847) was engineer and cartographer of the Schwarzenberg court in Český Krumlov.
4671DrtikolNamed in memory of František Drtikol (1883-1961), outstanding Czech photographer well-known for his
4691ToyenNamed in memory of Toyen (1902-1980), Czech painter and graphic artist, born Marie Čermínová. She i
4698JizeraNamed for a Czech river rising in the Jizerské hory mountains and continuing through the towns of Tu
4702BerounkaNamed for a Czech river originating in Plzeň as a confluence of four rivers: Mže, Radbúza, Úhlava a
4801OhřeNamed for a Czech river rising in Germany near the Czech border and continuing through the towns of
4823Libenice Named for the site of remnants of an ancient Celtic sanctuary in central Bohemia that has astronomic
4824Stradonice Named for the site of an ancient Celtic town in central Bohemia above the Berounka {see planet  (470
4921Volonte Named for the popular Italian actor Gian Maria Volonté, who portrayed the title role in a film about
5026Martes Named for Martes martes and Martes foina, or pine marten and beech marten, delightful small animals
5031Svejcar Named in honor of Josef Švejcar {1897–1997}, Czech physician. (M 22505)
5089NádhernáNamed in memory of Sidonie Nádherná (1885-1950), baroness of Borutín and author of The Chronicle
5103Divis Named in memory of the Czech scientist, Praemon-strat monk and priest Prokop Václav Diviš (1698–1765
5122Mucha Named in memory of Alfons Mucha (1860–1939), Czech painter, graphic artist and decorative artist, wh
5228Maca Named in honor of Jan Máca, one-time schoolmate and old friend of the discoverer, for his contributi
5250JasThe Czech word for brightness, Jas symbolizes the South Bohemian Astronomical Society, known in Czec
5275Zdislava Named for Saint Zdislava (c. 1220–1252), a noblewoman who devoted her life to performing charity for
5363Kupka Named in memory of František Kupka (1871–1957), Czech painter and graphic artist, resident in France
5417Solovaya Named in honor of Nina A. Solovaya (1940– ), an astronomer in the celestial mechanics department of
5423HorahořejšPetr Hora Hořejš (b. 1938) is a Czech journalist, screenwriter and novelist. He wrote a thirteen bo
5425Vojtech Named in memory of Václav Vojtěch (1901–1932), Czech traveler and Antarctic explorer. In 1929 he bec
5514KarelraškaKarel Raška (1909-1987) was a Czech physician and epidemiologist, known as “the father of the concep
5552StudničkaNamed in memory of František Josef Studnička (1836-1903), professor of mathematics at Charles Univer
5574SeagraveFrank Evans Seagrave (1860-1934) was an American amateur astronomer, who observed the Sun, variable
5712FunkeJaromír Funke (1896-1945) was a Czech photographer, known for his images of architecture and landsca
5719KřižíkCzech electrical engineer and inventor František Křižík (1847-1941), constructed an arc lamp with a
5800PollockJackson Pollock (1912-1956), American painter, was a leader of the Abstract Expressionist movement.
5801VasarelyVictor Vasarely (1908-1997), painter, sculptor, and graphic artist of Hungarian birth, is considered
5803ÖtziÖtzi, or Iceman, is a popular name for a prehistoric man of the late Stone Age. His mummified body
5860DeankoontzDean Ray Koontz (b. 1945) is a contemporary American author. He is known for his best-selling suspe
5891GehrigNamed in memory of Henry Louis (Lou) Gehrig (1903-1941), professional U.S. baseball player. From 19
5894TelčTelč, a small town on the border of southern Bohemia and Moravia, was founded in the twelfth century
5897Novotna Named in memory of Jarmila Novotná-Daubková (1907–1994), Czech opera singer, who lived in the U.S. f
5910ZátopekNamed in honor of the great Czechoslovak long-distance runner, Emil Zátopek (b. 1922). In a twelve-
5946HroznýNamed in memory of Bedřich Hrozný (1879-1952), Czech archeologist, orientalist and language scholar.
5958BarrandeThe French geologist and paleontologist Joachim Barrande (1799-1883) made studies of the fossil stra
5997DiracPaul Adrien Maurice Dirac (1902-1984), English theoretical physicist and Nobel laureate, is known fo
6059DiefenbachKarl Wilhelm Diefenbach (1851-1913) was a German painter and philosopher. He was a pioneer of the h
6064HolašoviceNamed for a village in southern Bohemia north of Klet Mountain. Holašovice is an exceptionally intac
6076Plavec Named in honor of Mirek J. Plavec (1925– ), Czech astronomer living in the U.S. since 1969, professo
6077MessnerNamed in honor of Reinhold Messner (b. 1944), Italian mountaineer, adventurer and writer.
6086VrchlickýJaroslav Vrchlický (1853-1912), born Emil Frída, was a Czech poet and one of most prolific of all Cz
6149PelčákOldřich Pelčák (b. 1943) has been a Czechoslovak astronaut-candidate, a member of a team of Czechosl
6175CoriCarl Ferdinand Cori (1896-1984) and Gerty Theresa Cori (1896-1957) were American biochemists born in
6230FramNamed for the ship that was built specially for polar research. It was used in expeditions of the A
6266LetzelNamed in memory of Jan Letzel (1880-1925), Czech architect inspired by the Art Nouveau style and who
6281StrnadAntonín Strnad (1747-1799) was the third director of the Klementinum observatory in Prague. The dai
6379VrbaKarel Vrba (1845-1922) was professor of mineralogy at Charles University in Prague and founder of th
6426Vanysek Named in honor of Vladimír Vanýsek (1926–1997), Czech astronomer, professor emeritus of astrophysics
6471Collins Named in honor of Michael Collins (1930– ), U.S. astronaut. In 1966 he served as pilot of the Gemini
6481TenzingTenzing Norgay (1914-1986) was a Nepalese mountain climber of the Sherpa tribe. On 1953 May 29, as
6508RolčíkViktor Rolčík (1884-1954) was a Czech optician and telescope maker. The 0.31-m reflector, the main
6516GrussCzech astronomer Gustav Gruss (1854-1922) was head of the Astronomical Institute of the Czech divisi
6539NohavicaNamed in honor of Jaromír Nohavica (b. 1945), Czech singer, poet and composer.
6540SteplingNamed in memory of Joseph Stepling (1716-1778), founder and the first director of the astronomical o
6544StevendickSteven J. Dick (b. 1949), president of IAU Commission 41 (1997-2000), wrote the official history of
6550ParléřBeginning in 1356, the German-born master builder Petr Parléř (c. 1333-1399) led the construction of
6556ArcimboldoGiuseppe Arcimboldo (1527?--1593) was an Italian Mannerist painter whose grotesque, almost surrealis
6581SobersNamed in honor of Garfield St. Aubrun (Gary) Sobers (b. 1936), West Indian cricketer, considered by
6583Destinn Named in memory of Ema Destinn (1878–1930), Czech opera singer, considered one of the finest soprano
6586Seydler Named in memory of August Seydler (1849–1891), professor of astronomy and theoretical physics at Cha
6594Tasman Named for the Dutch navigator and explorer Abel Janszoon Tasman (c.1603–c.1659), who explored the so
6596BittnerAdam Bittner (1777-1844), the fifth director of the Klementinum observatory in Prague, introduced a
6597KreilKarl Kreil (1798-1862), the sixth director of the Klementinum observatory in Prague, carried out geo
6701WarholThe American painter and film-maker Andy Warhol (Andrew Warhola, 1928-1987) was a leader of the Pop
6765Fibonacci Named in memory of Leonardo Fibonacci of Pisa (c. 1170–1240), the first “western” mathematician, who
6769BrokoffFather and son, Jan (1652-1718) and Ferdinand Maxmilian (1688-1731) Brokoff were prominent sculptors
6779Perrine Named in memory of Charles Dillon Perrine (1867–1951), American astronomer working at Lick Observato
6817PestNamed for the largest of the three towns, Buda, Pest and Óbuda, that form the modern capital of Hung
6822HorálekPetr Horálek (b. 1986) is a Czech astronomer, astronomy popularizer, passionate photographer, and on
6824MalloryGeorge Herbert Leigh Mallory (1886-1924) was a British mountain climber whose 1924 expedition to con
6825IrvineThe British mountaineer Andrew Irvine (1901-1924) was George Mallory's partner for a final bid for t
6897TabeiIn 1975, Junko Tabei (b. 1939) became the first woman to scale the summit of Mount Everest. The nam
6928Lanna Named in memory of Vojtěch Lanna (1805–1866), well-known Czech entrepreneur. He contributed to the d
7107PeiserNamed in honor of Benny Josef Peiser (b. 1957), social anthropologist with a particular research int
7114WeinekLadislaus Weinek (1848-1913), the ninth director of the Klementinum observatory in Prague, collabora
7218SkácelJan Skácel (1922-1989), Czech poet of South Moravian origin, was one of the most beloved Czech poets
7221SallabaJan Sallaba (1775-1827) was the builder and, from 1821, chief construction manager of the Schwarzenb
7226KrylNamed in memory of Karel Kryl (1944-1994), Czech singer and songwriter, from 1969 a resident of Germ
7272DarbydyarM. Darby Dyar (b. 1958) is a professor at Mount Holyoke College who specializes in Mössbauer spectro
7332PonrepoViktor Ponrepo, born Dismas Šlambor (1858-1926), was founder of the first permanent cinema in Prague
7334SciurusSciurus vulgaris and Sciurus carolinensis are squirrels, animals that live mainly in t
7390KunderaNamed in honor of Milan Kundera (b. 1929), Czech novelist, playwright and poet. He has written vari
7391StrouhalNamed in memory of Vincenc Strouhal (1850-1922), professor of experimental physics. He founded and
7398WalshNamed in honor of Martin F. Walsh (b. 1966) on the occasion of his marriage to Aurélie Machon near P
7403ChoustníkChoustník is a castle founded in the mid-thirteenth century. Under the brothers Beneš and Jan of Cho
7440Zavist Named for the site of the most important ancient Celtic town in Bohemia. Situated south of Prague on
7441Laska Named in memory of Václav Láska (1862–1943), Czech astronomer, geophysicist, geodesist and mathemati
7464ViperaNamed for the viper family, particularly Vipera berus, the adder or northern viper, a nice ra
7490BabičkaNamed in memory of Marie Macháčová (1922-1998) and Marie Petrželová (1912-1998), the grandmothers of
7492Kacenka Named in honor of Kateřina Macháčová (1975– ), who has been a constant source of support to the disc
7645PonsNamed in memory of Jean-Louis Pons (1761-1831), whose name appears on 26 different comets and who cl
7669MalšeNamed for a Czech river. The České Budějovice Observatory is situated at the confluence of the Malš
7670Kabelac Named in memory of Miloslav Kabeláč (1908–1979), outstanding Czech composer and teacher of contempor
7694KrasetínKrasetín is a small village east of the Klet mountain. It is the nearest village to the Klet Observ
7695PřemyslNamed for a mythical hero Přemysl, called Ploughman. He married princess Libuše, and they became th
7699BožekJosef Božek (1782-1835) was a clockmaker at Prague Klementinum College and a creator of astronomical
7701ZrzavýJan Zrzavý (1890-1977) was a Czech painter, graphic artist and illustrator, known for imaginary lyri
7739ČechNamed in memory of Eduard Čech (1893-1960), Czech mathematician, professor at Charles University in
7742AltamiraAltamira is a cave in northern Spain, whose walls bear paintings and engravings---chiefly of bison,
7791EbicyklEbicykl is a traditional holiday activity, since 1984, of a group of astronomers, who bike around th
7799MartinšolcNamed in honor of Martin Šolc (b. 1949), Czech astronomer and head of the Astronomical Institute of
7846SetvákNamed in honor of Martin Setvák (b. 1958), meteorologist and head of the Satellite Department of the
7859LhasaLhasa, “God's ground”, is the capital of Tibet, located on a fertile plain 3700 meters high, surroun
7867BurianThe Czech artist Zdeněk Burian (1905-1981) was well known for his paintings and illustrations of pre
7897Bohuska Named in honor of the discoverer’s mother, Bohumila Šarounová, in hearty thanks for her tolerance an
7967BenyNamed in memory of Michal ‘Beny’ Böhm (1968-1998), schoolmate, roommate at Charles University and gr
7984MariusSimon Marius (1573-1625) was court astronomer in Ansbach. He discovered the Jovian satellites, but
8001RamsdenJesse Ramsden (1735-1800) was the British designer and producer of highly accurate sextants, theodol
8048AndrleNamed in memory of Pavel Andrle (1936-1991), Czech astronomer and celestial mechanician. Methods de
8137KvízNamed in memory of Zdeněk Kvíz (1932-1993), Czech astronomer. His early works dealt with meteor show
8143NezvalVítězslav Nezval (1900-1958) was one of the most prolific Czech poets. He was the founder of the Po
8222GellnerNamed in memory of Czech poet František Gellner (1881-1914), a Bohemian anarchist. His poetry depic
8307PeltanNamed for the discoverer's family, including her mother Marie (nee Kosová) Peltanová (b. 1930), her
8336ŠafaříkNamed in memory of Vojtěch Šafařík (1829-1902), known for his work in inorganic chemistry, Czech che
8343TugendhatTugendhat House is one of the most magnificent pieces of modern architecture in the Czech Republic.
8554GabretaGabreta is an ancient, presumably Celtic name of the Šumava mountains, or Böhmerwald, along the bord
8556Jana Named in honor of Jana Moravcová, wife of the discoverer, on the occasion of her thirtieth birthday,
8557ŠarounNamed in honor of the discoverer's father, Jaroslav Šaroun (b. 1943). A teacher at the Prague Acade
8572Nijo Named for Nijo Castle (Nijo-jo) in Kyoto {see planet  (4352)}, built in 1603 as the official residen
8573Ivanka Named for Ivanka Moravcová (1943– ), the discoverer’s mother. (M 34628)
8719VesmírThe Czech monthly journal of science Vesmír was founded in 1871. Vesmír describes new
8740Vaclav Named for Czech prince Václav (c.908–c.929), Czech kings Václav I (1205–1253), Václav II (1271–1305)
9011AngelouMaya Angelou (1928-2014), born Marguerite Annie Johnson, was an American poet, author, and civil rig
9027GrapsAmara Graps (b. 1961) is a planetary scientist who concentrates on asteroids and comets, but has wor
9087NeffNamed for Vladimír Neff and Ondřej Neff. Vladimír Neff (1909-1983) was an outstanding Czech writer,
9102FoglarNamed in memory of Jaroslav Foglar (1907-1999), Czech writer of adventure and educational literature
9224ŽeleznýJan Železný (b. 1966), Czech javelin-thrower, the world record holder (98.48 meters), won Olympic si
9551KaziNamed for the oldest daughter of prince Krok and wife of honorable hero Bivoj, known from Bohemian m
9671HemeraThe Greek goddess of bright day, daughter of goddess of night Nykta and god of darkness Erebus, Heme
9841MašekMartin Mašek (b. 1988) is an avid observer of deep-sky objects, variable stars, comets and asteroids
9884PříbramThe town of Příbram, in central Bohemia, was the impact site, on 1959 Apr. 7, of the first photograp
9991Anezka Named in honor of Anežka Moravcová (1924– ), the discoverer’s grandmother, on the occasion of her 75
10170Petrjakes Named in honor of Petr Jakeš (1940– ), Czech geologist, geochemist and lecturer at Charles Universit
10174EmičkaEma Moravcová (b. 1999) is the discoverer's daughter.
10213Koukolik Named in honor of František Koukolík (1941– ), Czech neuropathologist who works on the relationship
10390LenkaNamed in honor of Lenka Šarounová (b. 1973), an assiduous observer at the Ondřejov Observatory. She
10395JirkahornNamed in memory of Jiří Horn (1941-1994), an astronomer at the Ondřejov Observatory. He worked in s
10403MarcelgrünThe Czech astronomer Marcel Grün (b. 1946) is director of the Prague Planetarium. His main field of
10626ZajícJan Zajíc (b. 1910), founder and for a long time director of the observatory in Vlašim, has brought
10633AkimasaNamed in honor of Akimasa Nakamura (b. 1961), a prolific Japanese observer of minor planets and come
10634PepibicanJosef (“Pepi”) Bican (b. 1913), proclaimed the century's best center-forward by the International Fe
10872VaculíkLudvík Vaculík (b. 1926), Czech writer and journalist, was one of the most famous writers in the for
10919PepíkzichaJosef Zicha (b. 1939) was the head engineer for the 2-m telescope at Ondřejov. He now teaches at th
11124MikulášekThe Czech astronomer Zdeněk Mikulášek (b. 1947) is director of the Nicholas Copernicus Observatory a
11126DolečekJosef (“Jožka”) Doleček (b. 1912) had a principal role in building the public observatory of Valašsk
11128OstraviaOstrava (Ostravia in Latin) has been considered the center of the mining and steel industries in nor
11163MilešovkaThe highest mountain in České Středohoří (Czech Central Mountains), Milešovka is located 60 km north
11167KunžakKunžak is a picturesque village in South Bohemia. In this village there is a small observatory, nam
11201TalichVáclav Talich (1883-1961) was a well-known Czech conductor, for many years the head of the National
11333FormanEarly films of director Miloš Forman (b. 1932), such as Černý Petr (“Black Peter”) and Hoř
11338SchieleEgon Schiele (1890-1918), Austrian expressionist painter noted for the eroticism of his figurative w
11339OrlíkThe Gothic castle of Orlík was built on a peninsula in the Vltava river in the thirteenth century an
11364KarlštejnThe Gothic castle at Karlštejn was built in 1348 by Charles IV in the Kingdom of Bohemia, 27 km from
11598Kubí kThe discoverer's brother, Jakub Šaroun (b. 1974), is a talented amateur musician and photographer.
11656LipnoThe Lipno dam was built on the Vltava river in 1959 as the largest Czechoslovak dam. It is importan
12002SuessAustrian geologist Franz Eduard Suess (1867-1941), professor at the Technical College in Prague and
12051PíchaJaroslav Pícha (1921-1998) was a Czech meteorologist and amateur astronomer. The observatory he bui
12468ZachotínZachotín is a village in Vysočina that has hosted the Mobile Astronomical Expedition of Prague Štefá
12790CernanEugene Andrew Cernan (b. 1934), U.S. astronaut, was commander of the Apollo 17 mission, which conclu
12835StropekVáclav Stropek (b. 1938) has been a long-time technician at the Klet Observatory.
13226SouliéGuy Soulié (b. 1920) made photometric observations of the zodiacal light, measured positions of come
13390BouškaJiří Bouška (b. 1925), emeritus professor of astronomy at Charles University, Prague, studied interp
13406SekoraOndřej Sekora (1899-1967), Czech journalist, cartoonist, illustrator and writer, is known mainly for
13804HrazanyHrazany is the site of an ancient Celtic town in central Bohemia above the Vltava river in a gold-mi
14054DušekJiří Dušek (b. 1971) is an astronomer at the Nicolas Copernicus Observatory and Planetarium in Brno.
14056KainarJosef Kainar (1917-1971), was a Czech poet, dramatist, journalist and musician. His poetry collecte
14124KamilCzech amateur astronomer Kamil Hornoch (b. 1972) is an outstanding observer of comets and variable s
14190SoldánJan Soldán (b. 1957) is a Czech astronomer, designer and developer of control software and programs
14206SehnalLadislav Sehnal (b. 1931) is known for his work on the effects of solar radiation and atmospheric dr
14517MonitomaMonika Pravcová (b. 1976), sister of the discoverer, and Tomáš Kneslík (b. 1977) fell in love in the
14550LehkýMartin Lehký (b. 1972) is a Czech amateur astronomer and visual and CCD observer of comets, variable
14948BartuškaJosef Bartuška (1898-1963) was a Czech avant-garde poet, painter, graphic artist, photographer and t
14974PočátkyPočátky is the south Bohemian town where the discoverer was born.
15053BochníčekZáviš Bochníček (b. 1920), a Czech astronomer living in Slovakia, worked on photographic observation
15374TetaThe second daughter of prince Krok, known from old Bohemian myths, Teta served as a fortune-teller a
15382VianBoris Vian (1920-1959), French writer (L´ecume des jours, L´arrache-coeur), singer (
15384SamkováFilomena Samková (b. 1931), is a cook at the annual summer astronomy camp (“Expedice”) held at the Ú
15390ZnojilVladimír Znojil (b. 1941) developed methods for investigating meteor showers by using large binocula
15395RüklCzech astronomer Antonín Rükl (b. 1932) was a master of mapping. His precise-retouch lunar maps eli
15399HudecRené Hudec (b. 1951), an Ondřejov astronomer who works in high-energy astrophysics, especially on γ-
15403MerignacThe city of Merignac in southwestern France has expanded in recent years because of several aeronaut
15425WelzlJan Welzl (1868-1948), Czech arctic explorer, trader, hunter, inventor, craftsman and adventurer, li
15870ObůrkaOto Obůrka (1909-1982), professor at Brno University of Technology, founded the Nicholas Copernicus
15890PrachaticePrachatice is a southern Bohemian town that began as a small settlement on the Golden Trail that had
15902DostálCzech globetrotter Víťa Dostál (b. 1959) became a legend as the first person in his country to cycle
15925RokycanyRokycany is a town in West Bohemia about which the first written evidence dates from 1110. In 1947
15960HlubokáHluboká nad Vltavou is the most popular chateau in South Bohemia. The original thirteenth-century Go
16083JórvíkJórvík was the name of the ninth-century Viking settlement that preceded the modern York in northeas
16706SvojsíkAntonín Benjamin Svojsík (1876-1938) founded the Czech Boy Scout organization “Junák” in 1912, led i
16709AuratianAuratian has been the patron saint of Ceske Budejovice since 1670. According to legend, he was a Rom
16742ZinkJohann Josef Zink (1842-1920) was a publisher who issued postcards and guides in South Bohemia. Int
16781RenčínVladimír Renčín (b. 1941) is a Czech graphic artist, illustrator and cartoonist. He published sever
16794CuculliaThe caterpillar of the North American Asteroid Moth Cucullia asteroides feeds on flowers of t
16817OnderličkaBedřich Onderlička (1923-1994) was a prominent Czech astrophysicist and enthusiastic pedagogue, head
16929HurníkIlja Hurník (b. 1922), outstanding Czech composer, pianist, writer, musical pedagogue, speaker and p
17407TeigeKarel Teige (1900-1952) was a graphic artist, leader and theoretician of the Czech art avantgarde. H
17607TáborskoTáborsko is a south Bohemian district historically known for the Hussite religious reformatory movem
17694JiránekVladimír Jiránek (b. 1938) is a Czech graphic artist, illustrator and cartoonist. His newspaper and
17776TroskaJan Matzal, the pseudonym of J. M. Troska (1881-1961), was a great Czech writer of adventure science
17805ŠvestkaZdeněk Švestka (b. 1925), a Czech-born astronomer and solar physicist, worked at the Space Research
18456MišíkVladimír Mišík (b. 1947) is a Czech rock and blues guitarist, singer and songwriter. He was a found
18497NevěziceNevězice is the site of an ancient Celtic town in central Bohemia above the Vltava river. It was se
18531StrakoniceStrakonice is a southern Bohemian town known for a Gothic castle at the confluence of the Volyňka an
18841HruškaAs a consequence of difficult experiences in his life, Luboš Hruška (b. 1927) turned his family orch
19129LoosAustrian architect Adolf Loos (1870-1933) was one of the pioneers of the functionalist style in Euro
19268MorstadtJosef Morstadt (1797-1869) was a Czech astronomer, physicist and mathematician; he computed orbits o
19364SemaforTheatre Semafor was a special phenomenon of Prague cultural life in the 1960s, with leading personal
19384WintonNicholas Winton (b. 1909), a British stockbroker, managed to save more than 600 Czech Jewish childre
20164JanzajícJan Zajíc (1950-1969) was a Czech student who burned himself to death on 1969 Feb. 25 in Wenceslas S
20254ÚpiceÚpice is a small town in northeastern Bohemia. A public observatory was built there with the help a
20496JeníkJeník is the nickname of the main tenor character in Smetana's The Bartered Bride.
20497MařenkaMařenka is the nickname of the main soprano character in Smetana's The Bartered Bride. Jeníč
20969SamoSamo (c. 600-c. 659) was a French merchant. Around the year 623 he organized the Slavic tribes into
21229SušilFrantišek Sušil (1804-1868), a great collector of Moravian folk songs, published almost 2400 songs i
21270OtokarOtokar Březina, born Václav Jebavý (1868-1929), was a Czech lyric poet and one of the leaders of the
21290VydraThe Vydra river, headstream of the Otava river, is the wild Šumava mountain river with a stony bed t
21656KnuthDonald E. Knuth (b. 1938), professor of computer science at Stanford University, is author of The
21660VeleniaMiroslav Velen (b. 1972) has developed programs for photometric and astrometric reduction of observa
21785MéchainPierre François André Méchain (1744-1804) discovered many comets and deep-sky objects. A colleague
21801AnčerlKarel Ančerl (1908-1973) was the head conductor of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra during 1950-1968
21985ŠejnaKarel Šejna (1896-1982) was the conductor of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra during 1938-1972 and c
22185ŠtiavnicaBanská Štiavnica, a town in the “Štiavnické vrchy” mountains, central Slovakia, known for its famous
22260UrUr was an important city of ancient southern Mesopotamia (Sumer), situated near the Euphrates River.
22442BlahaJohn Elmer Blaha (b. 1942), is a U.S. astronaut who made five space missions from 1989 to 1997. Fou
22505LewitSince 1946 Karel Lewit (b. 1916) has worked in leading Prague teaching hospitals, developing and pro
22644MatejbelMatej Bel (1684-1749), Slovak historian and a great scholar of the eighteenth century, was a pioneer
22697MánekCzech amateur astronomer Jan Karel Mánek (b. 1961) has been involved especially in occultation and v
23437ŠímaJosef Šíma (1891-1971) was a Czech imaginative, abstract and surrealist painter, who lived in France
23648KolářCzech amateur astronomer and telecommunication engineer Jan Kolář (b. 1936) served for decades as ch
23650ČvančaraJaroslav Čvančara (b. 1948) is a Czech writer, historian and musician. He is a banjo player and the
24260KriváňAt 2494 meters, Kriváň is the most beautiful Slovak peak and one of the national symbols of Slovakia
24662GryllMatyáš Gryll of Gryllov (1551-1611), a professor at Prague University, took a particular interest in
24829BerounurbiThe royal Czech town of Beroun was founded in the year 1265, at a strategic position southwest of Pr
24838AbilunonAbilunon is the presumed name of an ancient Celtic town, founded in the first century B.C. on a stra
24847PolesnýBohumil Polesný (1905-1976) served as the director of the České Budějovice Observatory from 1955 to
24858DiethelmRoger Diethelm (b. 1948) is a Swiss observer of variable stars and editor of the variable-stars bull
24950NikhilasNikhilas Jonathan Marsden (b. 1995) is the first grandson of Minor Planet Center director Brian G. M
24999HieronymusJerome van Aeken (Hieronymus Bosch, c. 1450-1516), was a Dutch painter of the late Middle Ages who s
25258NathanielNathaniel Brian Marsden (b. 1997) is the second grandson of Minor Planet Center director Brian G. Ma
25340SegovesSegoves or Segovesus or Sigoves (? 400 B.C.), was a Celtic prince, the first known Celt in the histo
25358BoskoviceBoskovice a town in Middle Moravia, was settled in prehistoric times. A gothic castle from the 13th
25383LindackerJan Tadeáš Lindacker (1768-1816) was a Czech geologist and botanist. He worked in Osek, near Rokycan
25434WestoniaElizabeth Jane Weston (1581-1612), known as “Westonia”, was an English-Czech poet, known mostly for
25778CsereElemír Csere (1917-1992) was a keen proponent of colaboration in amateur astronomy, founder of the p
25864BaničŠtefan Banič (1870-1941) invented the parachute. In 1913 he constructed a prototype of a parachute
26214KalingaBearing the old name of the Indian state of Orissa, UNESCO's Kalinga Prize has been awarded annually
26328LitomyšlThe east Bohemian town of Litomyšl was founded in the thirteenth century. This traditional cultural
26376RoborosaRóbert “Robo” Rosa (1964-1994) was a Slovak amateur astronomer and computer graphic designer who par
26390RušinVojtech Rušin (b. 1942), solar physicist of the Astronomical Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences,
26401SobotišteSobotište is a village in southwestern Slovakia with a rich history. The first written reference is
26640BahýľJán Bahýľ (1856-1916) invented and constructed many technical devices, such as a petrol motor-driven
26661KempelenWolfgang Kempelen (1734-1804), a polymath, mechanic and inventor, constructed a speech machine in 17
26897ČervenáCzech opera singer Soňa Červená (b. 1925) made her debut in Brno and moved to Berlin in 1958. She pe
26963PalorapavýPavol “Palo” Rapavý (b. 1955), director of the public observatory in Rimavská Sobota since 1981, is
26969BiverNicolas Biver (b. 1969) is a French astronomer. His research specialty is the observation and modeli
26970EliášCzech geologist Mojmír Eliáš (1932-2002) studied regional geology of the Carpathian flysch. Prolific
26973LálaPetr Lála (b. 1942) started his career in 1964 as an astronomer at the Ondřejov observatory. There h
26986ČáslavskáCzech gymnast Věra Čáslavská (b. 1942) became famous for her extraordinary achievements at the Olymp
27079VsetínVsetín is a town in the Valašsko (Wallachia) region of eastern Moravia. A public observatory founde
27088ValmezValmez is a colloquial abbreviation of the name of the Moravian town Valašské Meziříčí, a gateway to
27132JežekCzech composer Jaroslav Ježek (1906-1942) conducted the orchestra Osvobozené divadlo (“Libera
27525VartovkaVartovka is a hill near the town of Banská Bystrica, Slovakia. A watchtower was built there in the s
27960DobiášVáclav Dobiáš (1909-1978), Czech composer, organizer of musical life and pedagogue, educated a numbe
27974DrejslRadim Drejsl (1923-1953), one of the most talented Czech composers of his day, brought the Army Arti
27978LuboslukaA significant number of the compositions of Luboš Sluka (b. 1928) were intended for children. For m
27986HanušBesides writing chamber music, symphonies and operas, Jan Hanuš (b. 1915) was an organizer of the mu
28019WarchalBohdan Warchal (1930-2000) was an outstanding violinist, conductor and teacher. A member of the Slo
28107SaparArved-Ervin Sapar (b. 1933) carried out pioneering studies of cosmology in Tartu, Estonia. He took
28220YorkYork, the capital of northern England for more than 2000 years, is an impressive city with a survivi
28614VejvodaJaromír Vejvoda (1902-1988), Czech musician, bandmaster and composer, is the author of the world-fam
28878SegnerIn 1750 Slovak physicist and physician Ján Andrej Segner (1704-1777) constructed a simple-reaction w
29419MládkováMeda Mládková (b. 1919) is a Czech art historian and benefactor. A former dancer, she went to Genev
29456EvakrchováSince 1980 Slovak amateur astronomer Eva Krchová (b. 1953) has been a spiritus agens of amate
29464LeonmišLeon Miš (b. 1972), an astronomer at the Úpice observatory, contributed much to the organization of
29471SpejblThe Czech marionette Spejbl represents the father of mischievous Hurvínek. They demonstrate the dif
29472HurvínekHurvínek, the Czech marionette representing Spejbl's mischievous son, has performed at The Theatre o
29473KrejčíFrantišek Krejčí (1901-1984), an honorary member of the Czechoslovak Astronomical Society, in 1963 f
29476KvíčalaJan Kvíčala (1913-1972), Czech jurist and amateur astronomer, was a keen observer of variable stars
29477ZdíkšímaZdislav Šíma (b. 1947) is a Prague astronomer who works on the problems of the gravitational fields
29490MyslbekCzech sculptor Josef Václav Myslbek (1848-1922) was a representative of realism. His best work is t
29555MACEKA partial anagram of the Czech word for microaccelerometer, MACEK was designed under the leadership
29668IpfIpf is a mostly treeless mountain in the southwest of the Ries impact crater in Baden-Württemberg, G
29674RaušalKarel Raušal (1906-1983), Czech jurist and an honorary member of the Czechoslovak Astronomical Socie
29738IvobudilIvo Budil (b. 1933), Czech journalist and popularizer of science, including astronomy, is known as t
29760MilevskoMilevsko is a small South Bohemian town founded in the 12th century at the crossroad of two trade ro
30253VítekAntonín Vítek (b. 1940), a Czech biochemist and computer specialist, became an enthusiastic space po
30564OlomoucThe city of Olomouc is the center of the Haná region in the heart of Moravia. The seat of Catholic b
31124SlavíčekKarel Slavíček (1678-1735), Jesuit missionary and scientist was the first Czech sinologist. Togethe
31139GarnavichPeter M. Garnavich (b. 1958), an associate professor at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, works
31232SlavoniceThe pleasant historical town of Slavonice is located in the Three corners (Czech-Moravian-Austrian b
31238KroměřížThe Moravian town of Kroměříž, known mainly for its gardens and Archbishop's castle, offers an excep
31323Lysá horaThe highest mountain (1323 m) in the Beskydy range, at the northwestern part of the Carpathian Mount
31324JiřímrázekJiří Mrázek (1923-1978) was a Czech geophysicist specializing in ionospheric studies but with much w
32294ZajoncCzech zoologist and amateur astronomer Ivo Zajonc (b. 1933) spent most of his professional life in S
33058KovaříkOton Kovařík (b. 1928), Czech actor, orator and painter, is now living in California with his wife D
33157PertileCzech amateur astronomer Tomáš Pertile (b. 1933) popularized astronomy in the former Ostrava Observa
33377VečerníčekVečerníček is an animated figure accompanied by music. It invites children to the Czech Television t
33528JinzemanJindřich Zeman (1894-1978), a Czech amateur astronomer living in the town of Hradec Králové, was an
35233KrčínJakub Krčín of Jelčany (1535-1604) became famous for designing and making ponds in South Bohemia. N
35237MatznerAntonín Matzner (b. 1944) is a musicologist, music journalist, producer and organizer in a huge numb
35268PanoramixPanoramix, also known as Getafix, is the village druid in the cartoon series Les aventures d´Aste
35269IdefixIdefix, also known as Dogmatix, is small white dog belonging to Obelix in the cartoon series Les
35356VondrákCzech astronomer Jan Vondrák (b. 1940), currently president of IAU Division I, has made important co
35365CooneyWalt Cooney (b. 1962), of Sonoita Research Observatory, Arizona, and Blackberry Observatory, Louisia
35446StáňaStáňa (Stanislava) Setváková (b. 1967) is a staff member of the Prague Planetarium and wife of mete
35977LexingtonLexington is a town some 15 km northwest of Boston, Massachusetts. As the site, on 1775 Apr. 19, of
36035PetrvokPetr Vok z Rožmberka (Peter Wok of Rosenberg, 1539-1611) was the last member of a significant mediev
36226MackerrasCharles Mackerras (b. 1925), an authority on Janáček and other Slavonic composers, often conducts th
36235SergebaudoFrench conductor Serge Baudo (b. 1927) collaborates with the most distinguished symphonic orchestras
36888ŠkrabalCzech construction engineer and amateur astronomer Emil Škrabal (b. 1906) established several techni
37279HukvaldyHukvaldy castle in northeastern Moravia was built in the thirteenth century to guard the trade route
37736JandlCzech child actor Ivan Jandl (1937-1987) appeared in the film The Search as a Czech boy who h
37788SuchanPavel Suchan (b. 1956) is a popularizer of astronomy at the Stefanik Observatory in Prague. He also
37859BobkoffDespite shooting through the urban skies of Denver, CO, and around trees and houses from his apartme
37939HašlerCzech song writer, actor, movie director and cabaretier Karel Hašler (1879-1941) was enormously love
38461JiřítrnkaJiří Trnka (1912-1969) is a Czech graphic artist, painter, maker of puppets, director of animated an
38674TěšínskoTěšínsko is a region in the southeastern part of Silesia, where the Olza river traverses. In the thi
40106ErbenKarel Jaromír Erben (1811-1870) was a collector of folk songs, rhymes and fairy tales. In 1864 he p
40206LheniceThe market town of Lhenice was first mentioned in 1263. St. James' Church, located on its square, is
40230RožmberkRožmberkové (The Rosenbergs) belonged to one of the most significant Bohemian noble families, playin
40410PříhodaPavel Příhoda (b. 1934) has devoted his life to the popularization of astronomy. At the Prague Plan
40444PalackýFrantišek Palacký (1798-1876), Czech historian and politician, contributed greatly to the restorati
40459RektorysKarel Rektorys (b. 1923), Czech mathematician and professor at the Czech Technical University in Pra
42377KLENOTThe name of the KLENOT Project is an abbreviation for the KLEť observatory Near Earth and Other unus
43971GabzdylPavel Gabzdyl (b. 1974) is a Czech planetary astronomer who specializes in studying the moon. He is
44613RudolfRudolf II (1552-1612), of the Habsburg dynasty, was a Czech and Hungarian king and Roman emperor. He
45299StivellAlan Stivell (Alan Cochevelou, b. 1944) is a French and Breton musician. The major influence in his
46280HollarVáclav Hollar (1606-1677) was a prominent Czech graphic artist, painter of vedutas, landscapes, imag
46692TaorminaTaormina is Sicily's most picturesque town, located on the slopes of Mt. Tauro, overlooking the sea
46722IreneadlerIrene Adler is the heroine of the Sherlock Holmes story A Scandal in Bohemia. She outwitted
47144FaulkesM. C. ‘Dill’ Faulkes (b. 1944), originally graduated in cosmology. After a career in the software in
48171JuzaKarel Juza (1952-1994) was a Czech stellar astronomer who worked at the observatories in Valašské Me
48638TřebíčThe Moravian town of Třebíč is known mainly for the Basilica of St. Procopius built in the early 13t
48782FierzSwiss teacher Olga Fierz (1900-1990) dedicated all her life to the custody of children in difficult
48785PitterCzech philanthropist and pacifist Přemysl Pitter (1895-1976) cared for street children. During the S
48844BellovesBelloves or Bellovesus (? 400 BC), was a Celtic prince, the first known Celt in the history of the
49448MacochaThe Macocha chasm is a part of the cave system created by the lost river Punkva in the Moravian Kars
49698VáchalJosef Váchal (1884-1969) was a Czech artist whose specific work combined graphic art, wood carving,
50413PetrginzPetr Ginz (1928-1944) was a Prague-born Jewish boy interested in writing and painting and a lover of
51261HolušaJiří Holuša (1964-2011) worked for two decades as an educator at Ostrava Planetarium, Czech Republic
52604ThomayerJosef Thomayer (1853-1927), Czech professor of internal medicine at the Charles University of Prague
53093La OrotavaLa Orotava is an old town on Tenerife Island, distinguished by its magnificent architecture and by i
53159MyslivečekJosef Mysliveček (1737-1781) was a Czech composer from the period of early classicism. He worked in
53285MojmírMojmír, a Moravian prince, was the first sufficiently well-known ruler of the Great Moravian Empire.
55082XlendiXlendi is one of the most beautiful fishing villages on Gozo Island, characterized by glorious blue-
55874BrlkaPetr Brlka (1945-1966), a Czech amateur astronomer, was a member since 1959 and from 1963 the chairm
56329TarxienThe Tarxien Temples on Malta are thought to date from between 3600 and 2500 B.C. There are four lin
56422MnajdraMnajdra is a prehistoric temple complex built with large limestone blocks, located on the southern c
58578ŽídekIvo Žídek (1926-2003) was outstanding Czech tenor singer. He spent 40 years as a soloist of the Nati
58664IYAMMIXThe International Year of Astronomy (IYA 2009) is a global effort initiated by the IAU and UNESCO to
59830ReynekBohuslav Reynek (1892-1971) was a Czech poet and graphic artist. His work was inspired by the Czech
60000Miminko“Miminko” is Czech word that expresses the unique stage of innocence at the beginning of human life.
60001AdélkaAdélka Kotková (b. 2006) is the discoverer's daughter.
60008JardaJaroslav Kotek (b. 1956), the discoverer's husband, is a lighting engineer, engaged also in night-sk
60148SeanurbanSean E. Urban (b. 1962) has made significant advances to astrometry, including completion of the red
60423ChvojenChvojen is a small village in Central Bohemia. The first settlement there dates back to the Celts.
61404OčenášekCzech handyman Ludvík Očenášek (1872-1949) constructed a radial engine for airplanes and his own mon
62794ScheirichPetr Scheirich (b. 1979) is an astronomer at the Ondřejov Observatory who is an expert in modeling o
69469KrumbenoweKrumbenowe (Chrumbenowe) is the oldest documented name of the town of Český Krumlov. Dating from th
70409SrnínThe village of Srnín, founded by Zlatá Koruna monastery, was first mentioned in 1400. Situated at th
70679UrzidilJohannes Urzidil (1896-1970), a Czech-German writer, poet and journalist, was a friend of M. Brod, F
70936KámenKámen is an originally Gothic castle in southern Bohemia near the town of Pacov, first mentioned in
71783IzerynaThe Izera Dark Sky Park was established in Jizerské hory, around the border between the Czech Republ
72447PolińskaMagdalena Polińska (b. 1981) is an assistant professor researcher at the Adam Mickiewicz University
74024HraběVáclav Hrabě (1940-1965), Czech poet and writer, was the most important member of the Beat Generatio
74370KolářjanJan Kolář (b. 1944) started his professional career in satellite remote sensing in 1975. Since the
75223WupatkiWupatki pueblo served as a cultural and trade center situated in one of the warmest driest places on
76713WudiaMilan Wudia (1963-2007) was an outstanding Czech engineer and a pioneer of automated telescopes. He
77621KotenPavel Koten (b. 1972) is a staff astronomer at the Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences
78536ShrbenýLukáš Shrbený (b. 1981) is an astronomer at the Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of
79354BrundibárBrundibár is a children's opera by Jewish Czech composer Hans Krása and librettist Adolf Hoff
85516VaclíkFrantišek “Freddy” Vaclík (1942-2010) was an amateur astronomer interested in variable star visual o
87097LomakiLomaki is one of smaller pueblos surrounding the main Wupatki pueblo. Its ruins preserve clues to ge
89909LinieLinie was the avant-garde association of artists active in České Budějovice from 1931 to 1939. Its
90279DevětsilDevětsil was the Czech avant-garde group of artists active from 1920 to 1930, led by V. Nezval, J. S
90926StáhalíkMartin Stáhalík (1962-2001), Czech aerobatic pilot, won medals at the World Championships in all thr
90936NeronetNeronet is a new red grape variety developed by Vilém Kraus (b.~1924) in Lednice in southern Moravia
91006FlemingAlexander Fleming (1881-1955) was a Scottish biologist and pharmacologist. His best-known achieveme
92213KalinaAntonín Kalina (1902-1990) was a Czech citizen who was imprisoned in Buchenwald concentration camp f
92389GretskijAndrej M. Gretskij (b. 1945) is an associate professor at Kharkiv Karazin National University. He h
93256StachDaniel Stach (b. 1988) is a Czech journalist covering science. In the last five years he has modera
94556JanstarýJan Starý (b. 1950) has worked as an observer at Ondřejov Observatory of the Astronomical Institute
100308ČASThe Česká Astronomická Společnost (Czech Astronomical Society) was established in Prague in 1917. D
100733AnnafalckáAnna Falcká (or Anne of the Palatinate, 1329--1353) was the second wife of Roman Emperor and King of
107054DanielaDaniela Rapavá (b. 1956) is a Slovak astronomer who is a popularizer of the natural sciences, includ
120643RudimandlRudi W. Mandl (1894-1948), Czech-German electrical engineer and amateur astronomer, was interested i
121089Vyšší BrodThe monastery of Vyšší Brod (Hohenfurth) was founded by the Rožmberks near this market town in 1259.
123647TomáškoTomáš Kušnirák (b. 2002) is the only child of the discoverers. This name was proposed on the occasi
128622RudišViktor Rudiš (b. 1927), Czech architect, is known for the Lesná residential area in Brno and the Pav
129595VandVladimír Vand (1911-1968) started his career with the study of variable stars and spectroscopy in Pr
133077JirsíkJan Valerián Jirsík (1798-1883) was as Czech theologian, priest, writer and national revivalist. He
136666SeidelThe work of Cesky Krumlov photographers Josef Seidel (1859-1935) and his son František (1908-1997) d
138979ČerniceČernice is a small pleasant old South Bohemian village situated above the Vltava river. The village
145768PetiškaEduard Petiška (1924-1987) was a Czech poet, novelist, short story writer, playwright and translator
152750BrlohThe pleasant village of Brloh, originally belonging to the Rosenbergs, is situated right in the hear
155438VelásquezDiego Velásquez (1599-1660), the most famous Spanish painter of his time, was little known outside h
157064SedonaSedona is a city located in northern Arizona, known mainly for scenic beauty of its red sandstone fo
159743KlukKluk is a South Bohemian wooded granulite hill situated near the Klet mountain. At 741 meters above
159799KraliceKralice nad Oslavou village is known for the printing house of the Unity of the Brethren (1578-1620)
159814SaguaroThe Saguaro National Park located in a desert landscape to the east and west of Tucson protects the
167208LelekoviceThe picturesque village of Lelekovice, near Brno, is the birthplace of the second discoverer, who ha
171588NáprstekVojta Náprstek (1826-1894) was a Czech philanthropist and advocate of progressive ideas. In 1865, a
174281LonskýVladimír Lonský (b. 1953), a heart surgeon, works in the Faculty Hospital in Olomouc, Czech Republic
175017ZáboříThe village of Záboří, first mentioned in 1263, is known for its traditional South Bohemian Rustic B
183560KřišťanMedieval Czech astronomer Křišťan z Prachatic (or Cristannus de Prachaticz, before 1370-1439) was kn
190333JirousIvan Martin Jirous (1944-2011) (known as Magor) was a poet, art historian, frontman of the rock grou
191282FeustelAndrew J. Feustel (b. 1965), NASA astronaut, served on the crew of STS-125, which successfully exten
192439CílekVáclav Cílek (b. 1955) is a Czech geologist, climatologist, writer, philosopher and science populari
209107ŠafránekCzech experimental physicist Jaroslav Šafránek (1890-1957) designed, demonstrated (1935) and publish
213771JohndeeJohn Dee (1527-1608), English mathematician, astronomer, navigation expert, the author of Mathema
215841ČimeliceČimelice is a south Bohemian village on the route from Písek to Prague, dated from 1445. Important
217628LughLugh (or Lugus) is the Celtic God of the sun and light. He was known for many skills as smith, warr
223360ŠvankmajerJan Švankmajer (b. 1934) is a Czech graphic artist and film-maker, well-known for his surreal, night
230648ZikmundZikmund Lucemburský or Sigismund of Luxembourg (1368-1437), son of Charles IV, became the Holy Roman
250374JírovecVojtěch Matyáš Jírovec (1763-1850), also known as Adalbert Gyrowetz, was a Bohemian composer born in
250719JurajbardyJuraj Bardy (1919-2011) was a Slovak amateur astronomer and secondary school teacher who taught at t
350969BoiohaemumBoiohaemum was the land of the Boii Celtic tribes in Danubian Central Europe around the turn of the
405207KonstanzKonstanz is a city situated on the Bodensee lake and the Rhine river in south-west Germany, near the

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