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139Juewa The name stands as Juewa, or more fully, Jue-wa-sing, which means literally the “Star of China’s For
1802Zhang Heng Named for Zhang Heng (78–139), a prominent scientist of the eastern Han dynasty who devised and cons
1881Shao Named in honor of Cheng-yuan Shao {1927– }, an assistant to McCrosky {see planet  (1880)} in several
2051Chang Named in honor of Yu-che Chang {1902–1986}, one of the leading astronomers in the Peoples Republic o
2240TsaiNamed in honor of Tsai Chang-hsien, director of the Taipei Observatory since World War II, an active
2705Wu Named in honor of Sherman S. C. Wu, chief photogrammetrist of the Astrogeology Branch of the U.S. Ge
2790Needham Named in honor of Joseph Needham, a famous natural scientist and academician of the British Royal Ac
2886Tinkaping Named in honor of Tinkaping, well-known Hong Kong industrialist, who has made important contribution
3014Huangsushu Named in memory of Su-Shu Huang (1915–1977), professor of physics and astronomy at Northwestern Univ
3028Zhangguoxi Named in honor of Zhang Guoxi, Chinese industrialist, for his contributions to social welfare and pu
3048Guangzhou Named for the largest open city in southern China and the capital of Guangdong province. The provinc
3089Oujianquan Named in honor of Oujianquan, Chinese entrepreneur, for his notable contributions in developing town
3241Yeshuhua Named in honor of Ye Shuhua, well-known Chinese astronomer, member of the Chinese Academy of Science
3340Yinhai Named for a beautiful city located on Hailing Island in the South China Sea, famous for its scenery.
3405Daiwensai Named in memory of Dai Wensai (1911–1979), one of the founders of modern astronomy in China, and dir
3463Kaokuen Named in honor of Charles Kuen Kao (1933– ), an internationally renowned telecommunications scientis
3502Huangpu Named for Huangpu district, located in the center of Shanghai {see planet  (2197)}. It is a center f
3513Quqinyue Named in honor of Qu Qinyue, professor of astronomy at Nanjing University, known for his research on
3542Tanjiazhen Named in honor of Tan Jiazhen (1909– ), professor at Fudan University and considered the founder of
3543NingboNamed for the historic Chinese port city, birthplace of the Neolithic Hemudu culture, dating back 70
3556Lixiaohua Named in honor of Li Xiaohua, a young industrialist in Beijing whose concern for education led him t
3560Chenqian Named in honor of Chen Qian, director of the History Museum of Chinese Astronomy for some years and
3570WuyeesunNamed in honor of Wu Yeesun, a famous bonsai artist, who has been engaged in research on the art of
3609Liloketai Named in honor of Li Loketai, founder of the Zishan College. He has won a high reputation for his ef
3611Dabu Named for a county in the northeastern part of Guangdong {see planet  (2185)} province. Often called
3613Kunlun Named for a mountain range in the western part of China. (M 34619)
3650KunmingKunming, the capital of Yunnan province, is one of the hub cities in southwestern China. It enjoys
3678Mongmanwai Named in honor of Man Wai Mong, prominent in the Chinese electrical engineering community. Mong take
3704GaoshiqiGao Shi-Qi (1905-1988) is considered the founder of science popularization in China. His contractio
3729YangzhouSituated between the Yangtze and Huai rivers, Yangzhou is the location of China's earliest canal, da
3746HeyuanThe city of Heyuan is located in the Chinese northeastern province of Guangdong. Its Evergreen Lake
3751Kiang Named in honor of Tao Kiang, an astronomer at the Dunsink Observatory, near Dublin. A teacher of the
3763QianxuesenQian Xuesen (b. 1911), known for his pioneering contributions to aerodynamics, the physics of solids
3812Lidaksum Named in honor of Li Dak Sum, noted public figure and enthusiastic promoter of Chinese educational a
3844LujiaxiLu Jia-xi (1915-2001), known for his creative work in physical chemistry, structural chemistry and c
3906Chao Named in honor of Edward C. T. Chao, geologist with the U.S. Geological Survey. A discoverer of the
4047Chang'EChang'E is not only the code name of the Chinese lunar probe, but in ancient Chinese legend it is th
4245NaircNairc is the name for Nanjing Astronomical Instrument Research Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences,
4273DunhuangDunhuang city, located in the northwest of China, was of strategic importance on the ancient Silk Ro
4360XuyiThe Chinese words Xu Yi mean “to enjoy a distant view with eyes wide open”. Xuyi is an ancie
4562PoleungkukThis name celebrates the 125th anniversary of the founding of Po Leung Kuk, a famous charity in Hong
4646Kwee Named in honor of the Leiden astronomer Kiem Keng Kwee (1927– ), who works intensively on eclipsing
4699Sootan Named for Soo Hoay Tan (1956– ), partner of the discoverer and high-school science teacher. This ast
4760Jia-xiang Named in honor of Zhang Jia-xiang, an astronomer at the Purple Mountain Observatory and the director
4913WangxuanChinese scientist Wang Xuan (1937-2006) specialized in computer science. An innovator of the Chinese
4925ZhoushanZhoushan, situated on the East China Sea, is the sole city in the Zhoushan Islands archipelago. An
4988ChushuhoChu, Shu Ho David (b. 1950), who lives in Hong Kong, has devoted his energies to physical education
5045HoyinHo Yin (1908-1983), a well-known philanthropist, devoted himself to public service and philanthropy
5198Fongyunwah Named in honor of Fong Yunwah, friend and fellow villager of the discoverer Yang Jiexing. Yang was i
5217ChaozhouLocated in the east of Guangdong Province, Chaozhou is a famous historic city of China. Named origi
5267ZegmottTarik Zegmott (b. 1992) is a British Astronomy PhD student whose research for his Masters thesis, “O
5273PeilishengA leader in Chinese science and technology, Pei Lisheng (1906-2000) made a great contribution to pro
5306Fangfen Named in honor of Fang Fen, a native of Zhangzhou in southern Fujian and wife of astronomer C.-Y. Sh
5389Choikaiyau Named in honor of Choi Kaiyau, honorary director of the Zhongshan Scientific Center and chairman of
5390HuichimingFor his help in alleviating poverty, Hui Chi Ming (b. 1964) received the China Glory Facilitative Po
5430Luu Named in honor of Jane X. Luu (1963– ) for her research on the small bodies of the solar system. Luu
5537SanyaSanya, located on the southern tip of Hainan Island, is the only tropical seaside tourist city in Ch
5538Luichewoo Named in honor of Lui Chewoo, an expert in mineralogy. Lui served as a director of the Mineralogical
5539LimporyenLim Poryen (b. 1914) is a prestigious philanthropist who helped launch many schools and a first-clas
6541YuanDah-Ning Yuan (b. 1956), a senior scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, has been a key contrib
7145LinzexuNamed in honor of Lin Zexu (1785-1850) for his pioneering campaign against drug abuse and drug-relat
7683WuwenjunWenjun Wu (b. 1919), a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is the originator in the research
8126ChanwainamChan Wainam (b. 1919), who lives in Hong Kong, has devoted his energies to education and charity in
8256ShenzhouShenzhou, meaning “Miracle Ship”, is the name of the first series of Chinese manned spaceships.
8315BajinNamed in honor of Jin Ba (b. 1904), president of the Chinese Writer's Association. He is one of the
8423MacaoNamed in honor of Macao, the beautiful peninsula near Zhuhai. An international tourist attraction a
9092NanyangNanyang City, in the southwest of Henan Province, is one of the cradles of Chinese civilization. It
9512FeijunlongFei Junlong (b. 1965), a space hero of China, participated in the first multi-person, multi-day spac
10017JaotsungiJao Tsung-i, alias Xuantang (b. 1917), is a world renowned sinologist, painter and calligrapher. H
10070LiuzongliLiu Zongli (b. 1937) is a professor of astronomy and astronomer at Beijing National Observatory.
10280YequanzhiQuan-Zhi Ye (b. 1988) is a postdoctoral researcher at the California Institute of Technology who stu
10388ZhuguangyaChinese nuclear scientist Zhu Guangya (b. 1924) made many contributions to nuclear physics and atomi
10611YanjiciYan Jici (1901-1996) was a renowned physical scientist and educator, and a member of the Chinese Aca
10930JinyongJinyong is a pen-name of Louis Cha (b. 1924), author of 15 chivalrous romances in Chinese and the mo
11637YangjiachiJiachi Yang (b. 1919), an expert in automatic control and space technology, devoted himself to the d
11812DongqiaoDong Qiao (b. 1979) is a professor at the Beijing Institute of Technology whose work includes target
12418TonglingTongling, famous as a major copper producer since the Western Han Dynasty, is a city on the southern
14656LijiangLijiang City, in the northwest of Yunnan Province in China, is in the center of the World Natural He
15001FuzhouFuzhou is the capital of Fujian Province, P.R. China. Besides being a famous Chinese historical and
16757LuoxiahongLuoxia Hong (140-87 BC) was the most famous folk astronomer in ancient China. He performed accurate
16982TsinghuaFounded in 1911, Tsinghua University is one of the most renowned research universities in China and
17606WumengchaoWu Mengchao (b. 1922), academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is an expert and pioneer on h
17693WangdahengDaheng Wang (b. 1915), research professor, director and honorary director of Changchun Institute of
18238FrankshuFrank Shu (b. 1943), president of National Tsinghua University in Taiwan and former professor at the
18550MaoyishengYisheng Mao (1896-1989) was a world-renowned scientist and one of the founders of modern bridge engi
18730WingipWing Ip (b. 1947) is Vice Chancellor of the University system of Taiwan. He works on cometary physic
19258GongyiGongyi is a city located in the heartland of the Central Plains of China Henan Province, with a hist
19298ZhongkedaZhongguokeda is the University of Science and Technology of China, a new type of university establis
19370YukyungYuk Yung (b. 1946) is a Caltech planetary scientist who has studied atmospheric photochemistry and e
19873ChentaoTao Chen (b. 1980) of Suzhou, Jiangsu, is a well-known amateur astronomer who codiscovered comet C/2
19874LiudongyanDongyan Liu (b. 1987) of Suzhou, Jiangsu, a student majoring in English at Suzhou University, served
20887NgwaikinNg Wai Kin (b. 1974) is one of the pioneers in lunar and planetary imaging using webcam. His imagin
21064YangliweiYang Liwei (b. 1965) was the first from China to orbit the earth. His Shenzou V space capsule was l
21313XiuyanyuXiuyanyu is a kind of jade produced in Xiuyan County, in northeastern China, famous for its long his
21496LijianyangJianyang Li (b. 1976), University of Maryland, has studied the surface light-scattering properties o
22183CanonlauCanon Lau (b. 1965), a veteran amateur astronomer in Hong Kong since the 1980s, has put tremendous e
23258TsuiharkHark Tsui (b. 1951) is a brilliant Hong Kong movie producer and director whose numerous productions
23701LiqibinLi Qibin (1936-2003) was the director of the Beijing Astronomical Observatory (1987-1998) and twice
24956QiannanQiannan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture (Qiannan), with a population of 4.2 million from 43 ethn
26713IusukyinIu Suk-yin (b. 1932) was a passionate school teacher who gave lifetime support to her husband Joseph
26738LishizhenLi Shizhen (1518-1593) was a Chinese herbalist. It took him 28 years to complete his Bencao Gang
27895YeduzhengMeteorologist Ye Du-zheng (b. 1916) is an honorary director of atmospheric physics and a special inv
27966ChangguangChangguang stands for the Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics of the Chinese A
28242MingantuMing Antu (1692-1765?) was a Chinese astronomer and mathematician of the Qing Dynasty. During the d
28468ShichangxuShi Changxu (b. 1920), material-scientist-academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chi
28513GuoYanping Guo (b. 1960) is the mission trajectory designer of the New Horizons Pluto Kuiper Belt missi
28963TamyiuTam Yiu (b. 1928), a driving instructor by profession, had inspired thousands of followers who study
28980ChowyunfatChow Yun-fat (b. 1955) is an actor born in Hong Kong. He is best known for his roles as Sao Feng in
29552ChernShiing-shen Chern (b. 1911) is a Chinese-American mathematician and educator whose researches in dif
30991MinenzeMin Enze (b. 1924), academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engine
31129LangyataiLangyatai, a three-story platform with a perimeter of several kilometers, was built along the Langya
31196YulongYulong (“Jade dragon”) is the only Naxi-language autonomous county in China. This ethnic culture th
31230TuyouyouTu Youyou (b. 1930) is a Chinese pharmacologist and Nobel Laureate. She discovered the antimalarial
32613TseyuenmanTse Yuen Man Joanna (1968-2003) was a Respiratory Medicine specialist doctor in Hong Kong. She died
32622YuewaichunYue Wai-Chun (b. 1954), a veteran amateur astronomer, was the coordinator of IOTA China division. He
32928XiejialinXie Jialin (b. 1920), Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, is a renowned physicist and the fo
34778HuhunglickHenry Hung-lick Hu (b. 1920) is a barrister-at-law in Hong Kong. In 1971 he founded Shue Yan (“the
35366KaifengKaifeng, a city located on the southern bank of the Yellow River in northern Henan province, has a h
37687ChunghikohChunghi Koh (Helen) Weber (1927-1986) was the wife of the discovery team leader and mother to seven
38980GaoyaojieGao yao-jie (b. 1927), a retired medical doctor, was a pioneer on AIDS prevention in China. In 2001
39860AiguoxiangAi Guoxiang (b. 1938) is a solar astrophysicist, an Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (
41742WongkakuiWong Ka Kui (1962-1993) was a Hong Kong singer and songwriter, best known for being the lead vocalis
41981YaobeinaYaobeina (1981-2015) was a talented and courageous Chinese singer who won numerous awards for the be
43259WangzhenyiWang Zhenyi (b. 1924), hematologist-academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, has developed
48619JianliJianli County, located in the south of Jianghan plain, has a long history and splendid culture, incl
48636HuangkunKun Huang (1919-2005), academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was an internationally known
48700HanggaoThe Hangzhou High School has made an outstanding contribution to national education since its founda
48798PenghuanwuChinese theoretical physicist Peng Huanwu (b. 1915) made many contributions to theoretical physics a
55838HagongdaFounded in 1920, the Harbin Institute of Technology, a key national university in China, is prestigi
55901XuaoaoXu Aoao (b. 1940) is a solar-physics astronomer and educator. As Vice President of Nanjing Universit
56088WuhengHeng Wu (1914-1999) was the founder and organizer of Antarctic research in China.
58418LuguhuLuguhu Lake is situated at the junction of southwestern Sichuan and northwestern Yunnan. Around the
59000BeiguanBeijing Planetarium (Beijing Tianwenguan) was the first planetarium in China, and it is now one of t
69869HainingHaining, at the southern tip of the Yangtze River in northern Zhejiang province, enjoys profound cul
71461ChowmeeyeeChow Mee Yee (1960-2005) was a classmate of the discoverer at Hong Kong Pui Ching Middle School.
77138PuichingFounded in 1889, the Pui Ching Middle School is among the best secondary schools in Hong Kong.
79316HuangshanHuangshan City, named for nearby Mt. Huangshan, is the birthplace of Huizhou culture. There is beau
79419GaoluGaolu (1877-1947), the pioneer of modern astronomy in China, was born in Changle city, China Fujian
83363YamwingwahYam Wing Wah (b. 1963) is a chemistry professor at the University of Hong Kong. Her research intere
83598AiweiweiAi Weiwei (b. 1957) is a Chinese artist and architectural designer. His most famous design was the B
83600YuchunshunYu Chunshun (1951-1996) was a Chinese adventurer. He died in the Lop Nur desert in Xinjiang provinc
85293TengzhouTengzhou is a city located in the southern part of Shandong Province, with a history that stretches
85472XizezongChinese science historian and academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences Xi Zezong (b. 1927) made ma
88879SungjaoyiuJoseph Jao-yiu Sung (b. 1959) is the vice-chancellor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, associa
90826XuzhihongChinese botanist Xu Zhihong (b. 1942) steadfastly and effectively supported the development of Chine
90830BeihangFounded in 1952, Beihang University is one of the key institutes in the national agendas “211 Projec
91023LutanLu Tan (b. 1932), an astrophysicist and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has made con
92209PingtangPingtang county, situated in southwestern China in Qiannan Buyi and Miao autonomous prefecture, Guiz
99503LeewonchulLee, Won Chul (David W. Lee, 1896-1963) studied η Aql (the “Won Chul Star”) at the University of Mic
100434JinyilianJin Yilian (b. 1929), an academician of the China Academy of Engineering, has raised a number of ide
102536LuanenjieLuan Enjie (b. 1940) is an Academician of the National Academy of Engineering of China and an Academ
110073LeeonkiLee On-ki (b. 1994) is a student at Shun Tak Fraternal Association Yung Ya College. Her grandmother
110074LamchunheiLam Chun Hei (b. 1991) is a student at Shun Tak Fraternal Association Yung Ya College in Hong Kong.
110288LibaiChinese poet Li Bai (701-762) belonged to the group of scholars known as the “Eight Immortals of the
110289DufuDu Fu (712-c. 770) was a prominent Chinese poet of the Tang Dynasty. Along with Li Bai, he is freque
132825Shizu-MaoYe Mao (Shiqing, 1231-1322) was a chief executive of Zibei County (now Wenchang City). His name mea
133814WenjengkoWenjeng Ko (b. 1955) worked on the OSIRIS-REx mission as the Science Processing and Operations Cente
137039LisiguangLi Siguang (1899-1971), founder of and pioneer in modern Chinese geology, contributed tremendously t
142106NengshunYe Nengshun (1894-1952) is a great-grandfather of the discoverer.
142756ChiuKuenley Chiu (b. 1975) is an American astronomer and a contributor to the Sloan Digital Sky Survey,
145523LulinLulin, the mountain located in central Taiwan where this minor planet was discovered, literally mean
145534JhongdaJhongda, in Mandarin Chinese an abbreviation for “Central University”, is one of the leading researc
145545WensaylingSayling Wen (1948-2003), a tireless educator and promoter for social work, was instrumental in in es
145546SuiqizhongGuangzhou (Sui) No. 7 (qi) Middle (zhong) School, established in 1888, is among the best middle scho
145588SudongpoSu Shi (1037-1101), also known by his literary name Dongpo (“Eastern Slope”), was a giant among writ
147918ChiayiChiayi is the county in the middle of Taiwan where Lulin Observatory is located. Chiayi county has
148081SunjiadongSun Jiadong (b. 1929), aerospace-technologist-academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is a p
150520DongFeng Dong (b. 1979) is a Chinese-American astronomer and a contributor to the Sloan Digital Sky Surv
151590FanXiaohui Fan (b. 1971) is a Chinese-American astronomer and a builder of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
154004HaoleiLei Hao (b. 1976) is a Chinese astronomer and a contributor to the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, best kn
160493NantouNantou County is located at the geographical center of Taiwan. It is famous for the beautiful lands
161715WenchuanThis minor planet is named in memory of the 90~000 people killed in the great Wenchuan earthquake on
168126ChengbruceAs a leading innovator of global vision, Bruce C. H. Cheng (b. 1936) has made important contribution
169834HujieHu Jie (b. 1981) is the newly-wedded wife of Tao Chen, who discovered this minor planet.
171381TaipeiTaipei, known officially as Taipei City, is the political, economic and cultural center of Taiwan.
171448GuchaohaoGu Chaohao (b. 1926) is a mathematician who has made contributions to both pure and applied mathemat
172318WangshuiShu-i Wang (b. 1964) is an American optical engineer and a Sloan Digital Sky Survey builder. She ha
172989XuliyangXu Liyang (b. 1989) is a good friend of the first discoverer.
175411YilanYilan is a county in northeastern Taiwan, blessed with natural beauty and a rich culture.
175419AlbiesachsAlbie Sachs (b. 1935), Judge to the Constitutional Court of South Africa, has made global contributi
175450PhillipkluPhillip K. Lu (b. 1932) is a Chinese-born astronomer, translator and poet. He taught and conducted
175452ChenggongTaipei Municipal ChengGong Senior High School, established in 1922, is one of the best middle school
175583PingtungPingtung County is the southernmost county in Taiwan. It has some of the country's best beaches, mo
175586TsouTsou tribe is a native tribe in Taiwan. Its population of about 6400 is distributed mostly in Alish
175633YaoanYaoan is a county in the north of Yunnan Province with a long history and a cultural heritage that e
175718WuzhengyiWu Zhengyi (b. 1916), botanist-academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has made pioneering a
178151KulangsuKulangsu (Gulangyu) is an island off the southwestern coast of the city of Xiamen in China. It is re
181569LeetyphoonTyphoon Lee (b. 1948) is a member of Taiwan's Academia Sinica, who specializes in isotope geochemist
181670KengyunKengYun (1924-2000) was a master of Zen, who taught others how to understand themselves, and to reco
185216GueirenGueiren, meaning “All to be benevolent”, is the earliest developed area in Taiwan. Located in the s
185364SunweihsinWei-Hsin Sun (b. 1957), director of National Museum of Natural Science, is a renowned astronomer, au
185535GangdaGangDa, the Chinese abbreviation for the University of Hong Kong (Xiang Gang Da Xue), is the first a
185538FangchengAstrophysicist Fang Cheng (b. 1938) has made essential contributions to the design and construction
185546YushanWith an elevation of 3952 meters, Yushan, in the Jade Mountains, is the highest peak of the Taiwan C
185577HhaihaoHhaihao City (Haikou Shi) is the capital and most populous city of Hainan province, China.
185640SunyisuiSun Yisui (b. 1936) is an astronomer who has made contributions to both celestial mechanics and nonl
187514TainanTainan is located in southern Taiwan and is the oldest and the fifth-largest city on the island. Co
187709FengduanFeng Duan (b. 1923), academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is an expert in condensed-matte
188973SiufaiwingSiu Fai Wing (b. 1946) is a distinguished Chinese painter and sculptor. He held over thirty big solo
189347QianQian Zhongshu (1910-1998) was a Chinese literary scholar and writer, best known for his satiric nove
192178LijieshouLi Jieshou (b. 1924), an academician of Chinese Engineering Academy, is the founder of surgical nutr
192208Tzu ChiThe Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation, established in Taiwan in 1966, has grown to be an
199947QaidamQaidam, meaning “salt marshes” in Mongolian, located in the north of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, is one o
199953MingnaibenMing Naiben (b. 1935), a professor at Nanjing University and an academician of the Chinese Academy o
200002Hehe“Hehe” (“harmony”) is the name of Suzhou Hehe Culture Foundation. “Hehe” is a traditional Chinese sy
200003AokedaAokeda, the Chinese abbreviation for the Macau University of Science and Technology (Ao Men Ke Ji Da
200025Cloud GateCloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan, directed by choreographer Lin Hwai-min, is acclaimed as one of t
200578YungchuenChuen Yung (1936-2014) was a medical doctor in Hong Kong, who practiced medicine at a clinic on Peng
202784GangkedaGangkeda, the Chinese abbreviation for the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Xiang Gan
204710GaoxingGao Xing (b. 1974), founder of the Xingming Observatory of Urumqi, is an amateur astronomer dedicate
204711LuojialunLuo Jialun (1897-1969) was a Chinese educator, historian, thinker and diplomat. He was President of
204836XiexiaosiXie Xiaosi (1905-2008), known as the 'Guardian of World Cultural Heritage', was a famous Chinese gar
204842FengchiaFeng Chia University, located in central Taiwan, is a prestigious university characterized by educat
206185YipChing-Wa Yip (b. 1974) is a Hong Kong astronomer and a contributor to the Sloan Digital Sky Survey,
207603LiuchaohanLiu Chao-Han (b. 1939) is a Taiwanese physicist and educator who served as President of National Cen
207681CaiqiaoCai Qiao (1897-1990), academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was a famous physiologist and
207716WangxichanWang Xichan (1628-1682) was a Chinese astronomer of the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, who develo
207717Sa'aSa'a City (Sanya Shi), founded in 110 B.C. as Ngaiziu, is the southernmost city of China. The city i
207809WuzuzeWu Zuze (b. 1935), an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is the founder of hematopoieti
210030TaoyuanTaoyuan, where the National Central University is located, is generally considered to be the gateway
210035JungliJungli, located in the Taoyuan County, in the north-western part of Taiwan, is one of the most ethni
210210SongjianSong Jian (b. 1931), an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and an academician of Chinese
210230LinyuanpeiLin Yuanpei (b. 1936) is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. He was the first to
210231WangdeminWang Demin (b. 1937), an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, is the founder of Separa
212631HsinchuHsinchu is a city in northern Taiwan, popularly nicknamed “The Windy City” for its windy climate. Hs
214883YuanxikunYuan Xikun (b. 1944) is a Chinese sculptor and painter. His sculpture “Sky-Patching: Chinese Goddess
215080KaohsiungKaohsiung, Taiwan's second-largest city, is located in southwestern Taiwan and faces the Taiwan Stra
216261MapihsiaPi Hsia Ma (b. 1951), the mother of the first discoverer, inspires him in his astronomical work.
216343WenchangWenchang Shi, historically known as Zibei County, is a Chinese city in Hainan Dao. It has a history
218097MaoxianxinXianxin Mao (b. 1980) of Suzhou, Jiangsu, was a classmate of T. Chen, who located this object in ima
224888CochingchuCoching Chu or Zhu Kezhen (1890-1974) was a prominent Chinese meteorologist, geologist and educator.
231346TaofanlinTao Fan-Lin, director of the Taipei amateur astronomers association, has worked at Taipei Observator
233547LuxunLu Xun (or Lu Hsün) was the pen name of Zhou Shuren (1881-1936), one of the major Chinese writers of
236484LuchijenLu Chi-Jen, an active amateur astronomer in Taiwan, is the major founder of the Taichung Astronomica
236683HujingyaoHu Jing-Yao (b. 1937), is a leading astronomer of National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Acade
237187ZhongliheZhong Li-he (1915-1960) was a Taiwanese writer, best known for his novels about southern Taiwan's fa
239071PenghuPenghu is the only island county of Taiwan and consists of 64 small islands. It is also called “the
239200LuoyangLuoyang is an ancient city situated on the central plain of China and has a history of more than 400
239611LikwohtingKwoh-Ting Li (b. 1911) was trained as a physicist but became the mastermind of Taiwan's industrial r
241113ZhongdaThe Sun Yat-sen University, also unofficially referred as Zhongshan University, is ranked as one of
246504HualienHualien County is the largest county in Taiwan in terms of area, and is located on the mountainous e
246643MiaoliMiaoli is a city located in the mountainous terrain on the western coastline of Taiwan. The city is
256699PoudaiPoudai Town (Puqian Zhen) is a town in Vunsiang City (Wenchang Shi), Hainan. The town contains one o
256892WutayouTa-You Wu (1907-2000) was a renowned physicist who introduced modern physics to China. He served as
261936LiulinLiu Lin (b. 1936) is a professor at China's Nanjing University. He is a expert and educator in celes
268669BununThe Bunun tribe is a native tribe of Taiwan. Its 50000 members are distributed mainly in Namasia To
273836HoijyusekHoi Jyu Sek (Haizhushi), “the Rock of the Pearl in Sea”, was a large rock in the Pearl River that ha
278384MudanjiangMudanjiang is a city in the northernmost Heilongjiang Province in China. The name comes from “Mudan
278986ChenshuchuChen Shu-chu is a vegetable vendor and philanthropist from Taitung in Eastern Taiwan. She gives gen
281068ChipolinChi Po-lin (1964-2017) was a Taiwanese documentary filmmaker, photographer and environmentalist, bes
281561TaitungTaitung County is in the southeast of Taiwan. It has a beautiful natural landscape, with high mounta
281564FuhsiehhaiHsieh-Hai Fu (b. 1952) serves at the Department of Earth Sciences, National Taiwan Normal University
291633HeyunHe Yun (b. 1921) is a Chinese radio/TV engineer and the chief designer of the old Shanghai TV Tower.
300892TaichungTaichung is Taiwan's third largest city and has been proclaimed as a cultural city.
316020LinshuhowAfter playing basketball at Harvard University, Jeremy Shu-How Lin (b. 1988) began a professional ca
335799ZonglüZonglü, or Chinese windmill palm, is a palm native to tropical regions in East Asia. It is a popular
336392ChanghuaChanghua County is situated in the mid-western part of Taiwan Island. It is the smallest county by a
349785HsiaotejenHsiao Te-Jen (1934-2015) was the grandfather of the first discoverer. He was a farmer for his whole
362177AnjiAnji, a county in Huzhou, Zhejiang province, China, is renowned throughout the Sinosphere for its a
432101NgariNgari (occasionally spelled as Ali) is a prefecture in northwest Tibet. It is nicknamed “the top of
435728YunlinYunlin County is a county in western Taiwan. Yunlin is part of the Chianan Plain, a flat land known
456677YepeijianYe Peijian (b. 1945), an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, specializes in spacecraft a

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