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3480Abante Named in honor of Robert Hamilton Brown, planetary astronomer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. A pi
22577AlfiuccioAlfio (“Alfiuccio”) Grasso (1992-2004) died tragically at the age of twelve in a hunting accident on
233707AlfonsEmmanuel Peterfalvi (b. 1967), known as “Alfons”, is a French-German cabaret artist.
266Aline Named probably in honor of Linda von Schuster, daughter of Prof. E. Weiss, director of the Vienna Ob
457Alleghenia Named by the first discoverer in honor of the famous optician John A. Brashear {see planet  (5502)}:
5263Arrius Named for Harrison Callum Bertram Steel, firstborn child of the discoverer. Harrison, born on 1992 D
124104BalconyBalcony is the nickname of Francis Faux (b. 1959), a French amateur astronomer who lives in Médoc, i
10978BärbchenBärbchen was the pet name of Barbara Börngen (1934-2010) who always supported the activities of her
342620BeitaBeatriz Lacruz Alcaraz (b. 1990) is a computer sciences engineer at the Universidad Politecnica de
9604BellevanzuylenBelle van Zuylen, pseudonym for Isabella Agneta Elisabeth van Tuyll van Serooskerken (1740-1805), de
7149Bernie Named in honor of Hans-Heinrich “Bernie” Bernstein (1953– ), senior astronomer at the Astronomisches
15495BogieAmerican actor Humphrey Bogart (1899-1957) appeared on Broadway and was the star of many a Hollywood
243458BubulinaBubulina was the nickname of Marina Denisa Botofan (2008-2010), who lived in Constanta, Romania, and
8123CanalettoCanaletto, whose birth name was Giovanni Antonio Canal (1697-1768), developed the so-called Veduten
49777CappiMargaret Capitola Sonntag Comba (b. 1940) is the discoverer's second wife and the joy and comfort of
175365CarsacFrench geologist and archaeologist Francis Carsac (François Bordes, 1919-1981) was a prehistory and
484613CerebritoBlanca Lacruz “Cerebrito” Pleguezuelos (b. 1998) began studying Biochemistry at the Universidad Aut
207547CharitoRosario (“Charito”) Lacruz Martín (b. 1961) completed her degree in fine arts at Universidad Complut
336177ChurriCarmen (“Churri”) Lacruz (b. 1958), sister of the discoverer, got her degree in classical philology
8744CillaNamed in memory of Priscilla Annette (1994-1998), niece of Lincoln Laboratory staff member Colleen C
6713CoggieKarin “Coggie” Peterson Messina (b. 1934) is a dedicated music teacher in Massachusetts who has taug
30441CurlyBrooklyn-born Curly Howard (Jerome Horwitz, 1903-1952) of Three Stooges fame was one of the greats o
94291DjangoJean-Baptiste “Django” Reinhardt (1910-1953), legendary Belgian Sinto Gypsy jazz guitarist composer,
5186Donalu Named for Dona(lu) Wheeler Roman, wife of the discoverer. Dona is an actress, teacher, administrator
5186Donalu Named for Dona(lu) Wheeler Roman, wife of the discoverer. Dona is an actress, teacher, administrator
6056Donatello Named for Donato di Nivolo di Betto Bardi, generally known as Donatello (c. 1386–1466), a great Ital
17602Dr. G.Stephen Gottesman (b. 1939), a radio astronomer at the University of Florida for 35 years, was an ad
9356ElinekeEline Deneweth (b. 1970), named after Eline Vere, a novel by the Dutch author Louis Couperus,
1402Eri Named in honor of Erika Kollnig-Schattschneider {1913–1978}, astronomer at the Heidelberg Königstuhl
16578EssjayessShirley June Steel (née Parsons, b. 1932) is the mother of the discoverer.
22898FalceRenato Conedera (1922-1997), nicknamed Falce, was the discoverer's father-in-law.
795Fini Any reference of this name to a person or occurrence is unknown. In Austria, this nick name is a sho
19494GerbsJames (“Gerbs”) Bauer (b. 1968) studies the physical nature of Centaurs and other outer solar system
1382Gerti Named in honor of Miss Gertrud Höhne who was a secretary at the Astronomisches Rechen-Institut in Be
11084GiòGiuseppe Schilirò (1991-2000), an Italian student, was a good and big-hearted child. The name was s
3267Glo Named in honor of Eleanor F. (“Glo”) Helin, planetary scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, in
2049GrietjeNamed in honor of Mrs. G. A. M. Haring-Gehrels, an exceptional person.
2105Gudy Named by the discoverer for Mrs. Gudrun Werner of Hamburg in sentimental reminiscence of college day
4582Hank Named in honor of Henry Reid Holt, son of the first discoverer. (M 18460)
207Hedda Named in honor of Hedwig Winnecke, wife of Friedrich A. T. Winnecke, director of the Strassburg Obse
1652Herge Named in honor of Georges Remi, better known under his pseudonym Hergé, on the occasion of his seven
24168Hexlein“Hexlein” is the German word for “Little Witch” and the childhood nickname of Renate Kühnen. She is
6749Ireentje Named in honor of the discoverers’ second granddaughter, Irene Cornelia Francisca van Houten, daught
51431JayardeeJames R. Durig (b. 1935), father of the discoverer and for 28 years dean of the University of Missou
221923JayeffJune F. (“J. F.”) Falla (b. 1945) is the wife of the discoverer. A retired instrument technician, he
17081JayteeJoseph T. (“J.T.”) Williams (b. 1936) is an engineer at the Multiple-Mirror Observatory who was inst
4083Jody Named in honor of Joan D. (Jody) Swann, planetary data librarian at the U.S. Geological Survey. Her
25160JoellamaJoseph “Joe” Llama (b. 1988) is a tenure track astronomer at Lowell Observatory. He started at Low
23663KalouKalou is the nickname of the discoverer's wife, Caroline (née Schneider) Meunier (b. 1964). Her hel
9563KittyKatherine (“Kitty”) F. Putnam (b. 1916) was, from 1975 through 1984, president of the Springfield, M
275264KrisztikeKristina Kürtiova (b. 1995) is a daughter of the discoverer.
30440LarryPhiladelphia-born Larry Fine (Louis Feinberg, 1902-1975) was a longtime member of “The Three Stooges
48909LaurakeLaura (“Laurake”) De Maeyer (1966-1979), daughter of Myriam Kerkhofs and sculptor Elmer De Maeyer, d
243002LemmyIan Fraser “Lemmy” Kilmister (1945-2015) was an English musician, singer and songwriter whose music
1158Luda Named in honor of the sister of the discoverer. Luda is a diminutive of Ludmilla. (N. S. Samojlova-Y
746Marlu Named by the discoverer in honor of his daughter, the physician Dr. Marie-Louise Kaiser. See also th
149955MaronMaron is the childhood nickname of Marion Lorenz (b. 1967), the discoverer's wife and a committed te
207385MaxouDespite refusal of credit for a new building at Freiburg University, Max “Maxou” Aebischer (1914-200
173032MingusJose Antonio Lacruz Martin (b. 1967) obtained his bachelor degree in law at the Universidad Complute
733Mocia Named in honor of Max Wolf’s youngest son, Werner Wolf, who in his childhood had the nickname “Mok”.
30439MoeBrooklyn-born Moe Howard (Harry Moses Horwitz, 1897-1975) was the mophaired leader of the slapstick
966Muschi Named in honor of the wife of the discoverer. Muschi is a nickname. (H 93)
4222Nancita Named in honor of Nancy Coker Helin, wife of Bruce Helin {see planet  (2430)}, the discoverer’s son.
1086Nata Named in honor of the perished lady-parachutist Nata (Nadezhda) Babushkina (1915–1936). See also pla
4755Nicky Named in honor of Nichole Tombaugh, granddaughter of the discoverer. (M 18308)
473Nolli This is the pet name of a small child in the Wolf family. (H 51)
8052NovalisFriedrich Leopold Freiherr von Hardenberg, known under his pseudonym Novalis (1772-1801), is one of
2053Nuki Named in honor of Nodari West, son of the discoverer. (M 4786)
445917OlaAleksandra Sufa (b. 1998) and Aleksandra Kusiak (b. 1957) are respectively, a close friend and the m
9004PeekaydeePhilip Kindred Dick (1928-1982) was an American science fiction author. His short stories and novels
12540PicanderPicander, pseudonym of Christian Friedrich Henrici (1700-1764), was one of Bach's most important lib
6018PierssacPiers John Sellers (b. 1955), nicknamed Pierssac by his brothers, is a British-American Earth scient
1209Pumma This is the nickname of the niece of A. Kahrstedt {see planet  (1587){. (H 112) Name proposed by A.
7270Punkin Named in honor of Erica Ann Broman (1956– ) on the occasion of her 41st birthday 1997 August 25. Pun
55331PutziAntonie (Putzi) T. Schwartz (b. 1953) is a mother, artist and holistic health practitioner. She has
27178QuinoJoaquin Salvador Lavado Tejon (b. 1932), known as Quino, is an Argentinian cartoonist. His main cha
342017RamoninRamon Lacruz Alcaraz (b. 1988) is an aeronautical engineer at Universidad Politecnica de Madrid. On
4667Robbiesh Named for Hans-Christian Robert (Robbie) Wade Schmidt-Harms (1986– ), son of Soo Tan and stepson of
31000RockchicGail (“Rockchic”) Swanson (b. 1960) is an award-winning Maui-based singer-songwriter. Classically t
31000RockchicGail (“Rockchic”) Swanson (b. 1960) is an award-winning Maui-based singer-songwriter. Classically t
31000RockchicGail (“Rockchic”) Swanson (b. 1960) is an award-winning Maui-based singer-songwriter. Classically t
223633RosnyaînéJ.-H. Rosny-Aîiné is the pseudonym of Joseph Henri Honore Boex (1856-1940), a French author of Belgi
69311RussRussell Mark Steel (b. 1964) is the discoverer's only brother. A businessman who lives in Midsomer N
17033RustyRussell L. (“Rusty”) Schweickart (b. 1935) piloted the Apollo 9 lunar module. He is founder and past
30444ShempBrooklyn-born Shemp Howard (Samuel Horwitz, 1895-1955) of Three Stooges fame was an original member
36672SidiFoundling Sidonie Adlersburg (1933-1943) grew up with her foster parents Josefa and Hans Breirather
1884Skip Named in honor of Gunther (Skip) Schwartz, manager of and observer at Harvard Observatory Agassiz {s
57509SlyAs an astronomer, Sylvestre (Sly) Maurice (b. 1966) specializes in the exploration of the Solar Syst
2083Smither Named by the discoverer and E. M. Shoemaker for John C. Smith in appreciation and recognition of his
383067StoofkeSteven Terlaeken (b. 1969), nicknamed Stoofke, created “Loop naar de maan” (“Run to the moon”), a fu
1201Strenua This name was assigned in honor of Prof. Gustav Stracke (1887–1943), famous German astronomer at the
6726SuthersPaul Graham Sutherland (b. 1952) is an amateur astronomer who has been closely involved with the Soc
14917TacoKenneth Dale “Taco” Cockrell (b. 1950), an engineer and pilot with NASA from 1987 to 1990, was then
38976TaeveGustav Adolf Schur (b. 1931), better known as Taeve, is one of the most popular German cyclists. He
15295Tante RiekHelena T. Kuipers-Rietberg (“Tante Riek”, 1893-1944) was one of the founders of the Dutch resistance
308798TeoTeodoro “Teo” Encinar (b. 1952) built, according to the discoverer's design, the La Cañada Observato
366852TiTeresa (“Ti”) Lacruz Martin (b. 1954) is the eldest sister of the discoverer. She is a law graduate
1933Tinchen Named in honor of Christine Kohoutek, wife of the discoverer. (M 3938)
13079TootsJean-Baptiste, Baron (“Toots”) Thielemans (b. 1922) is a Belgian jazz harmonica player who worked wi
97186ToreSalvatore Silanus (b. 1961), nicknamed Tore, is a friend of the discoverer.
355022TrimanTriman is the competiton nickname of Martin Peer (b. 1984). He is an electronics engineer passionat
4328Valina Named in honor of Valentina Arkadievna Andre-ichenko (and her daughter Alina Eduardovna) for her col
43025ValushaRussian scientist Valentina I. Ipatova-Artioukhova (b. 1954) specializes in hydrobiology. She condu
2558Viv Named in memory of the discoverer’s mother, Vivian Russell Thomas. (M 6835)
2453Wabash Named in honor of Bob (Wabash) Warshow, occasional operator in the central computing facility at the

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