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1391Carelia Named for the region in northeastern Europe between the Gulf of Finland and the White sea in the U.S
1398Donnera Named in honor of the Finnish astronomer Anders Severin Donner (1854–1939), director of the Helsinki
1406Komppa Named in honor of G. Komppa, a chancellor of Turku University and one of the founders of the Turku O
1407Lindelof Named in honor of the late Ernest L. Lindelöf, professor of mathematics at the Helsinki University.
1424Sundmania Named in honor of K. F. Sundman (1873–1949), director of the Helsingfors Observatory, who intensivel
1425Tuorla Named in honor of the Research Institute for Astronomy and Optics near Turku, Finland. (M 2277)
1446Sillanpaa The great Finnish writer, Frans Eemil Sillanpää (1888–1964), winner of the Nobel prize for literatur
1447Utra Named in honor of the birthplace of the discoverer in northeastern Finland. (M 2277)
1448Lindbladia Named in honor of the Swedish astronomer Bertil Lindblad (1895–1965), director of the Stockholm Obse
1449Virtanen Named by the discoverer in honor of Artturi Ilmari Virtanen, famous Finnish biochemist, on the occas
1451Grano Named in honor of J. G. Granöo (1882–1956), first professor of geography, later chancellor of the Tu
1477Bonsdorffia Named in honor of Ilmari Bonsdorff {1879–1950}, Finnish astronomer and founder and director of the G
1478Vihuri Named in honor of A. Vihuri, a Finnish ship owner, and generous patron of science and the arts. (M 2
1479Inkeri A popular feminine Christian name in Finland; name of the discoverer’s granddaughter and niece. Also
1480Aunus A popular masculine Christian name in Finland; name of the discoverer’s grandson. Also, a province i
1483Hakoila Named by the discoverer in honor of his former assistant in physics, K. J. Hakoila, Ph. D., D. Eng.
1488Aura Named for the river on which Turku stands. (M 3928)
1530Rantaseppa Named in memory of Hilkka Rantaseppä-Helenius (1925–1975), astronomer at the Turku Astronomical-Opti
1540Kevola Named for one of the observing stations of the Turku Astronomical-Optical Institute. (M 3930)
1548Palomaa Named in honor of Prof. M. H. Palomaa (1871–1947), the first professor of chemistry in the Universit
1549Mikko Named in honor of Mikko Arthur Levander, a Finnish pastor, amateur astronomer and the father-in-law
1558Jarnefelt Named in honor of Gustaf J. Järnefelt, director of the Helsinki Observatory from 1945 to 1969, who h
1559Kustaanheimo Named in honor of Paul H. Kustaanheimo {1924– }, an astronomer at the Helsinki Observatory who has m
1567Alikoski Named in honor of Heikki A. Alikoski, assistant to the discoverer from 1937 to 1956 and observer and
1631Kopff Named in memory of August Kopff (1882–1960), who as Wolf’s assistant in Heidelberg discovered and ob
1646Rosseland Named in honor of Svein Rosseland {1894–1985}, the renowned Norwegian Astrophysicist who founded the
1695WalbeckNamed in memory of H. J. Walbeck (1793-1822), astronomer at the old Academia Aboensis who used the m
1696NurmelaNamed in honor of Finnish academician Tauno Kalervo Nurmela, some time professor of Romanic philolog
1697KoskenniemiNamed in memory of Veikko Antero Koskenniemi (1885-1962), the famous Finnish poet, a member of the A
1699HonkasaloNamed in memory of Tauno Bruno Honkasalo (1912-1975), a disciple of Y. Vaisala who measured geodesic
1715SalliNamed in honor of the wife of the discoverer.
1723KlemolaNamed in honor of Irja Klemola, formerly rector of a school in Turku, one of the founders and for ma
1927SuvantoNamed in memory of Rafael Suvanto, an assistant of Y. Vaisala. Later, as rector of a school in Naant
1928SummaNamed for a village on the Karelian isthmus, scene of violent battles during the Finnish winter war.
1947Iso-HeikkilaNamed for the farm, owned by Turku University, that became the site of the Turku Observatory. This
2159KukkamakiNamed in honor of T. J. Kukkamaki on the occasion of his 70th birthday, 1979 Oct. 11. A distinguishe
2180Marjaleena Named by the discoverer in honor of his daughter, Marjaleena Johnsson. (M 7944)
2204Lyyli Named in honor of Lyyli Heinanen (née Hartonen), a disciple of the discoverer. In 1927, as a student
2243Lonnrot Named for Elias Lönnrot (1802–1884), a physician in Kajaani and later professor of the Finnish langu
2257Kaarina Named by the discoverer in honor of his daughter, Kaarina Soini. (M 7944)
2258Viipuri Named for an old Finnish town on the Gulf of Finland. Runic inscriptions mention Viipuri as a market
2268Szmytowna Named in honor of the distinguished Polish scientist Maria Szmytowna on the occasion of her eightiet
2291Kevo Named for the field station of the University of Turku’s Kevo Subarctic Research Institute. Situated
2292Seili Named for an island, some 30 km from Turku, originally a leper colony, and in 1619 the site of the f
2332Kalm Named for Pehr Kalm (1716–1779), a Finnish naturalist, and from 1747 the first professor of economic
2333Porthan Named for Henrik Gabriel Porthan (1739–1804), historian and professor of oratory at the Academia Abo
2379Heiskanen Named in memory of V. A. Heiskanen (1895–1971), professor of geodesy at the Helsinki Technological U
2486Metsahovi Named for a donated farm near Helsinki, where various institutes have established their observing st
2487Juhani Named by the discoverer in honor of his son. (M 7946)
2502Nummela Named for a village in southern Finland. On a plateau atop the Lohja {see planet  (2501)} Ridge lies
2638Gadolin Named for Jacob Gadolin (1719–1802), the first astronomer at the Academia Aboensis, and Johan Gadoli
2639Planman Named for Anders Planman (1724–1803), an astronomer and from 1763 professor of physics at the Academ
2640Hallstrom Named for Gustav Gabriel Hällström (1775–1844), professor of physics and several times rector at the
2678Aavasaksa Named for a hill in the Tornio {see planet  (1471)} river valley. Just south of the Arctic circle, i
2714Matti Named by the discoverer in honor of his son. (M 7948)
2802Weisell Named in memory of the discoverer’s father, whose many technical and scientific interests included a
2803Vilho Named in memory of Vilho Väisälä (1889–1969), a meteorologist and geophysicist, elder brother of Y.
2804Yrjo Named in memory of Yrjö Väisälä (1891–1971), originator and leader of the minor-planet program at Tu
2805Kalle Named in memory of Kalle Väisälä (1893–1968), an algebraist and number theorist, younger brother of
2841Puijo Named for a hill on Lake Kallavesi {see planet  (2840)}. An important tourist and skiing center, it
2846Ylppo Named in honor of the distinguished Finnish physician and scientist Arva Ylppö on the occasion of hi
2857NOT Named for the 2.56-m Nordic Optical Telescope, erected on La Palma. The optics were made in Y. Väisä
2885Palva Named in honor of Tauno Palva, son-in-law of the discoverer, internationally known ear surgeon and p
2898Neuvo Named in honor of Yrjö Neuvo, grandson of the discoverer, professor of digital sound processing at T
2911Miahelena Named by the discoverer in honor of his wife. (M 18449)
2962Otto Named in honor of Otto Oskari Väisälä, great-grandson of the discoverer. (M 18449)
2972Niilo Named in honor of Niilo Anselmi Väisälä, great-grandson of the discoverer. (M 18449)
2988Korhonen Named in honor of Tapio Korhonen, well-known telescope maker, especially of telescope optics. Among
3037Alku Named for the boat the discoverer enjoyed in his boyhood. It was built by the father of the discover
3212Agricola Named for Mikael Agricola (c. 1510–1557), bishop, the reformer of Finland, ‘father of Finnish litera
3223Forsius Named for Sigfrid Aronus Forsius (c. 1550–1624), pastor, naturalist and astronomer. Among his variou
3272Tillandz Named for Elias Tillandz (1640–1693), from 1670 professor of medicine at the old Academia Aboensis.
3281Maupertuis Named for Pierre-Louis Moreau de Maupertuis (1698–1759), French mathematician and geodesist, from 17
3381Mikkola Named in honor of Seppo Mikkola, well-known specialist in celestial mechanics and stellar dynamics,
3497Innanen Named in honor of the Finnish-Canadian astronomer Kimmo Innanen, wellknown specialist in celestial m
3522Becker Named for Reinhold von Becker (1788–1858), a member of the old Academia Aboensis from 1813 onward. T
3597Kakkuri Named in honor of Juhani Kakkuri, since 1977 director of the Finnish Geodetic Institute, interested
3892Dezso Named in honor of the Hungarian astronomer Dezsö Loránt, an old friend of the discoverer, founder of
4133Heureka Named for the new science center in Vantaa, near Helsinki. (M 18455)
4266Waltari Named in memory of Mika Waltari (1908–1979), Finnish writer, from 1957 a member of the Academy of Fi
5073JuntturaJunttura embodies the Finnish mentality to get things done, stubbornly and at all costs. As Väinö L
6572Carson Named in memory of Rachel Louise Carson (1907–1964). While a biologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildli
6886GroteNamed in honor of Grote Reber (b. 1911), pioneer radioastronomer. A radio engineer by profession, he

download list of asteroids in this group in Zet act format.