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1320Impala Named after the large brownish African antelope. The male has slender lyrate horns. (H 120)
2089Cetacea Named for the order of mammals commonly called whales, many species of which are currently endangere
2731Cucula After (1775) Zimmerwald, this is the second minor planet to be discovered at Zimmerwald in the month
3022Dobermann Named in honor of Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann (1834–1894), German zoologist and amateur astronome
4198Panthera Name derived from the Latin for ‘panther’, referring to a large, intimidating cat. Also, Panthere ti
4257Ubasti Ubasti, also called Bastet or Bast, was an ancient Egyptian goddess worshipped in the form of a cat.
8433BrachyrhynchusNamed for Anser brachyrhynchus, or pink-footed goose. This species, as well as many of those
8435AnserNamed for Anser anser, or greylag goose.
8436LeucopsisNamed for Branta leucopsis, or barnacle goose.
8437BerniclaNamed for Branta bernicla, or Brant goose.
8438MarilaNamed for Aythya marila, or greater scaup.
8439AlbellusNamed for Mergus albellus, or smew.
8441LapponicaNamed for Limosa lapponica, or bar-tailed godwit.
8442OstralegusNamed for Haematopus ostralegus, or oyster catcher.
8443SvecicaNamed for Luscinia svecica, or bluethroat.
8538GammelmajaNamed for Gammelmaja, an old and wise cat who seldom fails to notice when Pelle is being treated unf
8585PurpureaNamed for Ardea purpurea, or purple heron.
8586EpopsNamed for Upupa epops, or hoopoe.
8587RuficollisNamed for Tachybaptus ruficollis, or little grebe.
8588AvosettaNamed for Recurvirostra avosetta, or avocet.
8590PygargusNamed for Circus pygargus, or Montagu's harrier.
8591ExcubitorNamed for Lanius excubitor, or great grey or northern shrike.
8592RubetraNamed for Saxicola rubetra, or whinchat.
8593AngustirostrisNamed for Marmaronetta angustirostris, also called Anas angustirostris, marbled teal o
8594AlbifronsNamed for Sterna albifrons, or little tern.
8595DougalliiNamed for Sterna dougallii, or roseate tern.
8596AlchataNamed for Pterocles alchata, or pin-tailed sandgrouse.
8597SandvicensisNamed for Sterna sandvicensis, or sandwich tern.
8598TetrixNamed for Tetrao tetrix, also named Lyrurus tetrix, or black grouse.
8599RipariaNamed for Riparia riparia, or sand martin.
8601CiconiaNamed for Ciconia ciconia, or white stork.
8602OedicnemusNamed for Burhinus oedicnemus, or stone curlew.
8603SenatorNamed for Lanius senator, or woodchat shrike.
8643QuercusNamed for Quercus, a genus belonging to the family Fagaceae. The tree Quercus robur (
8644BetulapendulaNamed for Betula pendula (silver birch), a species in the genus Betula belonging to th
8647PopulusNamed for Populus, a genus belonging to the family Salicaceae. Populus nigra (black p
8648SalixNamed for Salix, a genus belonging to the family Salicaceae. Salix alba
8649JuglansNamed for Juglans, a genus belonging to the family Juglandaceae. Juglans regia (Engli
8652AcaciaNamed for Acacia, belonging to the family Mimosaceae. Acacia mearnsii (mimosa) is a s
8656CupressusNamed for Cupressus, belonging to the family Cupressaceae. Cupressus macrocarpia (Mon
8657CedrusNamed for Cedrus, belonging to the family Pinaceae. Cedrus libani (cedar of Lebanon)
8752FlammeusNamed for Asio flammeus, or short-eared owl.
8753NycticoraxNamed for Nycticorax nycticorax, or night heron.
8754LeucorodiaNamed for Platalea leucorodia, or spoonbill.
8756MollissimaNamed for Somateria mollissima, or common eider.
8757CyaneusNamed for Circus cyaneus, or hen or northern harrier.
8758PerdixNamed for Perdix perdix, or partridge.
8759PorzanaNamed for Porzana porzana, or spotted crake.
8760CrexNamed for Crex crex, or corncrake.
8761CraneNamed for the bird Grus grus; Crane is its English name. It belongs to the family of the Gru
8762HiaticulaNamed for Charadrius hiaticula, or ringed plover.
8763PugnaxNamed for Philomachus pugnax, or ruff (male) and reeve (female).
8764GallinagoNamed for Gallinago gallinago, or snipe.
8765LimosaNamed for Limosa limosa, or black-tailed godwit.
8766NigerNamed for Chlidonias niger, or black tern.
8767CommonternNamed for the bird Sterna hirundo; Common tern is its English name. It belongs to the family
8768BarnowlNamed for the bird Tyto alba; Barn Owl is its English name. It belongs to the family of the
8769ArcticternNamed for the bird Sterna paradisaea; Arctic tern is its English name. It belongs to the fam
8770TotanusNamed for Tringa totanus, or redshank.
8771BiarmicusNamed for Panurus biarmicus, or bearded tit.
8772MinutusNamed for Ixobrychus minutus, or little bittern.
8773TorquillaNamed for Jynx torquilla, or wryneck.
8774ViridisNamed for Picus viridis, or green woodpecker.
8775CristataNamed for Galerida cristata, or crested lark.
8776CampestrisNamed for Anthus campestris, or tawny pipit.
8777TorquataNamed for Saxicola torquata, or stonechat.
8833AcerNamed for Aceraceae, the maple family, with two genera and more than 100 species. One well-known sp
8834AnacardiumNamed for Anacardiaceae, the cashew or mango family, with 80 genera and over 800 species of evergree
8835AnnonaNamed for Annonaceae, the custard apple family, with more than 2000 species. The trees are mainly t
8836AquifoliumNamed for Aquifoliaceae, the holly family, with 700 evergreens and deciduous species. Ilex aquif
8852BuxusNamed for Buxaceae, the box family, with four or five genera and some 60 species of evergreen trees
8856CelastrusNamed for Celastraceae, the staff-tree family, with 100 genera and over 1000 species including many
8857CercidiphyllumNamed for Cercidiphyllaceae, a family with only one member, Cercidiphyllum japonicum (katsura
8858CornusNamed for Cornaceae, the dogwood family, with about 12 genera and 100 species of evergreens, deciduo
8872EbenumNamed for Ebenaceae, the ebony family, with only two genera and 500 species. Male and female flower
8886ElaeagnusNamed for Elaeagnaceae, the oleaster family with three genera and about 50 species. In many species
8959OenantheNamed for Oenanthe oenanthe, or wheatear.
8962NoctuaNamed for Athene noctua, or little owl.
8963CollurioNamed for Lanius collurio, or red-backed shrike.
8964CoraxNamed for Corvus corax, or raven.
8965CitrinellaNamed for Emberiza citrinella, or yellowhammer.
8966HortulanaNamed for Emberiza hortulana, or ortolan bunting.
8967CalandraNamed for Miliaria calandra, or corn bunting.
8968EuropaeusNamed for Caprimulgus europaeus, or nightjar.
8970IslandicaNamed for Bucephala islandica, or Barrow's goldeneye.
8972SylvaticaNamed for Turnix sylvatica, or Andalusian hemipode.
8973PratincolaNamed for Glareola pratincola, or collared pratincole.
8974GregariaNamed for Chettusia gregaria, or sociable plover.
8975AtthisNamed for Alcedo atthis, or kingfisher.
8976LeucuraNamed for Oenanthe leucura, or black wheatear.
8977PaludicolaNamed for Acrocephalus paludicola, or aquatic warbler.
8978BarbatusNamed for the bird Gypaetus barbatus, or lammergeier.
8979ClangaNamed for the bird Aquila clanga, or greater spotted eagle.
8980HeliacaNamed for the bird Aquila heliaca, or imperial eagle.
9019EucommiaNamed for Eucommiaceae, a family with only one member, the elmlike Eucommia ulmoides, a vigor
9020EucryphiaNamed for Eucryphiaceae, a family with five species in a single genus. Eucryphia cordifolia
9021FagusNamed for Fagaceae, the beech family, with eight genera and over 1000 species, including oaks and ch
9040FlacourtiaNamed for Flacourtiaceae, the Indian plum family, with almost 90 genera and 900 species. Flacour
9053HamamelisNamed for Hamamelidaceae, the witch hazel family, with about 25 genera and 100 species, typical in S
9054HippocastanumNamed for Hippocastanaceae, the horse-chestnut family, with only two genera and 15 species. Aesc
9203MyrtusNamed for Myrtaceae, the myrtle family of aromatic trees and shrubs, with more than 100 genera and n
9242OleaNamed for Oleaceae, the olive family, with about 25 genera and nearly 1000 species. Genera include
9306PittosporumNamed for Pittosporaceae, the Australian laurel family, with nine genera and more than 200 species,
9309PlatanusNamed for Platanaceae, the plane family, with one genus and seven species. They grow wild mainly in
9313ProteaNamed for Proteaceae, the firebush family, with some 75 genera and over 1000 species. They are nati
9316RhamnusNamed for Rhamnaceae, the buckthorn family of deciduous and evergreen trees, shrubs and climbing pla
9326RutaNamed for Rutaceae, the rue family, with over 150 genera and 1500 species, including citrus fruits.
9486UtemorrahNamed for the Australian Aboriginal poet Daisy Utemorrah (1922–1993), teller of Dreamtime stories in
9488HuiaNamed for the bird, extinct since 1907, with splendid green and black plumage and a long white-tippe
9860ArchaeopteryxArchaeopteryx is the early bird that had a dinosaur-like skeleton, a bird-like skull and teeth in th
9879MammuthusMammuthus or woolly mammoth was a kind of elephant, about 4 meters tall, with dense dark hair
9880StegosaurusStegosaurus was a large dinosaur, 6 to 9 meters long, with a characteristic double row of large bony
9937TriceratopsTriceratops was a heavy dinosaur with three horns, two above the eyes and one on the snout. It lived
9941IguanodonIguanodon was a heavy bipedal, upright-standing dinosaur, balancing its long 10-meter body by a heav
9949BrontosaurusBrontosaurus was a gigantic dinosaur, as large as 20 meters and weighing about 30 tons. It lived in
9951TyrannosaurusTyrannosaurus, a heavy bipedal dinosaur with a huge skull, long massive jaws and dagger-like teeth,
9954BrachiosaurusBrachiosaurus, the heaviest of all dinosaurs (about 70 tons) had a very long neck with a small head.
13351ZibelineZibeline is the name of a small animal (Martes zibellina), that generally lives in the colder
16598BrugmansiaNamed for a genus of flowering plants in the family Solanaceae. They are woody trees or shrub
17493WildcatThe University of Arizona (whose athletic symbol is a wildcat) has contributed to astronomy and plan
22280MandragoraNamed for a genus belonging to the nightshade family (Solanaceae). Members of the genus are k
39991IochromaNamed for a genus of shrubs and small trees found in the forests of South America. Their hummingbird
58671DiplodocusNamed for one of the largest animals ever to walk on the earth, the Dashing Diplodocus is the
66583NicandraNamed for a monotypic genus of flowering plants in the nightshade family containing the single speci
263251PandabearThe Giant Panda is an endangered species and is a favourite animal to many. This is to honour this

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