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852Wladilena Named in honor of the Russian Communist leader Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin) (1870–1924). The name
954Li Named in honor of Mrs. Lina Alstede Reinmuth, wife of the discoverer. (H 92) Mrs. Reinmuth is also h
978Aidamina Named in honor of Aida Minaevna, friend of the discoverer’s family. (N. S. Samojlova-Yakhontova; N.
979Ilsewa Named in honor of Ilse Walldorf, an acquaintance of the discoverer. (H 94)
1084Tamariwa This is a combination of the feminine name Tamara Ivanova (1912–1936), a perished lady-parachutist.
1617Alschmitt Named in memory of Alfred Schmitt (1907–1973), astronomer at the Algiers and Strasbourg observatorie
1632Siebohme Named in honor of Siegfried Böhme {1909–1996}, an astronomer at the Heidelberg Rechen-Institut since
2044WirtNamed in honor of Carl A. Wirtanen, known for his discovery of several comets and minor planets and
2541Edebono Named in honor of Edward de Bono (1933– ) who is regarded as the leading international authority in
2560Siegma Named in honor of Siegfried A. Marx (1934–1995), director of the Karl Schwarzschild Observatory at T
2572Annschnell Named in honor of Anneliese Schnell (1941– ), Austrian astronomer at the Vienna Observatory. Althoug
3185Clintford Named in honor of Clinton B. Ford {1913–1992}, secretary of the American Association of Variable Sta
3305Ceadams Named in memory of Charles Edward Adams (1870–1945), New Zealand Government Astronomer and Seismolog
3346Gerla Named in honor of Gertrude Lawrence (1898–1952), real name Gertrud Alexandra Dagmar Lawrence Klasen,
3672Stevedberg Named in honor of Stephen J. Edberg, planetary scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, for his l
3756Ruscannon Named in honor of Russell Cannon, astrophysicist, director of the Anglo-Australian Observatory, coor
3817Lencarter Named in honor of Leonard J. Carter {1922–1998}, executive secretary of the British Interplanetary S
3932EdshayEdwin L. Shay (1938-1998) was an educator in Worthington, Ohio, and Syracuse, New York, for 34 years
4050Mebailey Named in honor of Mark E. Bailey, a British astronomer at the University of Manchester well known fo
4056Timwarner Named in memory of Timothy Warner (1961–1990), chief mission planner for the Cosmic Background Explo
4153Roburnham Named in honor of Robert Burnham, senior editor of the magazine Astronomy. Over many years he has be
4211RosniblettThe British archaeologist Rosalind Niblett is co-author of Alban's Buried Towns: An Assessment of
4395DanbrittAs a research professor at the University of Tennessee, Daniel Britt (b. 1950) studies the relations
4397Jalopez Named in honor of Jose Augusto Lopez (1922– ), known for his work in meridian astrometry and as dire
4420AlandreevAleksandr Fedorovich Andreev (b. 1939), vice-president of the Russian Academy of Sciences and direct
4575Broman Named for Brian P. Roman, astronomer, chef extraordinaire and humorist, in recognition for his dilig
4739Tomahrens Named in honor of Thomas J. Ahrens, professor of geophysics at the California Institute of Technolog
4854EdscottEdward Scott (b. 1947), professor at the University of Hawaii, began his career by deciphering how m
4966EdolsenEdward Olsen (b. 1927) is a long-time curator of the meteorite collection at the Field Museum of Nat
4968Suzamur Named in honor of Suzanne Moss Murray, a charming and compassionate person, on the occasion of her b
5185AlerossiNamed in honor of Alessandro Rossi (b. 1964), member of the Group of Satellite Flight Dynamics at th
5200Pamal Named for Patrick Michael Malotki (1974– ), friend of the discoverer, on the occasion of his 21st bi
5251BradwoodFrank Bradshaw Wood (1915-1997) was a pioneer of photoelectric photometry and an expert on close bin
5260Philveron Named in honor of Philippe Véron, director of the Observatoire de Haute Provence. In addition to con
5305BernievolzBernard (Bernie) E. Volz (b. 1961) is an American amateur astronomer who served as president of the
5350Epetersen Named in honor of Erik V. Petersen (1911– ), Danish amateur astronomer, who has contributed to astro
5434TomwhitneyThomas (Tom) D. Whitney (b. 1941) served as president of the Amherst Area Amateur Astronomers Associ
5720Halweaver Named in honor of Harold A. Weaver (1953– ) for his work on the chemical composition of comets and f
5840RaybrownA brilliant and influential jazz bassist, Raymond Matthews Brown (1926-2002) played in Dizzy Gillesp
5871BobbellNamed in honor of Robert L. Bell, friend and associate of the discoverer's husband. Bob Bell gradua
6131Towen Named in honor of Tobias C. (Toby) Owen (1936– ) of the Institute for Astronomy of the University of
6135Billowen Named in honor of William Mann Owen, Jr. (1954– ), an astronomer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. O
6333Helenejacq Named in honor of the discoverer’s mother Helene Jacquelin, whose love and inspiration have enabled
6334Robleonard Named in honor of the discoverer’s father Robert David Leonard Sr., who has been a ceaseless source
6602Gilclark Named in honor of Gilbert A. Clark, creator of Telescopes in Education, the first opportunity for st
6626MattgengeMatthew Genge (b. 1968) is a planetary scientist at Imperial College, London. He is an expert in th
6641BobrossRobert Ross (b. 1920) has devoted his life to the Muscular Dystrophy Association for almost 50 years
6816BarbcohenBarbara A. Cohen (b. 1971) is a planetary scientist at the University of New Mexico. Her work on im
6828Elbsteel Named in honor of Elliot Lewis Barnaby Steel, second child of the discoverer and Helen M. Steel. Ell
6856BethemmonsElizabeth Emmons (b. 1955) has been key to the success of the Earth and Space Sciences Division of t
6894MacreidNamed in honor of Macgregor S. Reid, a highly regarded manager at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Fo
6953DavepierceDavid A. Pierce (b. 1936) has developed and taught college-level astronomy and physics courses for c
7007TimjullA. J. Timothy Jull (b. 1951) is a senior research scientist at the University of Arizona. In additi
7159BobjosephRobert D. Joseph (b. 1939), a professor of astronomy at the University of Hawaii, is an expert in in
7276Maymie Named in honor of Marion R. Aymie, manager of the Human Resources Department at the Smithsonian Astr
7329BettadottoNamed in honor of Elisabetta Dotto (b. 1965), Italian planetary scientist. Dotto studied the rotatio
7331BalindbladNamed in honor of Bertil A. Lindblad (b. 1921) of the Lund Observatory, in recognition of his lifeti
7376JefftaylorG. Jeffrey Taylor (b. 1944) is a professor of planetary science at the University of Hawaii. His me
7387MalbilNamed in honor of Malcolm Bilson (b. 1935), Frederick J. Whiton Professor of Music at Cornell Univer
7511PatcassenPatrick Cassen (b. 1940) is a planetary scientist at NASA's Ames Research Center. His research focu
7551EdstolperEdward M. Stolper (b. 1952) is a professor of geology at the California Institute of Technology. He
7686WolfernstNamed in honor of Wolfgang Ernst (b. 1947), amateur astronomer who initiated the astrometric program
7808BagouldBenjamin Apthorp Gould (1824-1896), founder of the Astronomical Journal (1849) and associated
7812BillwardNamed in honor of William R. Ward (b. 1943), an accomplished theoretician who specializes in dynamic
8146JimbellNamed in honor of James F. Bell III (b. 1965), planetary scientist at Cornell University. Bell is no
8242JoshemeryJoshua P. Emery (b. 1973) is a minor-planet spectroscopist in the Department of Earth and Planetary
8257AndychengNamed in honor of Andrew F. Cheng (b. 1951), planetary scientist at the Applied Physics Laboratory o
8621JimparsonsAmerican actor James Joseph “Jim” Parsons (b. 1973) portrays the fictional Caltech theoretical physi
8696KjerikssonKjell Eriksson (b. 1948) is currently the director of Uppsala Observatory, where he studies stellar
8819ChrisbondiChristine Bondi (née Stockman, b. 1923) carried out research with Fred Hoyle in Cambridge on the int
9276TimgroveTimothy L. Grove (b. 1949) is a professor of geology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology wh
9542EryanEileen V. Ryan (b. 1960), of New Mexico Highlands University, has contributed to the field of fragme
9702TomvandijkThomas van Dijk (b. 1915), versatile Dutch amateur astronomer, specialized in spectroscopic, nuclear
9709ChrisnellChristiaan A. C. Nell (1875-1960) was cofounder, together with Adriaan J. Gouka, of the Dutch Astron
9837JerryhorowJerome Horowitz (1928-2009) was the father of the discoverer.
10030PhilkeenanPhilip Keenan (1908-2000) was a professor of astronomy with the Ohio State University at Perkins Obs
10273KatvolkKathryn Volk (b. 1985) completed her PhD at the University of Arizona investigating the long-term dy
10289GeoffperryGeoffrey E. Perry (1927-2000), cheerfully eccentric physics teacher at Kettering Grammar School, Eng
10458SfrankeSigbrit Franke (b. 1942), University Chancellor for the Swedish Universities and University Colleges
10461DawilliamsDavid Allen Williams (b. 1966) is an associate research professor in Earth & Space Exploration at Ar
10482DangrieserDaniel Grieser (1926-1999) was an optical engineer with Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus, Ohi
10498BobgentRobert Gent (b. 1947) is an enthusiastic amateur astronomer and International Dark-Sky Association v
10655PietkeyserDutch navigator Pieter Dirkszoon Keyser (c. 1540-1596) sailed to the East Indies in 1595. He is cre
10981FransarisFrans Saris (b. 1942), Dean of Sciences at Leiden University and a distinguished atomic and molecula
11017BillputnamWilliam L. Putnam (b. 1924) is the Trustee of the Lowell Observatory.
11187RicholiverRichard C. Oliver (b. 1948), an electronics specialist at the Lowell Observatory, spearheaded the ex
11202TeddunhamEdward W. Dunham (b. 1952), an astronomer at the Lowell Observatory, is a co-discoverer of the rings
11401PierralbaPierre Albanese (b. 1992) showed a great interest in the sky, being able to recognize the major plan
11498JulgeertsJulien Armand Geerts (b. 1909) is a well-known commercial artist in Belgium. He was for many years
11756GeneparkerAt the University of Chicago since 1955, Eugene N. Parker (b. 1927) is an authority on solar wind an
11766FredsearesFrederick H. Seares (1873-1964) was an American astronomer who standardized the stellar magnitude sy
11955RussrobbRussell M. Robb (b. 1952), astronomer at the University of Victoria, played the leading role in auto
12139TomcowlingThomas G. Cowling (1906-1990), British astrophysicist, was the first to compute a stellar model with
12175WimhermansDutch author Willem Frederik Hermans (1921-1995) was considered one of the most important writers in
12224JimcornellPublic Affairs Manager for the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory for 37 years, James Cornell (b.
12291GohnaumannGottfried O. H. Naumann (b. 1935) is the director of the Universitäts-Augenklinik in Erlangen-Nürnbe
12565KhegeKeith Hege (b. 1932), of Steward Observatory, University of Arizona, is an expert in high angular re
12909JacliffordJack Clifford (b. 1933), of Scottsdale, Arizona, is a pioneering cable television entrepreneur, avid
13410ArhaleAlan R. Hale (b. 1941) joined with Tom Johnson in the mid-1960s in the creation and development of t
13497RonstoneRonald C. Stone (b. 1946) joined the U.S. Naval Observatory in 1981, working in Washington D.C., in
13748RadalyReginald Aldworth Daly (1871-1957) was president of the Geological Society of America in 1932. He wr
13753JennivirtaJenni V. Virtanen (b. 1975), of the University of Helsinki, specializes in orbit determination. She
14075KenwillKenneth A. Williams, of Lake Clear, New York, is an accomplished astrometrist, astrophotographer, an
15146HalpovHarold R. Povenmire (b. 1939) has extensively searched the Georgia strewn field in an effort to find
15149LoufaixLouis Faix (1933-2011), an amateur astronomer originally from the Detroit area in Michigan, retired
15438JoegotobedJoseph Gotobed (b. 1955) is network operations manager for the Lunar and Planetary Lab at the Univer
15462StumeganStewart A. Megan (b. 1952) discovered the Near Earth Object 2004 BV18 in conjunction with the Spacew
15467AflorschAlphonse Florsch (b. 1929) was, for many years, the director of the Observatoire de Strasbourg. A s
15957GemooreGeorge Edward Moore (1873-1958) was a philosopher at Cambridge University who helped establish twent
16529DangoldinDaniel S. Goldin (b. 1940), NASA's administrator from 1992 to 2001, is credited with transforming th
17555KenkennedyKenneth Kennedy (b. 1942) has been an active amateur astronomer in Scotland for fifty years. A retir
21349BevokeJohn Beverly “Bev” Oke (1928-2004) did his PhD at Princeton University and had an outstanding career
22475StanrungeStanley Edward John Runge (b. 1956) is an experienced amateur astronomer and an active member of the
22723EdlopezAs a research engineer, Edward (“Ed”) B. Lopez, III (1939-2010), created the first industrial robot
22899AlconradAlbert R. Conrad (b. 1953) has been a dedicated adaptive-optics (AO) scientist at several U.S. obser
25133DouglinDouglas N. C. Lin (b. 1949) is a theoretical astrophysicist at the University of California, Santa C
29439MaxfabianiMaximilian Fabiani (1865-1962), commonly known as Max Fabiani, was a central European architect and
30767ChriskraftChristopher C. Kraft (b. 1924) oversaw the design of space modules and rocket launches from Mercury
30844HukellerHans-Ulrich Keller (b. 1943) is a professor of astronomy at the University of Stuttgart. Since 1976
31844MattwillMatthew L. Will (b. 1957) is an amateur astronomer and long time Secretary and Treasurer of the Asso
33994RegidufourReginald Dufour (b. 1948), a Rice University professor in Houston, has advanced our knowledge of neb
44455ArtdulaArthur M. Dula (b. 1947) is a patent attorney, space lawyer and co-founder of several space technolo
51772SparkerSteve Parker (b. 1951) is currently director of Hidden Valley Observatory, which is operated by the
55108BeamuellerBeatrice E. A. Mueller (b. 1959,) of the Planetary Science Institute in Tucson, studies small bodies
59833DanimatterFrench amateur astronomer Daniel Matter (b. 1957) is a friend of the discoverer.
75072TimerskineTimothy Joseph Erskine (b. 1959), an expert in needle safety technology, is an inventor with over 50
78578DonpettitDonald R. Pettit (b. 1955) flew on STS-113 to the International Space Station, where he spent over 5
80451AlwoodsA. L. (Al) Woods (1911-2004) was an amateur astronomer with a long history in the Mid-States Region
84417RitaboRita Boles has given encouragement and moral support to Coddenham Observatory for over ten years. H
88961ValpertileValerio Pertile (1932-2005) was a skilled and dedicated technician and night assistant at the Asiago
96268TomcarrThomas D. Carr (b. 1917), a contributor to the U.S. efforts in applied science during World War II a
97069StekStefano Klett (b. 1964) is a Swiss computer scientist and amateur astronomer who observes minor plan
100416SyangStephenson Yang (b. 1954) is one of the Canadian pioneers in the search for planetary companions to
101777RobhoskinsRobert Edward “Rob” Hoskins (1965-2016) was a recognized and lauded American attorney who specialize
120191TombaggThomas C. Bagg III (b. 1952) is the Risk Manager for the OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Return Mission.
125476FrangarciaAmateur astronomer Francisco Garcia (b. 1959), of Lugo, Spain, a member of the M1 group, discovered
126888TspitzerThomas J. Spitzer (b. 1957) was the Electrical Power Systems Engineer on more than a dozen Goddard m
129307TomconnorsThomas Connors (b. 1959) served as a lead mechanical engineer on the OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Retu
129773CatmerrillCatherine Merrill (b. 1979) was the Lead Systems Engineer and Deputy Program Manager for the OCAMS c
129954CorksauveCorwynn Sauve (b. 1961) was as a mechanical designer on OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Return Mission OC
134127BasherBenjamin Asher (b. 1990) is an Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University alumnus and a member of the flig
152641FredreedFrederick Reed (1906-1978), grandfather of the first discoverer, was a dentist in Albany, NY, and am
153686PathallPatrick Hall (b. 1968) is a Canadian-American astronomer and a contributor to the Sloan Digital Sky
158222ManicolasTalented violinist Marie-Annick Nicolas (b. 1956) won numerous international prizes, including at th
158329StevekentStephen Kent (b. 1952) is an American astronomer and a contributor to the Sloan Digital Sky Survey,
163639TomnashThomas Nash (b. 1943) is an American physicist and a contributor to the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, be
170927DgebessireGérad Bessire (b. 1953) is a biologist and pedagogue from Courroux, in the Swiss Jura. Besides being
173395DweinbergDavid Weinberg (b. 1963) is an American astronomer known for theoretical interpretation of observed
177659PaolacelPaola Celletti (b. 1956) graduated in architecture from the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. She h
178256JuanmiJuan Miguel Lacruz Camblor (b. 1988) is the son of the discoverer.
181627PhilgeluckA comedian, humorist and cartoonist, Philippe Geluck (b. 1954) studied at the Institut National Supé
198592AntbernalAntonio Bernal (b. 1947) was the director of the Medellin Planetarium for two years. He has been a
203602DanjoyceDaniel P. Joyce (b. 1948) is a precision mirror maker and astronomy enthusiast, who is always willin
214180MabaglioniMaurizio Baglioni (b. 1947) graduated in electrical engineering from the University of Rome “La Sapi
230765AlfbesterAlfred Bester (1913-1987) was an American science-fiction writer. He won the first Hugo award in 19
239890EdudeldonEduardo Delgado Donate (1977-2007) was an astrophysicist who mainly studied the formation of multipl
243000KatysirlesKatherine Ann Sirles (1980-2016) was a sociologist and beloved teacher who studied the sociology of
262295JeffrichJeffrey Rich Jr. (b. 1983) is an American astronomer, studying elemental abundances in luminous gala
276568JoestüblerJohannes Stübler (b. 1958), an active amateur astronomer for decades, has been involved in public ou
281772MatttaylorMatthew Taylor (b. 1973), a British astrophysicist, is the Project Scientist for ESA's Rosetta missi
294402JoeorrJoseph Newton Orr (1954-2013) was a longtime supporter of Lowell Observatory's research and preserva
314988SirelandSarah Ireland (b. 1996) displayed unrivalled enthusiasm in the pursuit of astronomical knowledge, fo
330420TomromanThomas A. Roman (b. 1952) is a professor at Central Connecticut State University with interests in G
391257WilwheatonRichard William “Wil” Wheaton III (b. 1972) is an American actor and writer, best known for his role
391257WilwheatonRichard William “Wil” Wheaton III (b. 1972) is an American actor and writer, best known for his role
399979LewseamanLewis T. Seaman (b. 1923) was an engineer for many years at GE Aerospace. Great-grandson of a ship'

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