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151Abundantia This name is the personification of fulness, its main attribute is the horn of plenty. The naming re
367Amicitia This planet is named with the Latin word for friendship. (H 40) See also the remarks to planet  (356
1464Armisticia Since this was the 21st anniversary of the signing of the armistice of World War I, the name was giv
700Auravictrix This planet is named in memory of the trips of the Schutte-Lanz Zeppelin No. 1. It is a Latin word m
377Campania Named after a region in southern Italy bordering on the Tyrrhenian sea and containing the city of Na
315Constantia This name describes a special attribute: “Mot latin qui signifie constance et perséevérance, quality
380Fiducia This is the Latin name for confidence. (H 42) See also the remarks to planet  (356).
309Fraternitas This is the Latin word for fraternity. (H 35; A. Schnell) The Beilage zum Astronomischen Kalender 18
8061GaudiumLatin for joy, pleasure and delight, Gaudium is designed to compensate the gloom of (5708) Melanchol
376Geometria The Latin word originally means “to measure the Earth”. It concerns a branch of mathematics that dea
4967Glia Name derived from the Latin word for ‘glue’. Glia are the cells providing support for the components
424Gratia This is the Latin name of grace. The three Graces Aglaia, Euphrosyne, and Thalia {see planets  (47),
996Hilaritas The name stands for a happy or contented mind. This was an important quality of Palisa’s character w
4323Hortulus The name is Latin for a small, cozy garden, sheltering those flowers that gave their names to minor
2989Imago The Latin word for image, in various degrees of reality, from full appearance (as e.g. the mature st
1200Imperatrix Imperatrix is the Latin name for empress. Any reference to a person is unknown. (I. van Houten-Groen
652Jubilatrix This planet was named at the occasion of the 1908 meeting of the Astronomische Gesellschaft in Vienn
3021Lucubratio The original meaning of this Latin word is “night work” (from lucubrum, meaning candle). Then it see
1459Magnya The word, translated from Latin to Russian, means “clear, bright, wonderful”. (N. Solovaya; N. S. Ch
370Modestia Named for the quality of modesty, the freedom from conceit or vanity. (H 41) See also the remarks to
1347Patria This is the Latin word for native country or fatherland. (H 122)
975Perseverantia Named in honor of the discoverer after his death (1925). Perseverance was an essential trait of Pali
902Probitas This name stands for the adherence to the highest principles and ideals. This has been assigned in h
474Prudentia Named for the allegorical divinity personifying prudence, represented by a mirror surrounded by a sn
6475Refugium The name is Latin for a refuge, such as might come from examining the prime factors of (6475): (5) A
7756ScientiaThis Latin term for science or knowledge describes the purpose of the U.S. National Science Foundati
5710Silentium This is — by far — the shortest official naming citation ever published.
3258Somnium The Latin word for dream or vision. Title of Johannes Kepler’s {see planet  (1134)} famous posthumou
1201Strenua This name was assigned in honor of Prof. Gustav Stracke (1887–1943), famous German astronomer at the
964Subamara Amarus is the Latin word for bitter and the addition of the prefix sub yield the meaning ‘very bitte
24665TolerantiaTolerantia, the Latin word for tolerance, means tolerating different ideological and religious opini

download list of asteroids in this group in Zet act format.