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nr  ↓ name  ↓ Name Source  ↓
220Stephania Named in honor of Princess Stephanie of Belgium who in the year of discovery married Archduke Rudolf
317Roxane Named for the daughter of the Persian king Oxyartes and wife of the Macedonian king Alexander the Gr
326Tamara Named for a queen of Georgia (1184–1212) who became a legendary figure in late medieval romance. She
525Adelaide Named by Max Wolf probably for the German-born Queen Adelaide, consort of the British king William I
598Octavia Named for Octavia (70?–11 B.C.), sister of the first Roman emperor Augustus (63 B.C.–14), and later
650Amalasuntha Named after the daughter of the Ostrogoth king Theodoric the Great (474–526) and regent for his gran
689Zita Named in honor of Empress Zita von Bourbon-Parma (1892–1989), wife of Emperor Karl I of Austria (and
802Epyaxa Named after Epyaxa (fl.401 B.C.) the queen of Cilicia (at the coast of Anatolia northeast of Cyprus)
816Juliana Named presumably in honor of Queen Juliana (1909– ) of the Netherlands. T. Gehrels, in connection wi
925Alphonsina Named in honor of two kings of Spain: Alphonsus X (1223–1284), King of Castille, and Alphonsus XIII
1290Albertine Named in honor of Albert I (1875–1934), King of the Belgians. (H 118)
1491Balduinus This planet is named in honor of Baudouin {1930–1993}, King of the Belgians. It was the intention of
1675Simonida In Yugoslavia this name is a symbol of beauty and is related to the personality of a gracious Serbia
2264SabrinaNamed for a legendary English princess, daughter of King Locrine. Along with her mother, Sabrina was
2782Leonidas Named for the king of Sparta who defended the Thermophylae pass against the Persians in 480 B.C. (M
2973Paola Named in honor of Princess Paola, sister-in-law of King Baudouin of Belgium {see planet  (1491)}. (M
18349DafyddDafydd (c. 1215-1246) succeeded his father Llywelyn I as prince of Wales in 1240. In a charter issu
18596SuperbusTarquinius Superbus, seventh and last king of Rome, reigned from 534 to 509 B.C. He placed under th
239203SimeonSimeon (864-927) ruled over Bulgaria from 893 to 927. He led Bulgaria to its greatest territorial ex
264033Boris-MikhailBoris I (832-907), also known as Boris-Mikhail, was the ruler of the First Bulgarian Empire in 852-8
343157MindaugasMindaugas (1200-1263) was the first known Grand Duke of Lithuania and the King of Lithuania. He is
353577GediminasGediminas (1275-1341) was Grand Duke of Lithuania from 1315 until his death. He is regarded as the
418220KestutisKestutis (1297-1382) was monarch of medieval Lithuania. He was the Duke of Trakai and governed the

download list of asteroids in this group in Zet act format.