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nr  ↓ name  ↓ Name Source  ↓
10207ComenianaBratislava's Comenius University (Universitas Comeniana in Latin), the leading institution of higher
11118ModraFortuitously coded 118, the observing site of the Institute of Astronomy at Comenius University wher
11636PezinokPezinok is a small town near Bratislava. The town is known for its wine producing traditions from t
12482PajkaPaula Pravdová (b. 1990) is the only daughter of the second discoverer. She inherited many of her f
13154PetermrvaPeter Mrva (b. 1962) helped to build Modra observatory and was one of the first astronomers there.
14040AndrejkaThis minor planet was chronlogically the first to be discovered at Modra Observatory and is regarded
14098ŠimekCzech radio astronomer Miloš Šimek (b. 1933) has worked at the Ondřejov Observatory since 1956. He
14509LučenecLučenec is a small historical town, cultural and industrial center of Novohrad in the south of Slova
14968KubáčekDalibor Kubáček (b. 1957) worked at the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava, where he studied t
15376MartákJán Marták (1912-1945), a relative of the first discoverer, was a talented and dedicated teacher in
15860SiráňSlovak geophysicist Gustáv Siráň (1934-2000) was a professor at Comenius University, Bratislava. Fr
16869KošinárLadislav Košinár (b. 1929), mentor of amateur astronomy in Slovakia, founded the astronomical observ
21802SvoreňJán Svoreň (b. 1949) is an astronomer at the Astronomical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Science
22429JurašekPavel “Balvan” Jurašek (1955-2008) was a professional meteorologist and since 2006 director of the S
22469PoloninyPoloniny is the first dark sky protected area in Slovakia, proclaimed on 2010 December 3, located in
22558MladenMladen Kolény, Sr. (1925-1995), father of the first discoverer, taught geography and biology at gram
24194PaľušPavel Paľuš (b. 1936), director of the Astronomical Institute at Comenius Unversity during 1997-2001
24862HromecArnošt Hromec (b. 1924) is a Slovak specialist in internal medicine. He lectured at the Comenius Uni
24949KlačkaSlovak physicist Jozef Klačka (b. 1963) is an associate professor at Comenius University, Bratislava
24974MacúchRudolf Macúch (1919-1993) was a Slovak orientalist and humanist. He studied evangelical theology at
29650ToldySlovak husband-and-wife doctors Mikuláš (1926-1996) and Viera (1926-1995) Toldy spent all their ener
29824KalmančokDušan Kalmančok (b. 1945) is a distinguished personality in Slovak astronomy. He significantly contr
33158RúfusThe poet, essayist and translator Milan Rúfus (1928-2009) was a modern traditionalist. As the most
38238HolíčDating from 1205 and first settled in the neolithic era, Holíč is in the Záhorie region of western S
59419PrešovDating from 1247 and the birthplace of the second discoverer, Prešov is the historical and cultural
60972MatenkoMateno (“Matenko”) is a nickname of Alexander Pravda (b. 1961), the discoverers' friend and, until 1
66669AradacAradac is a village in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Serbia. Ethnics (majority of them are S
123852JánboďaJán Boďa (b. 1956) is a Slovak geophysicist and senior lecturer at the Comenius University in Bratis

download list of asteroids in this group in Zet act format.