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nr  ↓ name  ↓ Name Source  ↓
769Tatjana Named possibly in honor of a former scientific collaborator at the Pulkovo Observatory. Another inte
785Zwetana Named in honor of the daughter of Prof. K. Pophoff, Sofia. (H 78) Named by A. Kopff.
6646ChurantaAntonina Mikhailovna Churyumova (b. 1907) is the mother of astronomer Klim Churyumov. A poet who ha
12421ZhenyaEugenia Krysina (b. 1952), a chemist who lives in Moscow, is a friend of the discoverer and displays
14699KlarasmiKlara Evgenyevna Smirnova (1936-2003) was a renowned Ukrainian philologist. Head of the English dep
16244BrožMiroslav Brož (b. 1975) is a celestial mechanician at Charles University, Prague. Brož specializes i
17260KušnirákPeter Kušnirák (b. 1974) is a prolific asteroid photometrist who has worked at Ondřejov since 1999.
17519PritsakOmeljan Pritsak (1919-2006), renowned for his Turkish and Ukrainian studies, cofounded the Ukrainian
23444KukučínMartin Kukučín (Matej Bencúr, 1860-1928) was a Slovak writer and the first important realistic novel
23899KornošLeonard Kornoš (b. 1956) is a lecturer at the Comenius University in Bratislava. His research inclu
24441JopekTadeusz J. Jopek (b. 1951) is a professor at Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland. He has dev
24535NeslušanLuboš Neslušan (b. 1960) is a meteor astronomer at the Astronomical Institute of the Slovak Academy
24645ŠegonDamir Šegon (b. 1962) has been a dedicated amateur meteor astronomer and mentor for more than three
31363ShulgaValery Mikhailovich Shulga (b. 1944) is a Ukrainian radio astronomer who specializes in radio physic
33017WrońskiJózef Maria Hoëne-Wroński (1778-1853) was a Polish mathematician and philosopher, known for the wron
41107RopakovIvan V. Ropakov (1892-1992), grandfather of the second discoverer, was a very brave man and the dire
55844BičákJiří Bičák (b. 1942) is a professor of theoretical physics at Charles University in Prague. His exp
57868PupinMihajlo Pupin (1858-1935) was a Serbian-American physicist and humanitarian. He greatly improved lo
66667KambičBojan Kambič (b. 1959) is the founder and editor of the first Slovenian astronomical magazine Spi
174364ZakamskaNadia Zakamska (b. 1979) is a Russian-American astrophysicist and a contributor to the Sloan Digital
202930IvezićŽeljko Ivezić (b. 1965) is a Croatian-American astrophysicist, a Sloan Digital Sky Survey telescope
204831LevskiVasil Levski (1837-1873) was a revolutionary renowned as the national hero of Bulgaria and styled th
228135SodnikZoran Sodnik (b. 1957) is manager of the European Space Agency's Optical Ground Station. His suppor
231649KorotkiyStanislav Alexandrovich Korotkiy (b. 1983) is a Russian amateur astronomer, a popularizer of science
269485BisikaloDmitry Valer'evich Bisikalo (b. 1961) is the deputy director of the Institute of Astronomy of Russia
330634BoicoVladimir Boico (1909-2001) was a Romanian amateur astronomer. A member and president of the Buchare
358894DemetrescuGheorghe Demetrescu (1885-1969) was a Romanian astronomer and mathematician, director of the Buchare
450931CoculescuNicolae Coculescu (1866-1952) was a Romanian astronomer who founded and became the first director of

download list of asteroids in this group in Zet act format.