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59Elpis Named after the Greek word for hope, also the personification of hope. (AN 56, 229 (1861)) Named by
125Liberatrix This name very probably is an allusion to the liberation of France at the time of the discovery. (Li
139Juewa The name stands as Juewa, or more fully, Jue-wa-sing, which means literally the “Star of China’s For
141Lumen Named after a literary work of the French astronomer Camille Flammarion {see planet  (1021)}, Lumen:
147Protogeneia The name, translated from Greek, means first-born. (A. Schnell) Named by K. von Littrow (AN 86, 122
159Aemilia Named probably after the famous Roman road ‘Via Aemilia’ which went from Piacenza to Rimini. (I. van
208Lacrimosa The name means whining, deplorable. Very probably, this name should reflect the sorrow about the dif
268Adorea Named after the flat cake produced from meal and salt which was offered by the Romans as a sacrifice
274Philagoria Named by the discoverer for a recreation club in Olmütz. (A. Schnell)
289Nenetta The name originates from a French argot which denotes a more or less frivolous woman. (M.-A. Combes)
306Unitas Named in honor of the Italian astronomer Angelo Pietro Secchi (1818–1878) {see planet  (4705)} and a
348May Named possibly in honor of the contemporal German writer Karl May (1842–1912), well-known for his ma
350Ornamenta Named “in remembrance of the mariner Hornemann, of Holland, whose son is a very zealous member of th
369Aeria Named presumably after one of the four elements of the ancients. E. Weiss stated in the Astronomisch
443Photographica The name refers to the method found by M. F. Wolf to discover asteroids. (H 48) Named (AN 156, 239 (
513Centesima The naming commemorates the 100th planet discovery by Max Wolf. (H 55)
544Jetta Named by the discoverer after a legendary figure of Heidelberg. The name of the site on which the He
566Stereoskopia This name is an allusion to C. Pulfrich’s stereo-comparator (see also his paper in AN 159, 83 (1902)
568Cheruskia Named for a Heidelberg student fraternity. (H 60)
586Thekla Named probably after St. Thekla, who, according to Apocryphical sources, accompanied Paul on some of
597Bandusia Named after a fountain near Polezzo, Apulia, Italy. The Roman poet and satirist Horace (65-8 B.C.) {
656Beagle Named for the ship with which Charles Darwin {see planet  (1991)} sailed around the world (1831–1836
694Ekard Named by the American astronomer Seth Barnes Nicholson {see planet  (1831)} and his wife while they
711Marmulla Named possibly after the German word “Marmel” or “Murmel” (“Marmul” in the medieval form) which (712
730Athanasia Athanasia is the Greek word for immortality. Any reference to a person or occurrence is unknown. (H
743Eugenisis This name is composed from the two Greek words “eu” (good, well) and “genesis” (creation). Obviously
773Irmintraud Named by the discoverer for an old German woman’s name which frequently appears in old songs and sag
895Helio Named by the German physicist Friedrich Paschen (1865–1940) in remembrance of common investigations
947Monterosa Probably named for the ship “Monterosa” on the occasion of a marine travel by the Hamburg University
1055Tynka Named in honor of the mother of the discoverer who worked at the Institute of Astronomy and Geophysi
1155Aenna This artificial name contains in the German pronunciation the initials “A” and “N” followed by the f
1163Saga The planet is named after a detailed recital of events, historical or legendary or both, of Icelandi
1203Nanna This planet is named honoring the many paintings named “Nanna” by the German painter Anselm Feuerbac
1216Askania Named after the Askania works in Berlin, manufacturers of optical and astronomical instruments. (H 1
1354Botha Named after a distinguished South African patriot who was also one of the prime movers in the format
1355Magoeba The name of a native chief of the North Transvaal, South Africa, who has given his name also to one
1357Khama Name of the late Paramount Chief of the Bechuana tribe and a distinguished native leader. (M 908)
1415Malautra Named in honor of the wife of the discoverer. (H 128)
1484Postrema The name signifies the last link of the last of a group. It is assigned to the last minor planet dis
1556Wingolfia Named in honor of one of the Heidelberg student fraternities on the occasion of its 104th anniversar
1581Abanderada This name signifies a leader who carries a banner, and it is bestowed to honor the late Eva Peron {1
1588Descamisada Literally a naked woman. As a symbol of the Argentine trade unions, it means a shirtless worker. Eva
1661Granule Named in honor of Edward A. Gall, M.D., internationally renowned pathologist, to commemorate his dis
1891Gondola Selected as a beautiful sounding word, well suited to an object moving smoothly and silently across
2038BistroThe French name for a small, cozy restaurant. The name is also suggested by the fact that (2038) = 2
2129CosicosiThe Italian characterization of indifference.
2136JugtaNamed in honor of J. U. Gunter and his publication “Tonight's Asteroids”. This publication has been
2229Mezzarco Italian for “half arch, half vault”, the name is that of the house and studio, on Lake Maggiore, of
2253EspinetteNamed for the discoverer's residence in Williams Bay, Wisconsin. For many of the 45 years the disco
2270YazhiThe name comes from the Navajo Indian language and means 'little one'. It was suggested by Debbie Ge
2432Soomana In the Hopi Indian language of northern Arizona, Soomana means “star girl”. A Hopi child is traditio
2433Sootiyo In the Hopi Indian language, Sootiya means “star boy”. The tradition and proposers are as for (2432)
2500Alascattalo Named for Alaska’s mythical beast, supposedly a cross between a moose and a walrus and genetically b
2517Orma The name, the Italian word for a trace or track, seems very appropriate for a minor planet. That it
2582Harimaya-Bashi Named for the well-known red bridge in the center of the city of Kochi. (M 6956)
2648Owa In the Hopi Indian language of northern Arizona owa means ‘rock’, the almost certain constituent of
2649Oongaq In the Hopi Indian language oongaq means ‘from up there’, being the ablative case form of the locati
2909Hoshi-no-ie Named for the discoverer’s observatory. The English translation is “a star house”. (M 8544)
3264Bounty Named for His Majesty’s Ship Bounty. In 1787 the Admiralty dispatched the ship, under the command of
3296Bosque Alegre Named in honor of the Astrophysical Station of the Córdoba Astronomical Observatory, founded in 1942
3432Kobuchizawa Named for the observing station, 150 km west of Tokyo, at which this minor planet was the first disc
3773Smithsonian Named in honor of the Smithsonian Institution on the occasion of the centennial celebration of its A
3814Hoshi-no-mura Named for a small vocational training institute not far from the discoverer’s home. The main purpose
3901NanjingdaxueOne of the oldest universities in China, Nanjing Daxue (Nanjing University) will be celebrating its
3935Toatenmongakkai Named in honor of the Oriental Astronomical Association, founded in 1920 by Issei Yamamoto {see plan
4200Shizukagozen Named for a dancing girl, the mistress of Minamoto Yoshitsune. The orbit of this asteroid is very si
4411Kochibunkyo Named for the association of volunteers active in education, inaugurated in the city of Kochi in Apr
4431HoleungholeeS. H. Ho, K.-K. Leung, T. Ho and Q.-W. Lee jointly established the Holeungholee Foundation in 1994 t
4432McGraw-Hill Named after the 1.3-m McGraw-Hill telescope located on the southwest ridge of Kitt Peak, Arizona, wh
4440TchantchèsNamed in honor of the folklore character Tchantchès (Walloon dialect for François), the typical Wall
4459Nusamaibashi Named for the bridge spanning the Kushiro {see planet  (4096)} river and connecting the northern and
4480Nikitibotania Named for the Nikitian State Botanical Gardens, located in southern Crimea and founded in 1812 by th
4607Seilandfarm Named for a farm, established by Akio Seino in 1942, located about 10 km from Kitami {see planet  (3
4971Hoshinohiroba Named after the Comet Observers Network in Japan, “Hoshi no Hiroba”, established by Akira Kamo {see
5013SuzhousanzhongSuzhousanzhong (Suzhou No. 3 Middle School) in Jiangsu province is celebrating its one-hundredth ann
5042ColpaColpa is the word used by the Huarpe aborigines of Argentina to refer to those stones that, in their
5173StjerneborgStjerneborg was the pioneering astronomical observatory build by Tycho Brahe on the Danish island of
5206Kodomonomori Named for the Children’s Forest Program, operated by OISCA International {see planet  (3843)}, the O
5225Loral Named for Loral, Inc., an American manufacturer of charge-coupled device chips. Several of Loral’s l
5282Yamatotakeru Named after the tragic hero, Yamatotakeru, who is well known by many Japanese people. He appears in
5408The Named in honor of Pik Sin Thé (1927– ) on the occasion of his 65th birthday. Pik Sin Thé studied in
5506ArtiglioThe Artiglio was an Italian steamship used as a salvage ship in the early 20th Century. At the time
5688Kleewyck The name Klee Wyck was given by Vancouver Island’s coastal people to the famous Victoria artist Emil
5804BambinidipragaBambini di Praga is a Czech children's chorus. Choirmasters Blanka and Bohumil Kulínský developed a
5815Shinsengumi Shinsengumi was the name of a 300-member group of samurai that organized the defense of the Tokugawa
5858Borovitskia Named for Borovitskij hill (from the Russian word bor or pine forest), the location of the first bui
5976Kalatajean Named in honor of Jean Marie Kalata, a social science analyst in the Institutional Studies Office of
6062Vespa Named for the popular motor scooter used throughout the world. June 1996 marks the occasion of the 5
6117BrevardastroBrevard is a county on the east coast of Florida and is known as the “space coast”. Brevard county i
6133RoyaldutchastroThe Koniklijke Nederlandse Vereniging voor Weeren Sterrenkunde (KNVWS, Royal Netherlands Association
6151Viget Named in honor of Princeton University on the occasion of its 250th birthday 1996 Oct. 22. The name
6221DucentesimaThe naming commemorates the 200th Klet numbered minor planet. Its Latin name was inspired by classi
6543Senna Named in memory of Ayrton Senna Da Silva (1960–1994), Brazilian race-car driver. One of the greatest
6582FlagsymphonyThe Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra is celebrating its 50th season in 1999--2000. It is considered by
6620PeregrinaPeregrina is a foreign lady, especially one on pilgrimage. The minor planets might be compared to an
6623TrioconbrioTrio Con Brio Copenhagen is the leading music ensemble in Denmark. The trio was formed in 1999 and c
6799CitfiftythreeThis minor planet honors the California Institute of Technology's class of 1953 and their contributi
6864Starkenburg Named for a castle erected around 1064 near the town of Heppenheim. The name also applies to a regio
6891Triconia Named in honor of the Tri-Con Barber Shop in Lexington, Massachusetts, and for Paul, Joe, Charlie an
6898Saint-MarysSaint Mary's University, Halifax, N.S., is Atlantic Canada's primary center for instruction, public
6962SummerscienceEvery summer since 1959 a group of gifted high-school students has gathered for six weeks to study c
6981ChirmanNamed for the Surgical Department of the hospital in the Italian village of Manerbio, located a few
7019TagayuichanTagayuichan, a little girl dressed as a shrine maiden, is the official mascot of Taga Town in Shiga
7192CieletespaceNamed for the monthly astronomical magazine edited in Paris by Alain Cirou and published by the Asso
7494XiwanggongchengNamed for the tenth anniversary of Project Hope (Xiwang Gongcheng), a non-profit social welfare prog
7497GuangcaishiyeNamed for the Glory Project (Guangcai Shiye), an open poverty relief activity in China. The project
7515MarrucinoMarrucino was an ancient tribe that lived in Abruzzo. San Martino sulla Marrucina is renowned world
7562Kagiroino-Oka Named for a place in one of the poems in the collection Manyousyu {see planet  (7104)}. The place is
7571Weisse Rose Named in memory of the members of Weisse Rose {white rose}, a circle of students, academics and arti
7580Schwabhausen Named for the Jena University Observatory’s out-station, located some 10 km to the west of the city.
7634Shizutani-Kou Named for a school in Bizen-city, Okayama prefecture. Founded in 1668, it is the oldest Japanese sch
7693Hoshitakuhai“Hoshitakuhai” (“Home delivery of the starry skies”) is an activity of the Kakogawa Space Science As
7737SirrahNamed in honor of Alan William Harris (b. 1952), British astronomer, now at the DLR Institute of Pla
7752OtauchunokaiOtauchunokai, founded in 1970, is an amateur astronomers' club in the Ota city area, Gunma prefectur
7800ZhongkeyuanNamed for the Chinese Academy of Sciences (zhong guo ke xue yuan) on the occasion of its 50th annive
7806UmasslowellThe University of Massachusetts at Lowell is an educational and research institution with roots dati
7887BratfestBratfest, which celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2003, is an annual Oktoberfest-style party organi
7892MusamurahigashiTokyo Metropolitan Musasimurayamahigashi High School is where the first discoverer teaches astronomy
7919PrimeRecognizing the importance that mathematics has played in science, this naming acknowledges that 791
7968Elst-Pizarro Originally classified as a comet because of the persistent appearance of a tail, this newly-numbered
7987WalshkevinKevin John Walsh (b. 1978) is a scientist at the Southwest Research Institute of Boulder, CO. His re
8345UlmerspatzThe Ulmer Spatz (sparrow) is a copper statuette originally on top of the roof of the cathedral of Ul
8425ZirankexuejijinThe concatenation Zi Ran, Ke Xue, Ji Jin, or “Nature”, “Science”, “Fund”, is de
8445NovotroitskoeThis minor planet is being named on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the signing of the frien
8564AnomalocarisAnomalocaris canadensis, a large carnivorous arthropod, was one of the many uniquely shaped m
8597SandvicensisNamed for Sterna sandvicensis, or sandwich tern.
8644BetulapendulaNamed for Betula pendula (silver birch), a species in the genus Betula belonging to th
8957KoujounotsukiNamed for a song composed in 1901 by Rentaro Taki (1879-1903). In English, the song's title is “The
9306PittosporumNamed for Pittosporaceae, the Australian laurel family, with nine genera and more than 200 species,
9426AlianteItalian name for a glider, the silent plane. The Latin root of the name emphasizes the key role of
9478CaldeyroNamed in memory of Roberto Caldeyro Barcia (1921-1996), Uruguayan physiologist who led a team of res
9479Madresplazamayo Named in honor of the group of women who became a symbol of human rights activism and courage by den
9628SendaiotsunaSendai Otsunahiki is a 400-year-old tug-of-war festival, held in Satsumasendai City in the evening o
9654SeitennokaiSeitennokai is an astronomy club in Japan, which was founded in 1985, with about 20 members. They
9786GakutensokuGakutensoku was the first Japanese robot, created in 1928 by Makoto Nishimura. Gakutensoku was feat
9922CatchellerEndowing the English language with a new term, the 1961 novel Catch-22 by U.S. writer Joseph
9995AlouetteThe first Canadian satellite Alouette-1 was launched on 1962 Sept. 29. It was engaged in research an
10000Myriostos The Greek word for ten-thousandth, Myriostos honors all the astronomers, past and present, from all
10162IssunboushiThe extraordinarily small character Issunboushi---Issun means about 3 cm in old Japanese---was the h
10223ZashikiwarashiTaking the form of a child with bobbed hair, Zashikiwarashi is a traditional spirit of the people of
10332DéfiDéfi Corporatif Canderel is a fundraising event for cancer research programs at universities in Mont
10515Old Joe“Old Joe” is the students' name for the Joseph Chamberlain Clock Tower at the University of Birmingh
10613KushinadahimeKushinadahime, the mythical empress of the god Susanoo-no-mikoto, was offered as a sacrifice to the
10649VOCVOC means Vereeniging van de Oostindische Company, the Dutch East India Company founded in 1502 shor
10667van MarxveldtThe humorous “Joop ter Heul” novels for teenage girls by Dutch writer Cissy van Marxveldt (Setske de
10776MusashitomiyoMusashitomiyo, “minor stickleback” in English, is a fish about five centimeters long known for build
10837YuyakekoyakeYuyakekoyake is one of the most popular nursery rhymes in Japan. The song described the twilight sce
10877Jiangnan TianchiJiang Nan Tian Chi, at high altitude and unaffected by artificial lights, is one of the best observi
10927VaucluseVaucluse is a French département. This minor planet was discovered by a member of AUDE (Asso
10962SonnenborghThe astronomical observatory Sonnenborgh in Utrecht, founded in 1853 by Buys Ballot, specializes in
11288OkunohosomichiOku no Hosomichi (“The Narrow Road to the Interior”) is a Haikai travel journal written by Ma
11442Seijin-SansoSeijin-Sanso, near Kurashiki, Okayama prefecture, is the observing station where famed comet and nov
12013SibatahosimiSibatamachi-hosiwomirukai, founded in 1986, is an amateur astronomers' club in Sibata town, Miyagi p
12270BozarThe name “Bozar” for the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels was inspired by the language of Br
12277TajimasatonokaiTajimasatonokai is an astronomy group which has long been engaged in popularizing astronomy by holdi
12557Caracol“El Caracol” at Chichén Itza in Yucatán, Mexico, has been described as probably the most famous of a
12690KochimiraikagakuKochi-Mirai-Kagakukan (Kochi city future science museum) is to be built in the heart of the city and
12793HosinokokaiHoshinokokai is a star-loving group that has been working voluntarily for 20 years at the astronomic
13162RyokkochigakuRyokkochigaku is the nickname of the Yokohama Midorigaoka High School earth-science club, known for
13176KobedaitenkenKobedaitenken, short for Kobe-Daigaku Tenmon Kenkyu-kai, means “Kobe University astronomy club”, whi
13564KodomomiraikanKodomomiraikan (“Museum of Future for Kids”) is a hands-on-activity-based center for children that w
13677AlvinAlvin is a deep-sea submersible with a depth range of 4000 meters. Built in 1964, it was used for so
13679ShinanogawaShinanogawa is the river that flows from Nagano prefecture to Niigata prefecture and into the Sea of
13904UnivinnitsaFounded in 1912, the Vinnitsa Pedagogical University has played a great role in the training of teac
13942ShiratakihimeSome 1300 years ago, according to local legend, Princess Shirataki came to Kiryu from the imperial c
13989MurikabushiMurikabushi (“a swarm of stars” in the Okinawa dialect) is the name of the 1.05-m infrared-optical t
14443SekinenomatsuRecognized as a special natural treasure that is estimated to be over 370 years old, the six-meter-h
14449MyogizinzyaMyogizinzya is a historic Shinto shrine built in 537 on the main peak of Myogi Mountain in Gunma pre
14539Clocke RoelandKlokke Roeland (or ‘Clocke Roeland’, using the historic spelling) is the storm bell that is the symb
14543SajigawasuisekiSajigawa-suiseki is a type of special rock found in the Saji River, which runs through Saji Village.
14566Hokule'aHokule'a is the Hawaiian word for the star Arcturus. It is also the name of a double-hulled sailing
14981UenoiwakuraIwakura High School was established in 1897 as a private railroad high school in Ueno.
15000CCDA charge-coupled device, a two-dimensional array of light-sensitive microelectronic semiconductor ca
15329SabenaSabena was the National Belgian airline but had to stop its activities due to financial problems. T
15740HyakumangokuOne million “koku”, or five million bushels of rice, signify the extreme wealth of the Japanese prov
15898KharasterteamThe asteroid group at the Astronomical Observatory of Kharkiv National University has made important
16414Le ProcopeFrom his living room above Le Procope café in Paris, German painter and amateur astronomer Hermann G
16543RosettaIn remembrance of the successful arrival of the Rosetta spacecraft at comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenk
16644OtemaedaigakuOtemaedaigaku is a private university in Japan. founded in 1966. The Otemae Educational Cooperation
16650SakushingakuinSakushi Gakuin is a long-established school within a combined elementary, junior and senior secondar
16701VolpeMiguel A. Volpe Borgonon (b. 1947) is a Paraguayan amateur astronomer, professor of engineering at t
16908GroeselenbergGroeselenberg is the hill in Uccle where the Royal Observatory is located. The name refers to “a hi
16969HelamudaHelamuda is an acronym for Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt, the museum of the federal state of Hes
17494AntavianaAntaviana is a word created by the writer Pere Calders. It was suggested by students in honor of th
17777OrnicarIn elementary school French children often learn the sequence “mais ou et donc or ni car”, which are
18399TentoumushiThe Tentoumushi astronomy club was named after the seven-starred ladybug. The club received an awar
18639AoyunzhiyuanzheAoyunzhiyuanzhe, meaning “Olympic Games Volunteer”, honors the 1.7 million volunteers whose work, de
19251TotziensTotziens, the Dutch word for “goodbye”, accompanies the discoverer's best wishes for the future of r
19348CuecaThe cueca, the complex national dance of Chile, dates to around 1824. Partners mimic movements of ro
19631GreensleevesGreensleeves is a timeless old English ballad by an unknown songwriter about his “Lady Greensleeves”
19912AurapenentaAurapenenta honors the fiftieth anniversary of the Association of Universities for Research in Astro
19968PalazzolascarisThis minor planet is named in honor of the historical home of Council of the Piedmont Region, which
20107NanyotenmondaiNanyotenmondai (the Nanyo Citizens' Observatory) is located in the Sosyou park in the northern part
21799CiociariaLa Ciocia, from which the name is derived, is the ancient footwear of the early inhabitants of the C
22385FujimoriboshiNamed on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Tokyo Metropolitan Fujimori High school, where
22413HaifuHai Fu (b. 1982) received his Ph.D. from the University of Hawaii and then worked at the University
23408BeijingaoyunThe Games of the XXIXth Olympiad, celebrated in Beijing during 2008 Aug. 8-24, have the slogan “One
23443KikwayaJean Baptiste Kikwaya Eluo (b. 1965) is a native of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Staff Astro
23880TongilIn Korean, Tongil means “reunification”. This minor planet, the first one discovered by a Ko
24104VinissacJean-Dominique Cassini (1748-1845), a.k.a. Cassini IV, studied the behavior of chronometers at sea.
24754ZellyfryThe traditional food Zellyfry is made from potatoes and okra. Zellyfry is similar to Japanese Korok
24899DominionaCanada is officially the “Dominion of Canada” under the Constitution Acts of 1867 and 1982. Such de
25164SonomastateSonoma State University, located in Rohnert Park, California, has been educating students in the lib
25750MiwnayMiwnay was the name of a Sogdian abandoned wife from Samarkand. Her letter written in 314 AD, preser
25811RichardteoRichard Teo Keng Siang (1972-2012) was a Singapore cosmetic surgeon. After being diagnosed with can
26955LieMarius Sophus Lie (1842-1899) was a Norwegian mathematician who formulated the theory of finite cont
27790UrashimataroUrashima Taro is a Japanese legend about a kind-hearted young fisherman. The story is loved by gener
27849SuyumbikaThe Suyumbika Tower is the symbol of Kazan, one of the oldest towns in Russia, founded in 1005. Leg
29125KyivphysfakThe physics faculty of Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University, founded in 1834 as the physics and
29467ShandongdaxueShandong University, founded in 1901, is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Chin
31151SajichugakuSaji chugaku is a junior high school in Saji with an astronomical observatory. It was established i
32605LucyLucy is the common name of AL 288-1, the 40-percent-complete Australopithecus afarensis skeleton dis
33319KunquKunqu, one of the oldest forms of Chinese theater (opera), evolved from a melody, Kumshan diao, from
34399HachiojihigashiThe team of Hachiojihigashi, composed of Nishi, Sakurai and Tamai from the Hachioji-higashi High Sch
34419CorningCorning is the home of a glassworks that makes professional telescope mirrors, including the disk fo
35062SakuranosyouSakuranosyou, meaning “Musashino Sakurano Elementary School”, is located in Musashino city to the we
35313HangtianyuanZhongguo Hangtianyuan Zhongxin, the Astronaut Center of China, is located in Beijing Space City, a b
37163HuachucaclubThe Huachuca Astronomy Club of Sierra Vista, Arizona, although small in numbers, counts among its me
39712EhimedaigakuEhimedaigaku (Ehime University) is a Japanese national university. Its Research Center for Space an
43667DumlupınarOn 1953 Apr. 4 the Turkish submarine Dumlupınar collided with the Swedish freighter Naboland and san
44013IidetenmondaiIide Tenmondai (Iide Astronomical observatory) is located in the southern part of Yamagata prefectur
48607YamagatatemodaiYamagata Tenmondai (Yamagata Astronomical Observatory) was established for educational purposes by t
52228ProtosThis Greek word indicates the discoverer's first minor planet detection.
54862SundaigakuenSundaigakuen, a high school in Tokyo, is the alma mater of the discoverer. Since 1965 the school has
55892FuzhougezhiIn the spirit of Ge Zhi (“Science”), the Fuzhou Gezhi High School has made outstanding contri
57424CaelumnoctuThe number of this minor planet signifies the date, 1957 Apr. 24, of the transmission of the first e
57567CrikeyAustralian Steve Irwin (1962-2006) was an “ordinary bloke” with an extraordinary passion and enthusi
57658NilremJean-Claude Merlin (b. 1954), a technician in process computing in Le Creusot, France, has been obse
68853VaimacaVaimaca was one of the four “last charrás”, native Uruguayan Indians sold by the state to a F
73342GuyunusaGuyunusa was a native Indian sold by Uruguay for exhibition in France. She was 27 years old when she
73883AsteraudeThis minor planet is the first of a series of discoveries made by AUDE, the French Association des U
74400StreakyName chosen by Eve Canovan, from Lancaster, UK, as the winner of a national competition to write a s
85215HohenzollernHohenzollern, originally Zollern, is a castle on a mighty mountain cone (855 m) of the same name in
85217BilzingslebenAbout 370 000 years ago in the middle glacial period, an anthropoid Eurasian group bilzingslebenensi
85400ShiratakachuShirataka Chugakko is the name of a middle school in Yamagata Prefecture Shirataka town Japan. It wa
85401YamatenclubThe Yamagata Tenmon Club, established in 1961, consists of a group of amateur astronomers.
88297HuikilolaniFounded in 1949, the Hawaiian Astronomical Society exists to promote amateur astronomy in Hawaii. Hu
90712WittelsbachWittelsbach is a castle ruin near Aichach in Bavaria. It is the ancestral seat of the German dynasty
91395SakanouenokumoSakanoue no Kumo is a Japanese novel, written by Ryotaro Shiba between 1968 and 1972. Based
100019GregorianikThe Gregorian Chant (German shortening Gregorianik) is monophonic liturgical singing with a plain me
106817YubangtaekYu, Bangtaek (1320-1402) was one of the astronomers of the Joseon Dynasty who in 1395 made the stone
110077PujiquanshanSik Sik Yuen, established in 1921, was registered as a charitable organization in Hong Kong in 1965.
110300AbusimbelAlso known as the Temple of Ramesses, the Abu Simbel temples are located on the upper Nile River in
117430AchosyxThe discovery of this minor planet, the first to be numbered from Rent-a-Scope Observatory---MPC obs
120942RendafuzhongRendafuzhong is the high school affiliated with Renmin University, located in Beijing Zhongguancun T
126578SuhhosooMaster Ho Soo Suh (1736-1799) was a scientist in the late Joseon Dynasty in Korea. As the nation's
129078AnimooLaurent “Lillo” Steidle (b. 1972) is a Swiss geologist and painter who was impressed by the richness
137052TjelvarAccording to the 13th-century Gutnic saga, Tjelvar was the first inhabitant of Gotland. By making a
142020XinghaishiyanThe Suzhou Industry Park Xinghai Experimental Senior School has the motto “All stars shine brilliant
145709Rocknowar“Rock No War” is an international association of volunteers based in Formigine in 1998 with the aim
157456Pivatte“Pivatte” is the name of the discoverer's house, built in the Swiss city of Delémont. This minor pl
172315ChangqiaoxiaoxueSuzhou ChangQiao Primary School was founded in 1911. It is located in Lishu, a town with a thousand
179593PenglangxiaoxuePenglang School, founded in 1906 in Kunshan City (Jiangsu Province), is an experimental primary Scho
187531OmorichugakkouOmorichugakkou is the name of the junior high school in Suzaka-shi, Nagano prefecture, Japan. Stud
187707NandaxianlinNandaxianlin is the new campus of Nanjing University. The university will further education, scient
189188FloraliënThe Gentse Floraliën (Floralies of Ghent) is a world-famous flower exhibition held in Ghent (
193158HaechanHaechan Kim (b. 1994) is the discover's son. The name Haechan means “brilliant like the Sun” in Kore
204839Suzhouyuanlin“Suzhou Yuanlin”, Suzhou Chinese-style gardens, are typical ancient gardens with traditional Chinese
207715MuqinshuijiaoMuqinshuijiao (Water cellar for Mothers) is a charity project implemented by the China Women's Devel
209083RiojaRioja is a wine made from grapes grown in the autonomous community of La Rioja and in parts of Navar
214136Alinghi“Alinghi” is the name of the Swiss yacht, operated by the Société nautique de Genève that won the Am
221230SanaloriaSanaloria is an imaginary planet inhabited by humankind in the future. Developed by David, the son o
224206PietchissonPietchisson is the name of an old isolated farmhouse in the Swiss Jura. The local phrase “Pietchisso
224617MicromégasMicromégas is a short humoristic tale written by the French philosopher Voltaire in 1752. Coming fr
225277StinoThe name Stino, suggested by the letters of the provisional designation, and an abbreviation for the
229864SichouzhiluSichouzhilu (Silk Road) was an ancient network of trade and cultural transmission routes that connec
230736JalyhomeJalyhome is a school/orphanage for lepers in Pondichey, India.
232949MuhinaThe Museum of Natural History of Fribourg in Switzerland, founded in 1823, assures the conservation
235621KratochvíleKratochvíle is a South Bohemian Renaissance chateau built by B. Maggi in 1583--1589 as an Italian vi
241442Shandongkexie‘Shandongkexie’ is the Chinese phonetic alphabet representation of the Shandong Association for Scie
243097BataviaThe fort of Batavia (Castro Batava) was a Roman frontier fort (1st to 5th century AD) in the area of
243204KubanchoriaNamed on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the Kuban Cossacs Chorus, founded on 1811 October
250354LewicdeparisThe WIC de Paris (Women International Club), welcomes women of all nationalities living in and aroun
254299Shambleau“Shambleau” (1933) is a short story by the American writer C. L. Moore (1911-1987).
274246ReggiacasertaReggia Caserta is a former royal residence in southern Italy, constructed for the Bourbon kings of
289587Chantdugros“Le Chant du Gros” is an open air music festival founded by Gilles Pierre in 1991 and held in Le Noi
296819ArtesianThe Artesian archaeological expedition was organized by Moscow State Pedagogical University and unde
303546BourbakiNicolas Bourbaki is a collective pseudonym under which a group of mathematicians wrote several books
308825SiksikaSiksika Nation is one of the three First Nations, with the Piikani (Peigan) and Kainai (Blood), that
318676BellelayThe monastery of Bellelay was founded in 1136 by Siginand. It is the home of the Swiss Jura cheese
330455AnbrysseThis name is dedicated to the people who lost their fight, those who are still fighting and the ones
336204SardinasCharo, Miguel Angel, Elvira and Irene, "Los Sardina", have been very supportive of and str
343000Ijontichy“Ijon Tichy: Raumpilot” is a satirical German science fiction TV series. The space traveller Ijon T
343444HalluzinelleThe “Analoge Halluzinelle” is a female robot hologram in the satirical German science fiction TV ser
362316DogoraIn 1996 French composer Etienne Perruchon (b. 1958) composed his first Dogorian songs in an imaginar
369423Quintegr'alEstablished in 2012 by five students of the Paris Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique, Quint
372024AyapaniAyapani is the local name for the beautiful feathers of the crested serpent eagles, when they are ad
402920TsawoutNamed to honor the people of the Tsawout First Nation, who live on Vancouver Island on the west coas

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