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110Lydia Named after the country in Asia Minor whose early inhabitants were called Phrygians. About the time
226Weringia Named for Währing, a part of Vienna in which the University Observatory is situated. (H 27) Named (B
235Carolina Named for an atoll of the Line Islands, 450 miles northwest of Papeete, Tahiti, where the discoverer
241Germania This is the Latin name for Germany, the native country of the discoverer. (H 29)
293Brasilia Named for the South American country. Dom Pedro II (1825–1891), former emperor of Brazil who had wit
401Ottilia “Für den Planeten wurde der in der Schwarzwaldund Vogesensage eine Rolle spielende Name Ottilia gewä
452Hamiltonia Named for Mt. Hamilton in California, the site of the Lick Observatory. (H 49)
519Sylvania This planet is named for the large forests that the discoverer enjoyed tramping through even as a sm
762Pulcova Named for Pulkovo, the locality near St. Petersburg (the former Leningrad), where the famous observa
781Kartvelia This name honors the people of the Russian region of Georgia. Kartveli is the ancient name of the in
830Petropolitana Independently discovered 1916 Sept. 3 by M. F. Wolf at Heidelberg. This planet is named on the same
859Bouzareah This planet was named after the locality where the Algiers Observatory was erected. (H 84)
951Gaspra Named after the resort on the southern shore of Crimea in which the famous Russian writer Lev Nikola
1094Siberia Named for a region of Russia located in northern Asia. (H 103)
1135Colchis Named for the ancient country bordering on Black Sea south of the Caucasus mountains. The area now c
1140Crimea Named for the southern peninsula of Russia extending into the Black Sea where Simeis is located. (H
1306Scythia Named for the country of the ancient Scythians comprising parts of Europe and Asia now in the U.S.S.
1312Vassar Named by Mrs. Maud W. Makemson who computed the orbit while teaching in the women’s college of Vassa
1413Roucarie Named in honor of the mother of the discoverer. (H 128)
1420Radcliffe Named by the orbit computer, Mrs. Maud W. Makemson, in honor of the class of 1912 of Radcliffe Colle
1436SalontaNamed for the birthplace of the discoverer.
2116Mtskheta Named after the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Georgia, at the confluence of the rivers Mtkvari a
2120TyumeniaNamed for the Tyumen' district of the R.S.F.S.R., the center of the West Siberian oil-gas basin that
2196Ellicott Named in memory of Andrew Ellicott Douglass (1867–1962), American astronomer and founder in 1901 of
2253EspinetteNamed for the discoverer's residence in Williams Bay, Wisconsin. For many of the 45 years the disco
2322Kitt Peak Named to commemorate two important events in the history of the Kitt Peak National Observatory. Memb
2509Chukotka Named for a National Area of the {former} R.S.F.S.R., situated in the northeastern part of the U.S.S
2593Buryatia Named for the {former} Buryat Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. (M 7472)
3229Solnhofen The rocks around the limestone quarry at Solnhofen, Bavaria, consist of fossilized reefs. It seems t
3331Kvistaberg Named for the location of the Uppsala Observatory’s observing station. Several minor planets have be
3342Fivesparks Named in honor of Newton and Margaret Mayall, who have enriched the literature for amateur astronome
3365Recogne Named for a high point in the Ardennes, in the Province de Luxembourg. (M 15573)
3896Pordenone Named in memory of Giovanni Antonio Licinio (1483–1539), also known as Il Pordenone, from the birthp
3912Troja Named for the ancient legendary city featured in the works of Homer {see planet  (5700)}. The histor
4212Sansyu-AsukeSansyu-Asuke, in the middle of Aichi prefecture, has a national park where colors are beautiful in t
4408Zlata Koruna Named for a Gothic monastery and a village in southern Bohemia east of Kležt Mountain. The Cistercia
4425BilkBilk is the district in the city of Düsseldorf where in 1843 Johann Benzenberg established a private
4800VeveriVeveri is a suburb of the Italian town of Novara. It is a crossroad for a historical man-made irrig
5019ErfjordErfjord is the name of a small school in a small village of the same name in western Norway. This s
5293Bentengahama Named for a beautiful sandy beach between Kushirozaki lighthouse and Chiyonoura, in the southern par
5331Erimomisaki Named for the promontory at the southern end of Hokkaido. Warm and cold currents, crossing each othe
5471Tunguska Named for the site, in Siberia, of the presumed impact of a 60-meter minor planet on the 85th annive
5557Chimikeppuko Named for the small lake in Tsubetsu {see planet  (4845)}, a town in the eastern part of Hokkaido {s
5631Sekihokutouge Named for a pass in central Hokkaido {see planet  (3720)}. At an altitude of 1050 meters, the pass c
5778JurafranceThe French Jura, a department in eastern France, was created in 1674 from the southern part of Franc
5935Ostankino Named for a district of Moscow that included the village Ostankino, the eighteenth-century county se
6194DenaliMt. Denali, rising 6194 meters above sea level, is the tallest peak in North America. The name Dena
6215MehdiaMehdia, equivalent to the Arabic word for “gift”, is a region in Morocco with rich natural resources
6267RozhenThe National Observatory of Bulgaria has been established at Rozhen, not far from the city of Smolja
6346SyukumeguriSyukumeguri is a district in the southern part of the village of Kurohone, Gunma prefecture. The di
6362TunisLocated on the southern Mediterranean coast, Tunis (Tunisia) has always been a meeting place between
6370MalpaisSpanish for “bad country,” early explorers of the American Southwest described as Malpais a countrys
6395Hilliard Named in honor of Elizabeth (1904– ) and Leslie Hilliard (1905– ), who acquired the house in Bath, E
6418HanamigaharaHanamigahara is beautiful forest park in the northern part of Kurohone village, Gunma prefecture.
6590BaroloBarolo, in the Langhe district of the Italian region of Piedmont, is known for some of the world's f
6739TärendöArchaeological remains show that Tärendö, a small community just north of the Arctic Circle in the S
6797ÖstersundThe provincial capital of Jämtland in northern Sweden, Östersund is on the shores of lake Storsjön i
6851ChiantiThe Chianti region in Tuscany, Italy, is world-renowned for its beautiful landscape and for its famo
6879Hyogo Named for the prefecture where this planet was discovered. Hyogo prefecture, which includes Kobe Cit
6971OmogokeiNamed for a ravine, 18 km long, at the foot of Mt. Ishizuti, the highest mountain in western Japan.
6987OnioshidashiOnioshidashi is a lava plateau formed by the lava flow of the 1783 eruption of Mt. Asamayama. The gi
6989HoshinosatoChichibu Hoshi-no-sato is home to more than ten astronomical observatories built by amateur astronom
6991ChichibuChichibu is the name of the western part of the Saitama prefecture.
7017UradowanNamed for the bay that is the principal entrance by sea to Kochi prefecture.
7041Nantucket Named for the Massachusetts island and the Maria Mitchell {see planet  (1455)} Observatory located t
7167Laupheim Named in honor of Robert Clausen (1951– ) and his team at the public observatory in Laupheim, a town
7233MajellaThe Majella National Park in Abruzzo, Italy, is one of the largest, wildest and best preserved natur
7248ÄlvsjöÄlvsjö, now a residential suburb of Stockholm, is the location of the battle of Brännkyrka (1518), i
7298Matudaira-gouMatudaira-gou is located in the east of Toyota city, Aichi prefecture. It is the motherland of the
7603Salopia Named for the English county of Shropshire (or Salop), where Church Stretton is located. Situated in
7704DellenDellen, two connected lakes in the Swedish province of Hälsingland, are appreciated among fly-fisher
7705HumelnHumeln is a Swedish lake located close to the city of Oskarshamn, where the Baltic Sea meets Kalmars
7706MienMien is a lake located in the province Små land in the southern part of Sweden. It is 9 km across an
7755Haute-ProvenceHaute Provence is a very beautiful region in southern France where, in 1936, the astronomical observ
7770SiljanLake Siljan, located in the beautiful Swedish province Dalarna, is the largest impact crater in the
7771TvärenTvären is a kilometer-sized bay close to Studsvik in Sweden. The maximum depth is 85 meters, and it
7986RomaniaThe country of Romania is located in southeast Europe, with Bucharest as its capital. It has a land
8075RoeroThe region of Roero, in Piemonte, Italy, is greatly appreciated for its natural beauty, its agricult
8088AustraliaNamed for the continent in the Southern Hemisphere. With this naming the first discoverer pays trib
8250CornellNamed for Cornell University, on the occasion of its hosting the “Asteroids, Comets, Meteors” confer
8275IncaAt the time of the Spanish conquest (1531-1539) the Inca state was a highly civilized and sophistica
8277Machu-PicchuMachu-Picchu, “old peak”, 2350 meters high, is the site of ancient Inca ruins about 80 km nortwest o
8380TootingNamed for a suburb of London. Tooting's postal code is SW17. Name suggested by E. Bowell, who live
8423MacaoNamed in honor of Macao, the beautiful peninsula near Zhuhai. An international tourist attraction a
8968EuropaeusNamed for Caprimulgus europaeus, or nightjar.
9154Kol'tsovoA suburb of Novosibirsk, Kol'tsovo is the site of the State Scientific Institute of Virology and Bio
9167KharkivKharkiv (Khar'kov), an industrial and cultural center, is one of the largest cities in Ukraine. It
9220YoshidayamaYoshidayama is a hill located in Sakyo, a district in the northeastern part of Kyoto. It contains t
9235Shimanamikaido Named for a toll road, the Nishiseto Expressway, whose nickname is Shimanami Kaido. The third road c
9289BalauThe Balau area, near Costigliole d'Asti (Piedmont, Italy), is renowned for its natural beauty, its a
9325StonehengeStonehenge, a prehistoric circular complex of large standing stones, is located north of the city of
9357VenezuelaThe Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela (“Little Venice”) was named in 1499 by Amerigo Vespucci becau
9578KlyazmaThe Klyazma river, with its source north of Moscow and a total length of 686 km, flows gently in an
9612BelgorodAn industrial, scientific and cultural center in southern Russia, close to the Ukrainian border, Bel
9645GrünewaldNamed for the German painter and watercolor artist Matthias Grünewald (c. 1460-1528). His original
9663ZwinThe Zwin is a naturally protected reserve, the result of the silting up of the bay that stretched to
9668Tianyahaijiao“Tianya Haijiao”, which literally means “edge of the sky, rim of the sea”, is the name of a famous r
9674SlovenijaNamed for the European nation in which the Crni Vrh Observatory is situated. This is the first mino
9674SlovenijaNamed for the European nation in which the Crni Vrh Observatory is situated. This is the first mino
9742WorpswedeNamed for the German colony of artists near the city of Bremen. Beginning in 1889, many painters set
9839CrabbegatCrabbegat is an idyllic road at the border of the Wolvendael park, close to the Royal Observatory at
10012TmutarakaniaTmutarakania was a Russian principality in the Tamanian peninsula from the tenth to the twelfth cent
10039Keet SeelKeet Seel is a well-preserved prehistoric cliff-dwelling, occupied by ancestors of the modern Hopi p
10071ParaguayParaguay is a South American country bordered by Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina. The Paraguay river r
10072UruguayUruguay is located north of the Rio de la Plata estuary and east of the river that gave the country
10075CampecheThe Bay of Campeche is surrounded by the Mexican states Campeche, Tabasco and Veracruz. During June
10102DigerhuvudDigerhuvud is the place on Gotland where seastacks are most common.
10103JungfrunJungfrun is the largest seastack on Gotland.
10104HoburgsgubbenHoburgsgubben is a very characteristic seastack on southern Gotland, looking like an old man watchin
10105HolmhällarHolmhällar, on Gotland, contains an unusual area of seastacks. One of the expeditions from the Uppsa
10106LergravLergrav is one of the most exotic seastack sites on Gotland.
10121ArzamasArzamas, on the Tesha river, was founded in 1578 by Ivan the Terrible. It became a major transit cen
10123FideöjaThere are two small counties, Fide and Öja, on the Swedish island of Gotland. The church in Öja hos
10131StångaStånga has hosted annual games typical of Gotland every summer since 1924.
10132LummelundaIn Lummelunda, about 15 km north of Visby, the capital of Gotland, there can be found a 4-km long ca
10147MizugatsukaMizugatsuka is a park in the middle of the southern trail of Mt. Fuji. The clear air makes it a mecc
10195Nebraska Named for the U.S. state of Nebraska, this is the first minor planet to be discovered from an observ
10242WasserkuppeThe Wasserkuppe, at 950 m, is the highest peak in the Rhön. The area is used for glider training.
10243Hohe MeissnerThe Hohe Meissner (750 m) is a volcano north of the Rhön between the Werra and Fulda rivers, southea
10244Thüringer WaldThe Thüringer Wald is a mountain range east of the Werra river, flowing from northwest to southeast
10246FrankenwaldThe Frankenwald forms the continuation of the Thüringer Wald mountains to the southeast up to the Fi
10248FichtelgebirgeThe Fichtelgebirge is a compact mountain range east of the city of Bayreuth. The highest mountain i
10254HunsrückThe Hunsrück lies west of the Rhine between the rivers Nahe and Mosel. In the southern part many sem
10255TaunusThe Taunus is the continuation of the Hundsrück at the eastern side of the Rhine. Its highest mount
10256WesterwaldNorth of the Lahn river lies the Westerwald, a low mountain range with some volcanoes, blending into
10293PribinaPribina (800?--861) was seated in Nitra, where he built the first church in Slovakia and founded the
10399NishiharimaNishiharima is the southwestern area of Hyogo prefecture and site of the Nishi-Harima Astronomical O
10454VallenarVallenar, capital of the Chilean province of Huasco, is located some 90 km north of the La Silla obs
10661TeutoburgerwaldThe Teutoburgerwald forest is famous because it was here, in 9 A.D., that Varus was defeated by Armi
10663SchwarzwaldThe Schwarzwald, or Black Forest, lies east of the Rhine river and extends from Basel as far as the
10769Minas GeraisThe Brazilian state of Minas Gerais (general mines), located in the mineral-rich uplands of the Braz
10770Belo HorizonteBelo Horizonte is the beautiful capital (1897) of the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. It was the f
10794VängeVänge is the place where, according to an old saga, a man called Tjelvar first came ashore on Gotlan
10799YucatánThe Yucatán peninsula became a Mexican state in 1824. It is a popular tourist destination because o
10807UggardeWith a diameter of 50 meters, Uggarde Rohr is the largest of the 1400 cairns on Gotland that were co
10808DigerrojrDigerrojr is a large cairn on Gotland.
10810LejsturojrLejsturojr is a large cairn on southern Gotland.
11005WaldtruderingWaldtrudering is a beautiful residential area in Munich, Bavaria, where the discoverer and his famil
11083CaracasFounded in 1567, Caracas is the capital of Venezuela and one of the principal cities of South Americ
11335SantiagoThe capital of Chile, Santiago was founded in 1541 by the Spanish conquistador Pedro de Valdivia.
11678BrevardBrevard County, Florida, is the location of the Astronaut Memorial Planetarium and Observatory, from
11780Thunder BayThunder Bay, located on the shores of Lake Superior, is the most populous municipality in Northweste
11870SverigeSverige (Sweden) is a nation in northern Europe, located on the Scandinavian peninsula together with
11908NicaraguaNicaragua is the largest country in the Central American isthmus. It is bordered in the west by the
11912PiedadeSerra de Piedade in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, east of the capital of Belo Horizonte, is t
11927Mount KentMt. Kent Observatory is a facility for astronomical education, research and outreach operated by the
11945AmsterdamAmsterdam, Dutch financial-business capital, started its existence in Oct. 1275 as a small fishing s
12079KaibabThe Kaibab Formation is a massive limestone layer of Permian age that forms the bedrock of much of N
12188KalaallitnunaatKalaallit Nunaat (Country of the Greenlanders) is an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmar
12246PliskaPliska was the first capital of the Bulgarian state, founded in 681. The conversion into Christianit
12325BogotaBogota is the capital of Colombia. It has a population of 8 million. With many universities and l
12339CarlooCarloo, a small hamlet south of the Royal Observatory at Uccle, was a former seigniory that was ment
12340StalleStalle is a hamlet in the eastern part of the municipality of Uccle. It was mentioned in the twelfth
12341CalevoetCalevoet is a hamlet in the southwestern part of the municipality of Uccle. The name means “grassle
12406ZvíkovThe Zvíkov castle was built by the Přemyslids dynasty above the confluence of the Vltava and Otava r
12758KabudariKabudari, or “big tree” in the Arawak indigenous language, is a native name from the municipality of
13293MechelenMechelen, 25 km south of Antwerp, was settled on the banks of the Dyle river in Gallic-Roman times.
13513ManilaManila is the capital of the Philippines, with a capital region of about 12 million inhabitants. Wit
13586CopenhagenFounded as a fishing village in the 10th century, Copenhagen became the capital of Denmark in the ea
13688OklahomaOklahoma is a U.S. state, and this was the first minor planet to be discovered from an observatory t
13868CataloniaCatalonia is an autonomous region in northeastern Spain bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, France an
14441AtakanosekiAtakanoseki was a checkpoint set up in Komatsu-city, Ishikawa Prefecture, in 1187. In the 400-year-
14764KilaueaThis Hungaria object is named after the active volcano Kilauea on Hawaii. The summit is 1247 m and d
14909KamchatkaThe Kamchatka peninsula, between the Pacific Ocean and the sea of Okhotsk, was investigated by S. P.
15050HeddalHeddal is the name of a small school in a small village of the same name in southern Norway. This s
15212Yaroslavl'Founded in 1010, Yaroslavl' was the capital of an independent principality, incorporated into the Mo
15523GrenvilleGrenville Turner (b. 1936), a geochronologist and meteoriticist, refined the argon-39/argon-40 age-d
15675GoloseevoThe Main Astronomical Observatory of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences is located in the Go
16525ShumarinaikoLake Shumarinai is located in the western part of the Nayoro basin. It was created artificially in
16770AngkorwatAngkor Wat is a temple complex in Cambodia, built from the early twelfth century, that is the larges
16801PetřínpragensisPetřín is a memorable hill in the center of Prague. There is located the Štefánik Observatory, foun
17445AvatchaAvatcha Bay, on the southeastern coast of the Kamchatka peninsula, was used by Vitus Bering as a bas
17465InawashirokoInawashiroko, one of the largest lakes in Japan, is located in Bandai-Asahi National Park. It is kn
17955SedranskKyra Lauren Sedransk (b. 1985) was awarded fourth place in the 2003 Intel International Science and
18636VilledepompeyOnce a small village, the Lorraine city of Pompey grew after the 1870 war, when a steel factory was
18725AtacamaThe Atacama desert, which covers regions II, III and IV of Chile, is one of the driest deserts on Ea
19137CopiapóCopiapó, a mining district in northern Chile, was in 2010 the scene of a severe mining accident, wit
19148AlaskaWhile searching for de la Croyère's mythical land, the Second Kamchatka expedition reached Alaska in
19204JoshuatreeJoshua Tree National Park was founded in 1936 as Joshua Tree National Monument largely through the e
19534MiyagiMiyagi is a Japanese prefecture in the Tohoku region of Honshu. Its coastal area was heavily damaged
19691IwateIwate, the second largest prefecture in Japan, is located in north Honshu. Its coast was heavily dam
19713IbarakiThe Japanese prefecture of Ibaraki houses three research centers (Tsukuba, Tokai and Kashima) that c
19731TochigiTochigi is a prefecture north of Tokyo. Its World Heritage site in Nikko houses shrines and temples
19776BalearsThe people of the western Mediterranean group of islands Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera, kn
19916DonbassThe Donetskij coal basin is located mainly in Ukraine and partly in Russia. This geographical regio
20204YuudurunosatoYuudurunosato is the nickname of Urushiyama, located in the western area of Nanyo city. The nicknam
20252EyjafjallajökullThe Eyjafjallajökull volcano in southern Iceland erupted in Mar. 2010 after an extended period of se
20513LazioLazio is the Italian region containing Rome, the everlasting city. The Regione Lazio allowed the cre
20613ChibakenChiba prefecture is located east of Tokyo. In 2011, some areas were damaged during the Tohoku earthq
20936Nemrut DagiThis Hungaria object is named after the volcano Nemrut Dagi in Turkey. It is the most western volca
21257Jižní ČechyJižní Čechy (South Bohemia) is a region of the Czech Republic known for its pleasant landscape, hist
21302ShirakamisanchiShirakamisanchi is a mountain district spreading over Aomori Prefecture and Akita Prefecture, Japan.
21663BanatThe Banat, home of the “Donauschwaben”, is a European region between the Maros river in the north, t
21966HamadoriHamadori is a coastal region in Fukushima prefecture, Japan. The area between Abukuma highland and t
22195NevadodelruizThe Hungaria planet is named after the Nevado del Ruiz volcano in Colombia. This 5389-m active volc
22618Silva NorticaSilva Nortica is a historical name of the region covering the territory on the borders of South Bohe
22719NakadoriNakadori is the central part of Fukushima prefecture, Japan, and is located between the Ou Mountains
22802SigiriyaSigiriya is a fifth-century rock fortress in central Sri Lanka. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site
22827ArverniaArvernia is the Latin name of the Auvergne, a region in south-central France. Much of the Auvergne
23477WallenstadtWallenstadt (in German, Walenstadt) is one of the greater lakes in Switzerland. Franz Liszt dedicat
23638NaganoNagano Prefecture lies in the center of Honshu Island, Japan. It shares borders with eight prefectur
23988MaungakiekieMaungakiekie, or “One Tree Hill”, is the volcanic cone in the city where this minor planet was disco
24794KurlandKurland (Courland) is the ancient name of the districts Zemgale and Kurzeme in present-day Latvia.
24899DominionaCanada is officially the “Dominion of Canada” under the Constitution Acts of 1867 and 1982. Such de
25155van BelleGerard van Belle (b. 1968) is an astronomer at the Lowell Observatory. His research interests includ
26027CotopaxiThe Hungaria planet is named after the 5897-m active volcano Cotopaxi. The Cotopaxi is situated in t
26210LingasThe Lingas plateau is located in the Cevennes National Park and is the site of the Pises Observatory
26715South DakotaSouth Dakota, in which the Badlands Observatory is situated, became the fortieth U.S. state when the
26857VeracruxVeracruz is a major port on the Gulf of Mexico, founded in 1519 by the Spanish explorer Hermán Corté
26922SamaraThe 580-km Samara river, with its source in the foothills of the Urals, flows northwest and joins th
26960LiouvilleJoseph Liouville (1809-1882) was a French analyst and geometer and the first to prove the existence
27714DochuDochu in Awa is the soil column which was formed when a steep cliff eroded due to the wind and rain.
27789AstrakhanThe Astrakhan Khanate, a Tatar feudal state, was established around 1460, after the collapse of the
29157Higashinihon“Higashi Nihon” (East Japan) was struck by one of the most destructive earthquakes in history on 201
29189UdinskUdinsk (Ulan-Ude), southeast of Lake Baikal at the confluence of the Selenga and Uda rivers, is the
30888OkitsumisakiOkitsumisaki in western Kochi prefecture is a small promontory jutting into the Pacific Ocean. It i
30938MontmartreMontmartre, a large hill in Paris (France), is primarily known for the white domed basilica on its s
31031AltiplanoThe Altiplano in the central Andes lies mostly within Bolivia and Peru, and hosts the cities of Puno
31110ClapasClapas is the former name for stone houses in the Montpellier area. Nowadays, it's the nickname of t
31147MiriquidiThe word Miriquidi is first mentioned in a document of the emperor Otto II in the year 974. It mean
31650Frýdek-MístekThe twin cities of Frýdek and Místek, on opposite sides of the Ostravice river at the border of Sile
32766VoskresenskoeVoskresenskoe is an urban settlement, the center of the Voskresenskoe region of the Nizhnij Novgorod
33817FariswaldFaris Irwin Wald (b. 2002) is a finalist in the 2017 Broadcom MASTERS, a math and science competitio
34351DecaturDecatur, Alabama, is on the south bank of the Tennessee river, approximately 25 km west of NASA's Ma
34611NacogdochesNacogdoches is the site of an Indian settlement, named for the Nacogdoche Indians.
35352TexasThe largest state in the continental U.S., Texas is well known for its proud and independent people,
36033ViseggiMonte Viseggi is the site of La Spezia Astronomical Observatory. The observatory, founded in 1989 by
36614SaltisSaltis is a nickname for Saltsjöbaden, where the Stockholm Observatory was located from 1931 to 2001
37471PopocatepetlThe Hungaria planet is named for the 5462-m Mexican volcano Popocatépetl. Several eruptions have oc
37596CotahuasiThe Cotahuasi Canyon, near the Peruvian city of Arequipa, was formed by the Cotahuasi river. Runnin
39529VatnajökullVatnajökull (Glacier of Lakes) is the largest glacier in Iceland, covering 8 percent of the country.
41481MusashifuchuFuchu is the name of the place where Kokuhu (the ancient Japanese provincial government office) was
41986Fort BendFounded in 1984, the Fort Bend Astronomy Club has the mission to serve people in the Houston area wh
41986Fort BendFounded in 1984, the Fort Bend Astronomy Club has the mission to serve people in the Houston area wh
43511Cima EkarCima Ekar, near Asiago, hosts the largest astronomical facilities in Italy.
43881CerretoCerreto D'Asti, in the Italian Piedmont region, is home to the observatory of the Astronomical Assoc
47164TicinoTicino is one of the cantons of Switzerland. The Gnosca Observatory, where this minor planet was di
47294Blanský lesBlanský les (Blanský Forest) is a south Bohemian highland remarkable from both historical and biolog
52334OberammergauOberammergau, situated in the Bavarian Alps, is the festival place of a famous Passion Play, accordi
54827KurpfalzThe county Palatine of the Rhine (“Kurpfalz”) goes back to a territory of the Holy Roman Empire. In
55735MagdeburgMagdeburg, first recorded in 805, is situated on the Elbe river and is currently the capital of Saxo
55875HirohatagaokaHirohatagaoka is a hill on which Hadano High School is located. Founded in 1926 and originally named
56000MesopotamiaMesopotamia, or “Land between the Rivers”, is the region between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates in
58679BrenigBrenig, a part of Bornheim, is located near the Rhine river between Cologne and Bonn. It is home to
59369ChancoChanco is a toponym used by the Flemish scientist-author Godefridi Wendelini (1580-1667), who named
63387Brazos BendBrazos Bend State Park is located on 4975 acres in Fort Bend County, Texas. One of America's top te
65541KasbekThis minor planet at the Hecuba Gap is named for the 5050-m-high inactive volcano Kasbek in the Geor
68325BeguesFrom its altitude of 500 meters, Begues, the discovery site of this minor planet, offers a panoramic
73610KlyuchevskayaThis Hungaria minor planet is named for the active 4750-m Klyuchevskaja volcano on the Kamchatka Pen
79418ZhangjiajieZhangjiajie, situated in the northwest of Hunan province, is known for its unique tourist and natura
79864PiritubaPirituba is a neighborhood in São Paulo, Brazil. Its name derives from the Tupi language words “pir
80801YiwuYiwu, with a population of 20~000, is a small county within the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in
85214SommersdorfSommersdorf is a municipality in the northern part of Bavaria. Every five years since 1968, the Fran
85217BilzingslebenAbout 370 000 years ago in the middle glacial period, an anthropoid Eurasian group bilzingslebenensi
85267Taj MahalThe Taj Mahal is a mausoleum, commissioned in 1632 by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan to hou
86043CévennesThe Pises Observatory is located on the Lingas plateau near Mount Aigoual in the Cévennes National P
88146CastelloThe archaeological site Castello lies on a hill in the Swiss village of Tremona. This site contains
88260InsubriaRegio Insubria is the old Celtic name of western Lombardia, a region of northern Italy known for its
90672MetrorheinneckarFounded in 2005, the metropolitan area along the Rhine and Neckar rivers with 2.4 million people inc
96506OberösterreichOberösterreich is one of the nine federal states of Austria and one of the most important industrial
110294VictoriaharbourVictoria Harbour is a natural harbor located between Hong Kong Island to the south and Kowloon to th
110298DeceptionislandDeception Island is the caldera of an active volcanic island off the Antarctic Peninsula. The island
114703North DakotaNorth Dakota became the 39th U.S. state when the Dakota Territory was divided in 1889. The name was
117993ZambujalZambujal is the site of a Chalcolithic fortification of the third millennium B.C. situated close to
118172VorgebirgeThe Vorgebirge foothills west of the Rhine extend from Bonn to Cologne.
120462AmanohashidateAmanohashidate is a well-known tourist spot in Japan. It is a sandbar, separating Miyazu Bay and As
123290ManoaManoa is the valley on the island of Oahu in which the University of Hawai'i was founded in 1907. T
127870VigoVigo is one of the largest and most vibrant cities of Galicia. It is an active seaport on the Spani
128633QueyrasQueyras is a valley of the French Alps and also a regional national park. This place is famous for a
133293AndrushivkaAndrushivka is a district center in the Zhytomyr region of Ukraine. First mentioned in 1768, it has
137066Gellért-hegyGellért-hegy is a 235-meter high hill on the shore of the Danube in Budapest. The Urania observatory
175208VorbourgIn the twelfth century the knights of Telsperg erected two castles in Vorbourg to control the road l
175613Shikoku-karstShikoku Karst is a karst plateau, located at the border of Ehime and Kochi prefectures. With an are
175730GramastettenNestled in the beautiful landscape of Muehlviertel (Upper Austria), Gramastetten is a resort for rel
176710BanffBanff, Alberta, well known for its hot springs and mountainous scenery, is one of Canada's most popu
181702ForcalquierForcalquier is a French community in front of the Luberon Massif, in the Alpes-de Haute Provence de
185636Shiao LinThis minor planet is named in memory of the people of Shiao Lin, literally “Little Forest” in Mandar
198993EpoignyThe name Epoigny comes from Epona, the Gallic goddess of horses. It is a place some 15 km from Le C
205424BibracteSituated at the Mont Beuvray (Morvan, France), some 35 km from Le Creusot, Bibracte was the capital
212998TolbachikThis Hungaria minor planet is named for the complex volcano Tolbachik on the Kamchatka Peninsula in
216439LyubertsyLyubertsy is a major industrial and scenic center in the Moscow region. It lies in the green belt so
218752TentlingenTentlingen (French: Tinterin) is the municipality of the discoverer in the district of Sense in the
221516Bergen-EnkheimBergen-Enkheim is the easternmost borough of Frankfurt am Main. Since 2005 it has hosted the discov
224592CarnacAlready inhabited some 450~000 years ago, the site of Carnac, in Brittany, is famous for its numerou
227065RomandiaRomandia is the Latin name of the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Romandia extends between the
238593PaysdegexThe French astronomy club Orion is situated in Pays de Gex, near Geneva. The club offers a large var
242648FribourgFribourg is a young, dynamic and bilingual region of Switzerland near the capital, Bern.
243491MuehlviertelMuehlviertel, the northernmost of the four districts (together with Hausruckviertel, Traunviertel an
243637FrosinoneNamed Frusna in ancient Volscan and Frusino by the Romans, Frosinone is a provincial administrative
249302AjoieAjoie is the name of a region in the North of Swiss Jura. The main city in Ajoie is Porrentruy.
256796AlmanzorPlaza del Moro Almanzor is the highest peak (2592 m) in the Sierra de Gredos, Avila, Spain.
264061VitebskVitebsk is the fourth-largest and one of the oldest cities in Belarus. Founded in the tenth century,
264131BornimBornim is a district of Potsdam, capital of the German state of Brandenburg, and is home to the Inas
266465AndaluciaAndalucia (Andalusia) is an autonomous Spanish community with the largest number of inhabitants spre
282669ErguëlErguël is an ancient seigniory of the Catholic diocese of Basel. Erguël is now called the valley of
284891KonaKona is the name of a district of the Big Island of Hawai'i. The district is on the leeward side of
314040TavannesTavannes is a municipality of the Swiss canton of Bern. It is located in French-speaking Bernese Ju
322390Planes de SonLes Planes de Son is a 1500-m-high plateau in the Catalan Pyrenees. It is the location of a facilit
325366AsturiasThe Principality of Asturias, in northwest Spain, is known for its coastline, mountain landscapes an
325558GuyaneGuyane is the official name for French Guiana, an overseas region of France on the North Atlantic co
335853ValléedaosteNamed for the Italian Aosta Valley Autonomous Region, which supports the Astronomical Observatory of
336108LuberonLuberon is a region in the middle of Provence in the far south of France. The discoverer has made ma
365131HassbergeHassberge is the name of a small and beautiful Nature Park located northwest of Bamberg, Germany. M
369297NazcaThe Nazca Lines are a series of ancient geoglyphs, located in the Nazca Desert of Peru. Created betw
371220AngersAngers is a city in western France about 300 km southwest of Paris. It is chef-lieu of the Maine-et-
386622New ZealandNew Zealand is a country comprising two main islands, and numerous smaller islands, situated in the
398045VitudurumVitudurum was a Roman neighborhood that was built around 1 CE in today's district of Oberwinterthur

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