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3809Amici Named in memory of Giovanni Battista Amici (1786–1863), professor of mathematics at the University o
3951Zichichi Named in honor of Antonio Zichichi, former president of the European Society of Physics and one of t
4158Santini Named in memory of Giovanni Santini (1786–1877), director of the Padua Observatory from 1817 to 1867
4540Oriani Named in memory of Barnaba Oriani (1752–1832), famous Italian astronomer and director of the Brera O
4542Mossotti Named in memory of Ottaviano Fabrizio Mossotti (1791–1863), who studied at the Brera Observatory and
4705Secchi Named in memory of Angelo Secchi (1818–1878), Italian astronomer, director of the observatory of the
4742Caliumi Named in memory of Ferdinando Caliumi (1915–1993), well-known Italian amateur astronomer, generous c
6241Galante Named in honor of Maria Pia Galante (1916– ) wife of Ciro Vacchi, proprietor and director of Osserva
6339Giliberti Named in honor of Giuseppina Giliberti (1947– ), wife of the discoverer. (M 25655)
6417LiberatiNamed in memory of Libero Liberati (1926-1962), motorcyclist who won the Absolute Italian Championsh
6530AdryNamed in honor of Adriano Casulli (b. 1974), son of the discoverer.
6598Modugno Named in memory of Domenico Modugno (1928–1994), famous Italian singer, composer and actor. Modugno
6640Falorni Named in memory of Marco Falorni (1944–1995), Italian amateur astronomer, president of Unione Astrof
6746Zagar Named in memory of Francesco Zagar (1900–1976), professor of astronomy at the University of Milan an
6835Molfino Named in memory of Alberto Molfino (1906–1977), Italian wrestler. He took part in the 1936 Berlin Ol
6855Armellini Named in memory of Giuseppe Armellini (1887–1958), professor of astronomy at the University of Rome
6877Giada Named in honor of Giada Casulli (1978– ), daughter of the discoverer. (M 29671)
6929MistoNamed in memory of Angela Misto (1902-1993), mother of the discoverer.
7030Colombini Named in honor of Ermes Colombini (1956– ), since 1974 a member of the staff at the Osservatorio San
7132Casulli Named in honor of Silvano Casulli (1944– ), who was the first amateur astronomer in the world to obt
7258PettarinEnrico Pettarin (b. 1970), Italian amateur astronomer, has been for many years the “factotum” at the
7260MetelliNamed in memory of Orneore Metelli (1872-1938). He is internationally acknowledged as the founder o
7306PanizonNamed in honor of Franco Panizon (b. 1925). Head of the pediatric department of the University of T
7356CasagrandeNamed in memory of Alessandro Casagrande (1922-1964). Composer and orchestra conductor, he skillful
7491Linzerag Named on the occasion of 50th anniversary of the Linzer Astronomische Gemeinschaft, a very active as
7499L'AquilaL´Aquila is a medieval town of about 53 000 people in central Italy, near the Gran Sasso massif
7516KranjcNamed in memory of Aldo Kranjc (1919-1994), Italian astronomer at the observatories in Naples, Milan
7529VagnozziNamed in honor of Antonio Vagnozzi (b. 1950), who in 1993 became the first amateur astronomer in Ita
7531PecorelliA conductor on the trams and buses in Terni for 30 years, Antonio Pecorelli (1923-1986) was a poet w
7599Munari Named in honor of Ulisse Munari (1960– ), staff astronomer at the Astronomical Observatories of Padu
7600Vacchi Named in honor of Ciro Vacchi (1916– ), amateur astronomer and co-founder of San Vittore {see planet
7665PutignanoThis picturesque town in the Italian region of Puglia is famous for its carnival, grottoes and typic
7680CariNamed in memory of Amleto Cari (1904-1982). A versatile athlete of rare talent, from 1919 to 1933 h
7714BriccialdiNamed in memory of Giulio Briccialdi (1818-1881). Flutist and composer, he became a famous concert
7787Annalaura Named in honor of Annalaura Calvani Tesi, wife of the first discoverer. (M 30803)
7790MiselliNamed in memory of Furio Miselli (1867-1949). Poet, singer, songwriter and singing master in Terni,
7801Goretti Named in honor of Vittorio Goretti (1939– ), a high-school teacher of physics and mathematics in Bol
7848Bernasconi Named in memory of the brothers Giovanni (1901–1965) and Angelo (1911–1990) Bernasconi, renowned Ita
7961ErcolepoliErcole Poli (1961-2000), fond of astronomy, was always committed to the discovery of new techniques
7963FalcinelliNamed in memory of Amleto Falcinelli (1921-1996), Italian bantam-weight boxing champion, who fought
8006TacchiniNamed in memory of Pietro Tacchini (1838-1905), Italian astronomer. He was a pioneer, with Secchi, o
8051PistoriaNamed for the Italian city of Pistoria, situated about 30 km from Florence at the foot of the wester
8081LeopardiNamed in memory of Giacomo Leopardi (1798-1837), Italian poet and prose writer famous for his collec
8106CarpinoNamed in honor of Mario Carpino (b. 1957), Italian astronomer at Brera Astronomical Observatory in M
8111HoepliNamed in memory of Ulrico Hoepli (1847-1935), the founder of Hoepli Publishing Company and Hoepli In
8112CesiNamed in memory of Federico Cesi (1585-1630), a scientist and humanist of the Italian Renaissance wh
8155BattagliniNamed in memory of Giuseppe Battaglini (1826-1894), Italian mathematician. University professor of s
8192TonucciNamed in memory of Giuseppe Tonucci (1938-1988), Italian road and track cycling champion. During hi
8193CiaurroNamed in memory of Ilario Ciaurro (1889-1992), an art teacher and ceramist, but most famous as a pai
8208Volta Named in memory of Alessandro Volta (1745–1827), physicist at the University of Pavia. His discovery
8209ToscanelliPaolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli (1397-1482) was an Italian physician, astronomer, cosmographer and mathem
8230PeronaNamed in memory of Renato Perona (1927-1984), a track cycling champion who for more than a decade wa
8266BertelliNamed in memory of Francesco Bertelli (1794-1844), Italian astronomer at the observatory of Bologna
8421Montanari Named in memory of Geminiano Montanari (1633–1687), professor of mathematics at university of Bologn
8472Tarroni Named in memory of the Italian amateur astronomer Gino Tarroni (1958–1986), a member of the Sezione
8555MirimaoNamed in memory of Guido Mirimao (1909-1990), internationally known painter and draftsman. A graphi
8569MameliThe poet Goffredo Mameli (1827-1849) was the patriotic Italian author of the national anthem Frat
8716GinestraNamed for a poem by Giacomo Leopardi (1798-1837), the great poet and philosopher from the Italian Ro
8742BonazzoliRoberto Bonazzoli (1940-1996) was a friend of the discoverer. Fond of astronomy, he offered technic
8897Defelice Named in memory of Aurelio De Felice (1915–1996), Italian sculptor known for going “against the flow
8935BeccariaCesare Beccaria (1738-1794) was an Italian Enlightenment thinker. In his most important work, De
9111MatarazzoThe Sicilian amateur astronomer Giuseppe “Corrado” Matarazzo (b. 1946) is an experienced mathematici
9115BattistiNamed in memory of Lucio Battisti (1943-1998), innovative Italian composer and singer. He wrote man
9232MirettiNamed in memory of Manlio Miretti (1928-1996), who, blessed with a powerful and warm baritone voice,
9397LombardiGiuseppe Lombardi (b. 1939) is an Italian amateur astronomer at the CCAF observatory in Farra d'Ison
9670MagniNamed in honor of Gianfranco Magni (b. 1943), who joined the Istituto di Astrofisica Spaziale in Rom
9796RobottiAurelio Robotti (1913-1994) was a lieutenant in the Italian Air Engineers and later professor in aer
10149CavagnaNamed in honor of Marco Cavagna (b. 1958), Italian amateur astronomer. He began observing comets, va
10200QuadriNamed in honor of Ulisse Quadri (b. 1953) Italian teacher and amateur astronomer, author of articles
10219PencoNamed in honor of Italian physicist Umberto Penco. After teaching high school for several years, he
10371GigliNamed in honor of Paolo Gigli, who, with the first discoverer, founded the Pain dei Termini Observat
10376ChiariniFrancesca (b. 1981) and Gabriele (b. 1986) Chiarini are grandchildren of Giorgio Sassi, co-founder o
10386RomulusRomulus, first king of Rome, reigned from 753 to 716 B.C. Legend has it that the twins Romulus and
10413PansecchiLuigi Pansecchi (b. 1940) has made fine studies of cometary tails. As a member of the Gruppo Astrofi
10573PianiFranco Piani (b. 1955), Italian amateur astronomer, is the most experienced and agreeable proponent
10579DilucaRoberto Di Luca (b. 1959), amateur observer of lunar and asteroidal occultations, is network manager
10584FerriniNamed in honor of the Italian physicist Federico Ferrini, professor of astronomical techniques at th
10591CaverniRaffaello Caverni (1837-1900), a priest born in Montelupo, was also an amateur scientist. He wrote
10605GuidoniThe astrophysicist and astronaut Umberto Guidoni (b. 1954) made the first flight onboard of the Spac
10606CroccoGaetano Arturo Crocco (1877-1968), Italian pioneer in aeronautics and space science, designed revolu
10642CharmaineNamed in honor of Charmaine Wilkerson (b. 1962), wife of the first discoverer. An American-born wri
10722MonariElementary-school teacher Luisa Monari (b. 1961) is the wife of Ermes Colombini, one of the codiscov
11100LaiLuciano Lai (b. 1948) has been an active observer and discoverer of minor planets at Madonna di Doss
11120PancaldiItalian amateur astronomer Enelio Pancaldi (b. 1947) was an observer of Jupiter, Saturn and Mars at
11121MalpighiMarcello Malpighi (1628-1694) holds a prominent position in the history of medicine and biology, wo
11142FacchiniRenato Facchini (b. 1917) is a well-known Italian amateur astronomer who also builds and repairs tel
11145EmanuelliPio Emanuelli (1888-1946) begun his astronomical career by working for many years at the Vatican Obs
11328MariotozziGeologist Mario Tozzi (b. 1959), of the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, collaborates at the univ
11337SandroSandro Bartolini (b. 1974) is the elder son of the first discoverer.
11359PiteglioThe northern Tuscany village of Piteglio was founded in medieval times. Piteglio's government has co
11360FormigineFormigine is a small Italian town located 10 km south of Modena. Interesting sights there include a
11578CimabueCimabue (1240-1302) was a great Italian painter whose works were the basis of Italian and Western pa
11595MonsummanoMonsummano Terme is a town in northern Tuscany, about 40 km from Florence. The town is known for it
11600CipollaCarlo Cipolla (b. 1925) is a skillful chemist and amateur astronomer fond of popularizing astronomy
11605RanfagniPiero Ranfagni (b. 1949) worked for many years as a technician at Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory.
11621DuccioDuccio Bartolini (b. 1976) is the younger son of the first discoverer.
11622SamueleSamuele Marconi (b. 1975) is a very active amateur astronomer at the San Marcello Observatory who sp
11667TestaAugusto Testa (b. 1950), Italian amateur astronomer, observes minor planets at the Sormano Astronomi
11970PalitzschJohann Georg Palitzsch (1723-1788) was a farmer by profession and an astronomer by vocation. He rec
12035RuggieriGuido Ruggieri (1913-1976), talented Italian amateur astronomer, was well known for his work on visu
12044FabbriLuciano Fabbri (b. 1945) is an amateur astronomer in the Montelupo Group.
12222PerottoPier Giorgio Perotto (1930-2002) was an Italian electronics engineer. An employee at Olivetti, in 19
12399BartoliniCorrado Bartolini (b. 1941), professor at the University of Bologna since 1970, has focused his int
12405NespoliPaolo Angelo Nespoli (b. 1957) joined the European Space Agency's European Astronaut Center in 1991
12407RiccardiThe historian of mathematics Pietro Riccardi (1828-1898) wrote the monumental work Biblioteca Mat
12579CevaThe brothers Giovanni (1647-1734) and Tommaso (1648-1737) Ceva were Italian mathematicians intereste
12848AgostinoAgostino Boattini (b. 1932) is the father of the discoverer.
13150PaolotesiPaolo Tesi (b. 1959) is the elder son of the first discoverer.
13197PontecorvoBruno Pontecorvo (1913-1993) was a student of Enrico Fermi and the first to theorize the neutrino os
13200RomagnaniSauro Romagnani (b. 1942), a teacher at the San Marcello junior high school, was selected to partici
13223CenaceneriLa Cena delle Ceneri (“The Dinner of the Ashes”) is a work by the Italian philosopher Giordan
13225ManfrediThe brothers Eustachio (1674-1739), Gabriele (1681-1761) and Eraclito (1682-1759) Manfredi were prof
13653PriscusTarquinius Priscus, fifth king of Rome, reigned from 616 to 579 B.C. He constructed the Circus Maxim
13684BorbonaBorbona is a picturesque town in the Italian region Lazio, famous for works of art that include a tw
13689SucciCarlo Succi (1919-2000), a professor of physics at the University of Milan, was also director of the
13704AletesiAlessandro Tesi (b. 1964) is the younger son of the discoverer.
13740LastrucciLiliana Lastrucci (b. 1948) is wife of the second discoverer.
13777CielobuioCielobuio is the Italian association against light pollution. Cielobuio played a fundamental role in
13798CecchiniVasco Cecchini (b. 1932) is a very active amateur astronomer, and in the last few years he has colla
14074RiccatiThe family of Italian mathematicians of Jacopo Francesco Riccati (1676-1754) and his sons Vincenzo (
14077VolfangoVolfango Montanari (b. 1931) was a competitor during the Olympic Games in Helsinki in 1952. A teach
14088AncusAncus Marcius, fourth king of Rome, reigned from 640 to 616 B.C. He transferred to Rome the neighbo
14103ManzoniAlessandro Manzoni (1785-1873) was an Italian poet and novelist. He is mainly remembered as the auth
14104DelpinoFederico Ernesto Delpino (1946-2007), an astronomer at the Bologna Observatory, began his scientific
14486TusciaTuscia is the ancient name given to Tuscany, the central Italian region once inhabited by the Etrusc
14498BerniniGian Lorenzo Bernini (1598-1680) was an Italian architect and sculptor who designed the colonnade of
14568ZanottaAfter early activity on variable stars, Milanese amateur astronomer Mauro Vittorio Zanotta (b. 1963)
14659GregorianaThe Pontifical Gregorian University dates its origin to the founding of the Roman College in 1551.
14846LampedusaItalian writer Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa (1896-1957) is famous for Il Gattopardo, whose fi
15034DécinesDécines is a French town to the west of Lione and twinned with the municipality of Monsummano Terme,
15041PaperettiEmiliano Paperetti (b. 1951) is an amateur astronomer who lives in the Tuscan city of Pistoia. Amon
15353MeucciAntonio Meucci (1808-1889) was an inventor of the telephone.
15381SpadoliniMauro (b. 1941) and Barbara (b. 1944) Spadolini, long-standing friends of the discoverer, are dedica
15385DallolmoWith degrees in both law and physics, Umberto Dall'Olmo (1925-1980) was an amateur astronomer who pr
15388CoelumCoelum was one of the most renowned Italian astronomical magazines. Established in 1931 by G
15460MancaFrancesco Manca (b. 1966), an amateur astronomer at the Sormano Astronomical Observatory, has made s
15854NumaNuma Pompilius, second king of Rome, reigned from 715 to 672 B.C. He founded the sacred law and ref
15869TulliusTullius Hostilius, third king of Rome, reigned from 672 to 640 B.C. He was a warrior king, and durin
16154DabramoAt the University of Pisa, Germano D'Abramo (b. 1973) studied the statistics of mutual collisions.
16682DonatiThe Tuscan astronomer Giovanni Battista Donati (1826-1873) made important contributions to the early
16683AlepieriAlessandro Pieri (1969-2000) was an amateur astronomer from childhood and was for many years a membe
16715TretteneroItalian astronomer Virgilio Trettenero (1822-1868) succeeded Santini as professor of astronomy at Pa
16745ZappaItalian astronomer Giovanni Zappa (1884-1923) was an assistant at the observatory of the Collegio Ro
16749VospiniGiancarlo Vospini (1935-2017) was an electronic engineer by profession and amateur astronomer by voc
16761HertzGerman physicist Heinrich Rudolf Hertz (1857-1894) substantially advanced knowledge of electricity.
16766RighiItalian experimental physicist Augusto Righi (1850-1921) continued Heinrich Hertz's research on elec
16879CampaiPaolo Campai (b. 1957) is an amateur astronomer in Florence principally involved in astronomical pho
16930RespighiItalian astronomer Lorenzo Respighi (1824-1889) was professor of optics and astronomy and director s
17019AldoAmateur astronomer Aldo Tombelli (1921-2001) was the father of the first discoverer.
17056BoschettiCarla Stefania Boschetti (b. 1969), of the University of Padua, is involved in a study of Seyfert ga
17077PampaloniCarlo Pampaloni (b. 1958) is an amateur astronomer who has specialized in visual observations of var
17652NepotiGiuliano Nepoti (b. 1949), an enthusiastic amateur astronomer, is a dear friend of the discoverer.
18169AmaldiThe nuclear physicist Edoardo Amaldi (1908-1989) was part of the team of Enrico Fermi and contribute
18426MaffeiThe career of Paolo Maffei (b. 1926), former director of the Catania Observatory and an astronomer a
18462RiccòItalian astronomer Annibale Riccò (1844-1919) was an assistant at the observatory of Modena and late
18505CaravelliVito Caravelli (1724-1800) was professor of mathematics at the Naval Institute of Naples. He wrote
18509BelliniVincenzo Bellini (1801-1835) was an Italian composer best known for his “Norma” and “I puritani”.
18542BroglioLuigi Broglio (1911-2001), aereonautical engineer and dean of the aerospace engineering school of th
18556BattiatoFranco Battiato (b. 1945), Sicilian polyhedric artist, is an honorary member of the Associazione Ast
19287ParonelliFede Paronelli (1893-1944) held a degree in philosophy and studied astronomy with Camille Flammarion
19306VovesVoves is a French town, located in the Beauce natural region, Eure-et-Loire department. There are e
19318SomanahRadhakhrishna Dinesh Somanah (b. 1960) has been a professor of physics and astrophysics at the Unive
19398CreedenceWith its original sound, Creedence Clearwater Revival, frequently referred to as CCR or simply “Cree
19528DelloroAldo Dell'Oro (b. 1971), recently awarded his doctorate by the University of Florence, works on the
21219MascagniPietro Mascagni (1863-1945) was an Italian conductor and composer. His first opera, “Cavalleria rust
21269BechiniRoberto Bechini (b. 1939) is an amateur astronomer who belongs to the San Marcello amateur astronomy
21289GiacomelLuigino Giacomel (b. 1960) is an engineer for the Italian company European Industrial Engineering.
21306MaraniGiorgio “Doddo” Marani (1925-2000), was a longstanding friend of the discoverer. He was an accompli
21311ServiusServius Tullius, sixth king of Rome, reigned from 578 to 535 B.C. He constructed the first wall aro
21662BenigniBorn in Tuscany, Roberto Benigni (b. 1952) is an actor and film director with an enthralling and pro
21687FilopantiQuirico Filopanti was the pseudonym of Italian patriot Giuseppe Barilli (1812-1894), professor of ma
22263PignedoliAntonio Pignedoli (1918-1989) was professor of mathematics at the military academy of Modena. A mem
23547TognelliEmanuele Tognelli (b. 1981) is an enthusiastic young amateur astronomer who belongs to the local gro
23564UngarettiGiuseppe Ungaretti (1888-1970) was a poet of Hermeticism, best known for the short poem “M'illumino
23571ZuaboniPatrizia Zuaboni (b. 1958), an affectionate friend of both discoverers, contributed to the idea that
23685ToaldoGiuseppe Toaldo (1719-1797), Italian astronomer and scientist, was professor of astronomy at Padua U
24818MenichelliMarco Menichelli (b. 1942) lives in Fiesole, an old Etruscan town near Florence. An amateur astronom
24826PascoliGiovanni Pascoli (1855-1912) was an Italian poet and classical scholar.
24939ChiminelloVincenzo Chiminello (1741-1815), nephew of Giuseppe Toaldo (1719-1797), translated into Italian de L
24946FoscoloUgo Foscolo (1778-1827) was a leading exponent of Neoclassic and Pre-Romanticism Italian literature.
24969LucafiniLuca Fini (b. 1952) is an astronomer at the Arcetri Observatory in Florence whose principal interest
25276DimaiAlessandro Dimai (b. 1962) is an amateur astronomer and friend of the discoverer. For over twenty y
25602UcaroniaUmberto Caronia (1908-1993) was the father of the second discoverer.
26197BormioBormio is a very ancient and pleasant village in the Rhaetian Alps, 200 km from Milan. It hosts a b
26356AventiniAndrea Aventini (b. 1952) is a amateur astronomer very active in the popularization of astronomy at
26498DinotinaDino and Tina Grifoni, who have been living in Sydney, Australia, for many years, are uncle and aunt
26917PianoroPianoro, site of the observatory at which this minor planet was discovered, is a modern and pleasant
26954SkadiangKaren Skadiang (b. 1962) is an amateur astronomer in Sydney, Australia, and a special friend of the
27130DipaolaAndrea Di Paola (b. 1970), a staff member at the Rome Astronomical Observatory, has the scientific a
27270GuidottiGuido Guidotti (b. 1946) is the founder of Valdinievole Association of Astronomy “A. Pieri”. His ma
27855GiorgilliAntonio Giorgilli (b. 1949), professor of mathematical physics at the University of Milan, distingui
27900CecconiMassimo Cecconi (b. 1965) has worked on the GAIA mission and for the International Space Station.
27917EdoardoEdoardo Tesi (b. 2002) is the grandson of the first discoverer.
27958GiussanoGiussano, a town in the heart of Brianza, is famous for its furniture design companies. Among the t
27959FagioliGiancarlo Fagioli (b. 1940) is a cartographer and amateur astronomer interested in minor planets. H
27977DistratisSince 1987, Cosimo Distratis (b. 1927) has devoted his life to building and managing Montefusco Uggi
29347NattaGiulio Natta (1903-1979) was an Italian academic chemist and winner of the Nobel prize for chemistry
29361BotticelliSandro Botticelli (1445-1510), Italian painter, painted some walls of the Sistine Chapel of the Basi
29443RemocortiRemo Corti (b. 1936), an Italian amateur astronomer who lives in Empoli, has for many years devoted
29470HiggsPeter Higgs (b. 1929), Scottish physicist, predicted the existence of a new particle called the Higg
29561IatteriItalian amateur astronomer Giampiero Iatteri (b. 1941) made his dream come true with the design and
29705CialucyLucia “Cia” Boattini (b. 1958) is the elder sister of the first discoverer.
29706SimonettaSimonetta Boattini (b. 1972) is the younger sister of the first discoverer.
31015BoccardiGiovanni Boccardi (1859-1936) worked at the observatories of Collegio Romano (Rome) and Collurania (
31028CerulliItalian astronomer Vincenzo Cerulli (1859-1927) founded the private Collurania Observatory near Tera
31134ZurriaGiuseppe Zurria (1810-1896), professor of mathematics at the University of Catania, where he was als
31271NallinoItalian orientalist Carlo Alfonso Nallino (1872-1938) was professor of Arabian studies at Naples and
31319VespucciAmerigo Vespucci (1454-1512) was an Italian explorer, navigator and cartographer. In 1507 the geogr
31414RotarysusaRotary Susa Club-Val Susa (Italy) is known for its humanitarian work and its devotion to scientific
31431CabibboNicola Cabibbo (1935-2010) was an Italian physicist known for his work on the weak interaction and t
31458DelrossoRenzo Del Rosso (b. 1957) has been an amateur astronomer since his childhood. He is an astrophotogr
31605BraschiAfter finishing her classic school studies, Nicoletta Braschi (b. 1960 ) decided to attend a theatri
32891AmatriceAmatrice is an Italian mountain village located in the region of Latium. The village, world famous f
32911CervaraCervara di Roma is an Italian mountain village located in the Simbruini Regional Park in the region
32931FerioliLuigi Ferioli (b. 1938), amateur astronomer, enthusiastic popularizer of astronomy, skilful telescop
32944GussalliLuigi Gussalli (1855-1950) was a mechanical engineer and designer of an experimental “double reactio
32945LecceLecce, in southern Italy, is the capital of the province of Lecce. Because of the rich Baroque archi
32987UyuniSalar de Uyuni is by far the largest salty expanse on the planet, located high in the southern Andes
33002EverestMount Everest (also known as Sagarmātā in Nepal and Chomolungma in China) is the world's highest mou
33035PareschiThe main research activity of Italian astronomer Giovanni Pareschi (b. 1966) concerns the developmen
33376MediEnrico Medi (1911-1974), a distinguished Italian physicist who studied under Fermi and held universi
34004GregoriniMost of the research activity of Loretta Gregorini (b. 1948) is in the field of radioastronomy and o
34696RisoldiVairo Risoldi (b. 1951) is an amateur astronomer at the S. Lucia Stroncone Observatory. Thanks to hi
34716GuzzoMassimiliano Guzzo (b. 1970) is a researcher at the University of Padua, where he teaches the theory
34717MirkovilliMirko Villi (b. 1961), an amateur astronomer in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy, started a supernova search
34718CantagalliMichela Cantagalli (b. 1965) is the daughter-in-law of the first discoverer.
35270MolinariEmilio Molinari (b. 1963), developed his astronomical career in Brera Observatory, Milan, beginning
35295OmoOn the banks of the Omo River in Ethiopia, archaeologists have found fossil fragments of early Olduw
35316MonellaRinaldo Monella (b. 1948) is a well-known Italian amateur astronomer who has specialized in photoele
35324OrlandiStefano Orlandi (b. 1944), has been a lover of stars since childhood. In 1990 he founded the T.L.C.
35358LorifiniLorella Fini (b. 1966) is the daughter-in-law of the first discoverer.
35461MazzucatoMichele T. Mazzucato (b. 1962) is an amateur astronomer whose main fields of interest are the histor
35703LafiascaiaA fiascaia is a woman who makes the straw coverings often present on Italian wine bottles, such as f
37840GramegnaMaria Gramegna (1887-1915) was an Italian mathematician who studied linear differential equations.
38020HannadamHanna Smigiel (b. 1971) is a Polish friend of the first discoverer, and Adam (b. 1992) is her son.
39335CaccinBruno Caccin (b. 1944) worked at Capodimonte Observatory in Naples for 15 years. In 1986 he became
39653CarneraLuigi Carnera (1875-1962) began his career as Max Wolf's assistant at the Heidelberg Observatory, Ge
39678AmmannitoEleonora Ammannito (b. 1979) recently joined a doctoral program at the University of Padua, working
39734MarchioriGianpietro Marchiori (b. 1953) is the founder of EIE Group, an Italian company that has been involve
39748GucciniFrancesco Guccini (b. 1940) is an Italian folk composer and singer, very famous for his popular song
39849GiampieriGiuliano Giampieri (b. 1932) is a friend of the first discoverer.
40134MarsiliThe Marsili submarine volcano located in the Mediterranean Sea is the highest and largest in Europe.
40447LorenzoniGiuseppe Lorenzoni (1843-1914) was an Italian astronomer and scientist, and an assistant to Giovanni
42593AntoniazziAntonio Maria Antoniazzi (1872-1925) was an Italian astronomer, who graduated in mathematics from th
42614UbaldinaUbaldina Caronia (1913-2002) was the mother of the second discoverer.
42747FuserIreneo Fuser (b. 1902), professor of organ, piano and composition, holds the chair of organ at the B
42748AndrisaniDonato Andrisani (b. 1956), a renowned dental surgeon, is a close, very dear friend of the discovere
42929FranciniClaudio Francini (b. 1926) is an amateur astronomer passionately fond of imaging the sky and a colla
43193SecinaroSecinaro, in the province of L'Aquila, is the location of what is probably the first meteoric impact
43924MartoniAurora Martoni (b. 2012) is the grandchild of the discoverer. Her name means hope for a radiant futu
43956ElidoroClaudio Elidoro (b. 1956), a graduate in astronomy from Bologna University, is active in the popular
43957InvernizziItalian amateur astronomer Luca Invernizzi (b. 1966) is founder of the Associazione Astrofili Valtel
43993MariolaMariola Magnoni Tieghi (b. 1934), former president of Como Inner Wheel Club, promoted with strength
43999GramignaPaolo Gramigna (b. 1946) is an amateur astronomer at Livergnano Observatory, which he often makes av
44005MigliardiMarco Migliardi (b. 1957) is a friend of the discoverer. A teacher of Italian language and literatu
44033MichezGiacomo Michez (1839-1873) was an Italian astronomer. He was director of the Astronomical Observato
46644LagiaLivia “Lagia” Giacomini (b. 1972) is an Italian scientific journalist and astrophysicist working in
46702LinapucciLina Pucci (b. 1924) is the mother of the first discoverer.
47038MajoniVittore Majoni (1936-2002), was an electrical engineer and a secondary education teacher. He was one
48640EziobossoEzio Bosso (b. 1971) is an Italian pianist, director and composer of classical music, who is one of
48715BalbinotRoberto Balbinot (b. 1956) is an Italian theoretical physicist who teaches General Relativity at the
48737CusinatoPiergiorgio Cusinato is an antique dealer who lives at Cortina d´Ampezzo. A keen amateur astronomer
49187ZucchiniRoberto Zucchini (b. 1958) is an Italian theoretical physicist who teaches theoretical physics and m
49443MarcobondiMarco Bondi (b. 1963) works at the Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica in Bologna, where his research
49987BonataItalian aerospace engineer Diego Bonata (b. 1968) has promoted laws for the control of light polluti
51915AndryAndry is the nickname of Andrea Casulli (b. 2013), grandson of the discoverer.
52030MaxvasileMassimiliano Vasile (b. 1970) is a professor of Space Systems Engineering at the University of Strat
52480EnzomoraGian Vincenzo Mora (1870-1953) studied design and architecture at the Istituto di Belle Arti in Veni
52558PigafettaAntonio Pigafetta (c. 1492--c. 1531) was an Italian navigator and geographer. He participated in t
53843AntjiekrogAntjie Krog (b. 1952) is a South African writer. She has received many awards, including the South
54852MercataliAntonio Mercatali (b. 1962) is an amateur astronomer who lives in the city of Livorno and is very ac
54967MillucciSince 1980 Vincenzo Millucci (b. 1947) has been professor of mathematical Physics in the physics dep
55418BianciardiGiorgio Bianciardi (b. 1954) is a researcher at the University of Siena. His research areas are biom
55810FabiofazioFabio Fazio (b. 1964) debuted in October 1983 at RAI, the Italian public service broadcaster. Begin
55854StoppaniIn 1905 Eugenio Stoppani (1850-1917) erected a mountain refuge, now the site of the Sormano Observat
57140GaddiRiccardo Gaddi (b. 1966) is a very active amateur astronomer and popular expositor. Since 1995 he h
58417BelzoniGiovanni Battista Belzoni (1778-1823) was an explorer of Egyptian antiquities. He is most noted for
58498OctaviopazOctavio Paz Lozano (1914-1998) was a Mexican poet and essayist, who won the Nobel Prize for Literatu
58572RomanellaRussell Romanella (b. 1958) is an experienced space engineer involved in human space exploration act
58573SerpieriArrigo Serpieri (1877-1960) was a famous Italian agricultural economist. He lectured at the Universi
58709ZenocolòItalian skier Zeno Colò (1920-1993) was a gold medalist at the Oslo Olympic Winter Games in 1952, an
59087MaccacaroTommaso Maccacaro (b. 1951) has worked in high-energy astrophysics and x-ray astronomy since 1976.
59417GiocasilliGiovanni Casilli (b. 1949) joined the staff of the Rome Astronomical Observatory in 1989. Since then
64975GianrixGianrico (“Gianrix”) Filacchione (b. 1972) worked on the in-flight calibration of the imaging spectr
65001TeodorescuAna Maria Teodorescu is the wife of Bernardi, one of the discoverers. She is also a young astronomer
65357AntoniucciSimone Antoniucci (b. 1977) obtained his degree in physics at “La Sapienza” University of Rome in 20
67070RinaldiAlvaro Rinaldi (b. 1926) has been a topographer at the Military Geographic Institute of Florence for
69971TanziPepe Tanzi (b. 1945) studied at the Politecnico of Milano, where he graduated in architecture in 196
70444GenovaliKatia Genovali (b. 1978) is a young astrophysicist who works on cataclysmic and symbiotic variables
70744MaffucciPaolo Maffucci (b. 1936) is an amateur astronomer at San Marcello Pistoiese who is particularly inte
73442FeruglioChiara Feruglio (b. 1978) obtained her degree in astronomy at the University of Padua in 2003, with
73465BuonannoRoberto Buonanno (b. 1947) is an expert in stellar evolution and director of the Osservatorio Astron
78123DimareLinda Dimare (b. 1981) is a researcher in celestial mechanics, mainly involved in the development of
78124CicalòStefano Cicalò (b. 1982) is a researcher in celestial mechanics, mainly involved in the development
78125SalimbeniSara Salimbeni (b. 1977) obtained her degree in physics at “La Sapienza” University of Rome in 2003,
78249CapaccioniFabrizio Capaccioni (b. 1957) has studied the electromagnetic effects associated with impact crateri
78252PriscioPriscilla (“Priscio”) Cerroni (b. 1955) works on experiments involving hypervelocity impacts and imp
78310SpotoFederica Spoto (b. 1985) has worked in the field of Solar System dynamics. In particular, she is inv
78453BullockSandra Annette Bullock (b. 1964) is an American actress and producer. She starred in many well-known
78534RenmirRenato Bernardi (b. 1946) and Mirella Ceccato (b. 1946) are parents of Fabrizio Bernardi, one of the
78652QueroQuero is a small town in the valley of the Piave river in the province of Belluno (Veneto). From it
79271BellagioBellagio is a world-famous tourist destination situated on the Lake Como a few kilometers north of t
79375ValettiAlvero Valetti (1923-2005), an Italian mathematician and physicist, was a teacher at the Calini Seni
79472ChiornyVasilij G. Chiorny (b. 1953) is a prolific asteroid photometrist at the Kharkiv Observatory. He is
79826FinardiEugenio Finardi (b. 1952), is a famous Italian blues and pop rock singer. He is a great lover of as
82927FerrucciFrancesco Ferruccio (d. 1530) was the hero who, at the head of the Florentine army, fought and died
84012DeluiseFiore De Luise (b. 1977) collaborates with the CINEOS program and since 2004 has been at the Univers
84100FarnocchiaDavide Farnocchia (b. 1984) is a mathematician who earned a PhD in Celestial Mechanics at the Univer
89735TommeiGiacomo Tommei (b. 1978) carried out research at the University of Pisa on the impact monitoring of
90806RudakiRudaki (858-941) was a Persian poet, considered the founder of classical Persian literature.
91214DiclementeAldo Di Clemente (b. 1948), an amateur astronomer, has worked as a technician at the Campo Imperator
92279BindilucaLuca Bindi (b. 1971) holds the Chair of Mineralogy and Crystallography at the University of Florence
93061BarbagalloMariano Barbagallo (1933-2005) was an exemplary Italian father, patient and generous with his four s
95020NenciniErica Nencini (b. 1974) earned her economics degree at the University of Pisa and is presently the C
100292HarmandirHarmandir Sahib (commonly known as the Golden Temple), located in the Indian state of Punjab, is the
100553DariofoDario Fo (b. 1926) is an Italian satirist, playwright, theatre director, actor, composer and recipie
100731Ara PacisAra Pacis Augustae, located in Rome, is an altar dedicated to Pax, the Roman goddess of peace. The m
103421LaurmattLaurenne Greco (b. 1991) and Mattia Vivarelli (b. 1986) are amateur astronomers engaged in meteor re
108205BaccipaoloPaolo Bacci (b. 1968) is a member of the Gruppo Astrofili Montagna Pistoiese. He works on astrometr
113659FaltonaFaltona is a rural Tuscan village located in the Pratomagno mountain range. In the past, this area
114828RicoromitaThe research of Enrico Romita (b. 1963) has focused on structural automatic computation with finite
114829ChierchiaLuigi Chierchia (b. 1957), a professor of mathematical analysis at Rome 3 University, has directed t
115051SafaeiniliAli Safaeinili (1964-2009) studied electrical engineering and computer science at Iowa State Univers
117093UmbriaThe Italian region of Umbria is characterized by rolling green hills and medieval cities rich in his
129555ArmazonesCerro Armazones is a mountain located in Chile. The European Southern Observatory council selected
134369SaharaThe Sahara desert is the world's largest hot desert. Located in north Africa, it stretches from the
145962LacchiniGiovanni Battista Lacchini (1884-1967) was an Italian astronomer, noted for his work on variable sta
152227ArgoliAndrea Argoli (1570-1657) was an astronomer, mathematician and physician who held the chair of mathe
160105GobiThe Gobi desert is a large desert region in Asia, covering parts of southern Mongolia and northern/n
168261PugliaPuglia, a region situated at the south-eastern tip of the Italian peninsula, is famous for the medie
172734GiansimonGianluca (b. 1969) and Simona (b. 1971) Fagioli are the sons of the second discoverer.
173094WielickiKrzysztof Wielicki (b. 1950) is a Polish mountaineer. He was fifth man in the world to climb all
181241DipasqualePietro Di Pasquale(b. 1947) is a cardiologist at the hospital in Palermo city. He has written numero
185448NomentumMentana is an Italian town, near Rome, founded as Nomentum in the 1st millennium BC. In 800 CE it w
190139HansküngHans Küng (b. 1928) is a Swiss theologian and essayist, and professor emeritus of theology at the Ec
190310De MartinDavide De Martin (b. 1971) is an Italian amateur astronomer, author and popularizer of astronomy. H
191582KikadolfiFederica Dolfi (b. 1971) is an amateur astronomer and collaborator of the astronomical observatory i
199677TerzaniTiziano Terzani (1938-2004) was an Italian writer and journalist.
207563ToscanaThe Italian region of Toscana (Tuscany) is well known for its landscapes, traditions, history and he
210107PistolettoMichelangelo Pistoletto (b. 1933) is an Italian painter and sculptor, and a significant representati
210182MazziniGiuseppe Mazzini (1805-1872), nicknamed “Soul of Italy”, was an Italian activist for the unification
210290BorsellinoPaolo Borsellino (1940-1992) was an Italian magistrate who played a very active role against organiz
214772UNICEFThe United Nations Children's Fund is a United Nations' program headquartered in New York City that
214819GianottiFabiola Gianotti (b. 1960) is the coordinator of the ATLAS experiment at the CERN's Large Hadron Col
214928CarraraCarrara is a town and municipality in the province of Massa-Carrara, Tuscany. It is the world's mos
214953GiugavazziGiuseppe Gavazzi (b. 1936) is a painter and sculptor, known for the originality of his large wood an
216241RenzopianoRenzo Piano (b. 1937) is an Italian architect and engineer, who won the Pritzker Architecture Prize
216345SaviglianoSavigliano is an important agricultural and industrial center in Piedmont. Located in a plain at the
216757VasariGiorgio Vasari (1511-1574) was an Italian architect and art historian. He realized the palace of the
218636CalabriaCalabria is a southern Italian region. The region is at the tip of the Italian peninsula and is pred
225076VallemareVallemare is a picturesque village near the discoverer's observatory in the Italian region of Lazio.
236784LivornoLivorno is an important port city of Italy. Famous for its pentagonal town walls and a system of na
246821SatyarthiKailash Satyarthi (b. 1954) is an Indian electrical engineer who received the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize
248262LiuxiaoboLiu Xiaobo (b. 1955) received the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize for his long and non-violent struggle for
248388NamtsoNamtso Lake is a mountain lake in Tibet.
248908GinostradaGino Strada (b. 1948) is a surgeon and founder of Emergency, an Italian non-governmental humanitaria
255587GardeniaGardenia is a genus of flowering plants in the coffee family Rubiaceae. The genus was named
267017YangzhifaYang Zhifa (b. 1933) was a Chinese farmer and one of the discoverers of the first terracotta statues
278447SavianoRoberto Saviano (b. 1979) is a writer and journalist who exposed the Camorra's organized-crime activ
278735KamiokaThe Kamioka Observatory, Institute for Cosmic Ray Research is a neutrino physics laboratory located
280641EdosaraEdoardo Rossi (b. 1998) and Sara Breschi (b. 1996) are two active young amateur astronomers at the S
280652AimakuAIMAKU is the Italian association for sufferers of the genetic disease alkaptonuria. By means of st
282903MasadaMasada is an ancient fortification located on a plateau on the eastern edge of the Judaean desert.
283461LeacipaolaPaola Leaci (b. 1980) is a researcher at the Physics Department of the Rome Sapienza University. Her
289608WanliWanli is the professional name of Japanese painter Mari Furukawa (b. 1973). Among his many notable w
294296EfesoEfeso, a city in the Turkish province of Izmir province, was famed for the nearby Temple of Artemis,
304813CesarinaCesarina Papini (b. 1964) is the wife of the first discoverer. She studied biological sciences at t
309227TsukikoSelene "Tsukiko” Mazzucato (b. 1994) is the daughter of the first discoverer. She is a student
309704BaruffettiPietro Baruffetti (b. 1954), musician and amateur astronomer, is chairman of the Gruppo Astrofili Ma
327982BalducciGenoveffa Balducci (b. 1954) is an Italian surgeon and Director of Emergency Surgery at the Sant'And
344581AlbisettiWalter Albisetti (1957-2013) was a Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Milano.

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