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2060Chiron The name is that of the wisest and most just of the Centaurs, son of Kronos and the ocean nymph Phil
5145Pholus This Chiron-type object is being named by the Minor Planet Names Committee for a centaur who, like C
7066Nessus Named for the centaur responsible for the death of Heracles {see planet  (5143)}. Driven from his ho
8405AsbolusThe “black one”, Asbolus was the centaur who supposedly made forecasts from the flight formations of
10199CharikloChariklo, sometimes described as a sea nymph, sometimes as a female centaur, was the wife of Chiron.
10370HylonomeFairest of all the female centaurs, the beautiful and civilized Hylonome was in love with the handso
31824ElatusThe name of the centaur Elatus is associated with woodlands and means “fir man”, perhaps because he
32532ThereusThe centaur Thereus was a hunter who captured bears and carried them home, alive and struggling.
42355TyphonThe secondary object (42355) Typhon I, discovered 2006 Jan. 20 by K. Noll, W. Grundy, D. Stephens an
49036PelionPelion is the mountain in Thessaly where the Centaurs were said to live.
52975CyllarusThe centaur Cyllarus was severely wounded by a spear in a battle that finally caused his death. On
54598BienorBienor, one of the centaurs who tried to kidnap the bride Hippodame and other women at the wedding o
55576AmycusAmycus was the first centaur to engage in battle with the Lapiths after Eurytus was killed for rapin
83982CrantorCrantor was a Lapith who was killed by the centaur Demoleon in the battle between the Lapiths and th
90377SednaSedna is the Inuit goddess of the sea and the mother of all sea creatures. She rewards the people of

download list of asteroids in this group in Zet act format.