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50Virginia Independently discovered 1857 Oct. 19 by R. Luther at Düsseldorf. Two possible interpretations for t
52Europa Named for the daughter of Agenor {see planet  (1873)}, king of Phoenicia, and sister of Cadmus {see
67Asia Asia was the wife of Iapetus and the mother of Atlas and Prometheus {see planet  (1809)}. The discov
69Hesperia Hesperia is the Greek name for Italy derived from Hespera or Vesper, the setting Sun, the evening or
166Rhodope Named after an attendant of Artemis {see planet  (105)}. She thought herself more beautiful than Her
183Istria Named for the (now Croatian) peninsula at the northern end of the Adriatic sea, containing Trieste a
301Bavaria Named to commemorate the August 1891 meeting of the Astronomische Gesellschaft in Munich, the capita
313Chaldaea Named for the country in Asia between the Tigris and Euphrates whose capital was Babylon. The Chalda
327Columbia Named in honor of Christopher Columbus (1446?–1506) to commemorate the 400th anniversary of his firs
333Badenia Named for the region in southwestern Germany, former German grand-duchy, in which Heidelberg {see pl
341California Named by the discoverer for the state of California in order to commemorate his visit in 1893. (H 38
356Liguria Named after the region in northwest Italy and southern France between Genoa and Nice, bordering on t
359Georgia This planet was named at the 1902 meeting of the Astronomische Gesellschaft in Göttingen. It honors
387Aquitania Named for a Roman division of southwestern Gaul to which Bordeaux {Burdigala, see planet  (384)} bel
396Aeolia Named for the ancient country of northwestern Asia Minor near the Aegean Sea. Aeolus was the god of
415Palatia Named for the Pfalz, a region in southwestern Germany in which Heidelberg {see planet  (325)} is sit
417Suevia Named for a Heidelberg student fraternity. (H 45) Named by A. Berberich (AN 156, 127 (1901)).
418Alemannia Named for a Heidelberg student fraternity. (H 45) Named by A. Berberich (AN 156, 127 (1901)).
437Rhodia Named for one of the Oceanid nymphs, daughter of Oceanus and Tethys. (H 48)
439Ohio Named for the state in the eastern part of central U.S.A. and for the river flowing from the junctio
442Eichsfeldia Named for the region of Eichsfeld in central Germany. (AN 154, 443 (1901); LDS) Named by Rev. Anton
460Scania Named at the meeting of the Astronomische Gesellschaft in Lund, Sweden, in 1904. This is the Latin n
479Caprera Named by the discoverer (AN 173, 63 (1906)) for the island off the northeast coast of Sardinia. Capr
556Phyllis Named for the daughter of Lycurgus, king of Thrace. She fell in love with Demophon, son of Theseus,
579Sidonia Named for a character in the opera Armida (composed 1777) by the German composer Christoph Willibald
669Kypria Named after a poem, in early days ascribed to Homer {see planet  (5700)} but denied to him by Herodo
723Hammonia The planet was named (AN 196, 139 (1913)) on the occasion of the 24th meeting of the Astronomische G
774Armor Armor or Armorica is the Celtic name of the Normandy and Brittany coastal regions in France. Brittan
793Arizona Named for the state in which the Lowell Observatory is located at Flagstaff {see planet  (2118)}. (H
797Montana This is the first asteroid discovered at the Bergedorf Observatory and is named by this Latin word i
912Maritima Probably named during the first marine travel of Hamburg University. Before World War II, once a yea
916America Named for the American continent possibly in appreciation of the help rendered by the American Relie
930Westphalia Named by the discoverer for the region Westfalen in western Germany bordering the Netherlands and th
934Thuringia Thüringia was one of the ships of the Hamburg-America Line. The discoverer made two trips from Hambu
980Anacostia Named for an urban district in the city of Washington, D.C. and also for a river in the region. (H 9
1044Teutonia Named after the region, now in Denmark and Germany, that was once inhabited by the tribe of Teutons.
1071Brita Named by the discoverer in honor of Great Britain as a mark of gratitude to the country where the 1-
1138Attica Named after the region in eastern Greece with the capital Athens. (H 106)
1160Illyria Named for the ancient region in the Balkan peninsula bordering on the Adriatic Sea. (H 108)
1188Gothlandia This is the ancient name of Catalonia which has the city of Barcelona {see planet  (945)} as the cap
1193Africa Named for the large continent in which Johannesburg is located. (H 111)
1253Frisia Named for the people that inhabit principally the Netherlands province of Friesland and the Friesian
1256Normannia This planet is probably named for the inhabitants of Normandy. (H 115)
1309Hyperborea Named for the region in Greek mythology which is the home of a group of people placed by Herodotus {
1317Silvretta Named for a peak (3282 m) and a lake in Graubünden, Swiss Alps. (H 120)
1327Namaqua Named after a coastal region in Namibia, southwest Africa. (H 121)
1368Numidia Named for the ancient country in northern Africa, east of Mauretania, in modern Algeria. (H 124)
1426Riviera Named for the southeast Mediterranean coast of France, noted for its mild weather, which favors the
1537TransylvaniaNamed for the section of the old Hungarian empire in which the discoverer was born.
1593Fagnes Named after the “Plateau des Hautes Fagnes”, largest national park of Belgium. (M 3825) Name propose
1602Indiana Named in honor of the state of Indiana and Indiana University, the parent institution of the astrono
1659Punkaharju Named for a well-known and beautiful isthmus in southeastern Finland. (M 3933)
1702Kalahari Named for the great desert of Namibia {see planet  (1718)} and adjoining region of the Republic of S
1768Appenzella Appenzella, named by the discoverer in honor of the Swiss Canton of Appenzell, on the occasion of th
1817KatangaNamed for the chief mining area of the Congo.
1883RimitoNamed for Rymattyla, a Finnish country commune near Turku, already inhabited in the bronze age. Com
1917Cuyo Named in honor of the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, which operated the observatory at El Leoncito {s
1921Pala Named for the Indian reservation at the base of Palomar Mountain. The name is believed to apply to a
1970Sumeria Named in honor of one of the oldest known civilizations, located in the southernmost part of Mesopot
2022West Named in honor of Richard M. West, astronomer at the European Southern Observatory, well known as th
2201Oljato Named for the place of Moonlight Water near Monument Valley, Utah, on the Navajo Indian Reservation.
2218Wotho Named for an atoll in the Ralik Chain in the Pacific, perhaps an appropriate variation of (1282) Uto
2236AustrasiaNamed for the eastern kingdom of the Merovingian Franks from the sixth to the eighth centuries. Aus
2321LuzniceNamed for the small river running through the idyllic southern Bohemian countryside very close to th
2330OntakeNamed for the conical volcano near the Kiso station. In October 1979, for the first time in its reco
2336XinjiangNamed for the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the largest Chinese region by area, situated at the
2344XizangNamed for the autonomous region, also known as Tibet, on the south-western border of China.
2355Nei MonggolNamed for an autonomous region, also known as Inner Mongolia, on the northern border of China, noted
2397Lappajarvi Named for a lake, which proved to be a meteorite crater, in the western part of central Finland. (M
2404Antarctica Named for the southernmost continent, in honor of the third Soviet Antarctic Expedition, in which th
2405Welch Named in honor of David F. (“Kelly”) Welch, AURA Corporate Staff Executive from 1978 to 1983. He upg
2425Shenzhen Named for China’s first special economic zone, well known at home and abroad. It has often been refe
2655Guangxi Guangxi Zhuangzu Zizhiqu is located in southwestern China. Its Guilin district is famous for its bea
2690Ristiina Named for a country commune in the lake district of southern Finland. In 1968 over sixty prehistoric
2840Kallavesi Named for a large lake, dotted with numerous islands, in south-central Finland. After the ice age th
2961Katsurahama Named for the beautiful seashore in the discoverer’s home city of Koc0hi {see planet  (2396)} and on
3111Misuzu This planet is being given the former name of Nagano prefecture, where the Kiso Station {of the Toky
3124Kansas Named for the discoverer’s home state, which derives its name from that of the Kansa Indians who mig
3198Wallonia Named in honor of Wallonia, the French speaking part of Belgium, where the discoverer was born and w
3319Kibi This planet was given the former name of the area in Okayama {see planet  (2084)} where co-discovere
3386Klementinum Named for the Jesuit college of St. Clemens in the Old Town of Prague. At the beginning of the eight
3494Purple Mountain Named in honor of the Purple Mountain Observatory (PMO), established in 1934 in the eastern part of
3776Vartiovuori Named for the hill in Turku on which Argelander’s {see planet  (1551)} old observatory was situated.
3822Segovia Named in memory of Andreas Segovia (1893–1987), considered by many to be the most celebrated guitari
3829GunmaNamed for the prefecture in central Japan that is home to the discoverer. A public astronomical obs
3833Calingasta Named for the region of Argentina where the discovery site is located. The region has good astronomi
4016Sambre Named for a tributary of the river Meuse {see planet  (3016)} in Namur {see planet  (3374)}, site of
4157Izu Named for the southeastern part of Shizuoka prefecture that consists mainly of the Izu Peninsula. Wi
4327Ries Named for a large topographic basin in southern Germany formed by the impact of an extraterrestrial
4383Suruga Named for the district where the Gekko {see planet  (4261)} Observatory is located. Suruga is the ol
4399Ashizuri Named for a famous promontory in the southwestern part of Shikoku {see planet  (4223)} island. Many
4410Kamuimintara Kamuimintara is the name given by the Ainu, Hokkaido’s indigenous people, to Hokkaido’s highest peak
4433Goldstone Named for the Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex in Southern California’s Mojave Desert. Go
4547Massachusetts Named for the U.S. state in which the Minor Planet Center is located. In 1876, the Sapporo School of
4584Akan Named for an extensive national park in eastern Hokkaido {see planet  (3720)}. Designated a national
4611Vulkaneifel Named in honor of the landscape and people of a region to the southwest of Bonn. The landscape of th
4929Yamatai Named for a region of ancient Japan. According to a Wei-dynasty Chinese historical book, there were
5059Saroma Named for a lake in Abashiri {see planet  (4263)} National Park in eastern Hokkaido {see planet  (37
5082Nihonsyoki Named for the chronicles of Japan from the earliest times to 697, written in Chinese and completed i
5135NibutaniNamed for a valley sacred to the indigenous Ainu people of Hokkaido. Name suggested by H. Ueda.
5162Piemonte Named for the northwestern region of Italy. Its capital, Torino, houses a historic university famous
5401Minamioda Named for the Minami-Oda district, inhabitants of which cooperated in establishing the observatory i
5473Yamanashi Named for the prefecture in which Yatsugatake South Base Observatory and many other amateur astronom
5478Wartburg Named for a castle on a hill near the town of Eisenach, a jewel of the German territories, earlier t
5609Stroncone Named for the suburb where the Santa Lucia observatory is based. The name Stroncone is thought to co
5618SaitamaNamed for the Japanese prefecture.
5628Preussen Named for the former kingdom and German state of Prussia and for the so-called Prussian virtues of s
5820Babelsberg Named for a residential district of the city of Potsdam {see planet  (5816)}, known as the summer re
5835Mainfranken Named for the German district of Franken in the northern part of Bavaria, marked by the Main river t
5866Sachsen Named for the state of Sachsen, the richest German region in the 15th and 16th centuries. The zenith
5904Wurttemberg Named for a region in southwestern Germany that includes both parts of the Schwarzwald, the Schwäb i
5970Ohdohrikouen Named for a belt-shaped park, 105 m wide and 1.6 km long, that runs east-west through the center of
6024Ochanomizu Named for the area in Tokyo that includes Kanda-Surugadai and Yushima. The name means ‘water of tea’
6070Rheinland The name “Rheinland” strictly speaking denotes the territory on both sides of the river Rhine from t
6088HoshigakuboThe name refers to a section of low ground at Choja, a mountainous place in the western part of Koch
6099Saarland Named for the German state of Saarland, a district of beautiful landscapes situated in the middle co
6209Schwaben Schwaben was a German dukedom, in 1079 passing over to the Swabian race of the Staufer. From 1138 to
6229TursachanThe name is “Standing Stones” in Gaelic, a term used to refer to the stones placed during neolithic
6293Oberpfalz Oberpfalz is a governmental district in Bavaria on the river Danube. In the Middle Ages its capital,
6396Schleswig Schleswig, formerly an independent dukedom, is the most northern territory of Germany, situated betw
6402Holstein Holstein, the southern part of the German state Schleswig-Holstein {see also planet  (6396)}, develo
6563Steinheim Named for the impact crater in southwestern Germany, 10 km west of the town of Heidenheim on the riv
7039Yamagata Named for one of the six prefectures in the Tohoku (northeast) district in Japan, its capital being
7199Brianza Named for the area located among the cities of Milan, Como and Lecco. The name is thought to be deri
7438Misakatouge Named for a pass, 720 meters above sea level, in the north of the town of Kuma {see planet  (6255)},
7498Blanik Named for a hill in central Bohemia located about 50 km southeast of Prague. According to myth, ther
12501NordAshley Lynne Nord (b. 1985) is a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fa

download list of asteroids in this group in Zet act format.