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nr  ↓ name  ↓ Name Source  ↓
66Maja Named for one of the Pleiades, daughters of Atlas and Pleione. Maja was the mother of Mercury by Jup
91Aegina Named after the daughter of Asopus, a son of Poseidon {see planet  (4341)}. She was changed by Zeus
406Erna Named probably in honor of the grand-daughter of Palisa, Erna Bidschof. Erna is the daughter of the
555Norma Named for the high priestess of the druids in the opera Norma by the Italian composer Vincenzo Belli
1144Oda See the remarks to planet  (913).
1454Kalevala Named for the Finnish national epic, a source of inspiration for the music of Sibelius {see planet  
1485Isa Isa is a diminutive of the Italian name Marisa. (H 133) The naming was granted by the discoverer to
1541Estonia Named in honor of the country south of Finland, formerly populated by the Finno-Ugric tribe of Estho
1921Pala Named for the Indian reservation at the base of Palomar Mountain. The name is believed to apply to a
2099Opik Named in honor of Ernst J. Opik {1893–1985} on the occasion of his 85th birthday. Over a career span
2407Haug Named in memory of Ulrich Haug (1929–1992), German astronomer, who investigated interplanetary dust
3588Kirik Named for Kirik Novgorodets, a twelfth-century chronicler from the town of Novgorod, author of the f
3738Ots Named in memory of the opera singer Georg Karlovich Ots (1920–1975). (M 22499)
4087Part Named for Arvo Pärt (1935– ), Estonian-born composer. Until 1968, Pärt composed mainly serially. Sin
4163Saaremaa Named for an island in the Baltic. Some 2500 years ago a large iron meteorite impacted there, causin
4181Kivi Named in memory of Aleksis Kivi (1834–1872), the first Finnish-language dramatist and novelist. His
4227Kaali Named for the place on the island of Saaremaa {see planet  (4163)} where a meteorite impacted 2500 y
5080Oja Named in honor of Tarmo Oja, professor in astronomy at Uppsala University working on galactic struct
6353Semper Named for the German architect Gottfried Semper (1803–1873). On the recommendation of Schinkel {see
10239HermannShawn M. Hermann (b. 1975), now at Raytheon Corporation, Tucson, was one of the first observers for
13995TõravereTõravere is a small village close to the Tartu Observatory.
16144KorstenErich E. Korsten (b. 1945) is a hydrologist and amateur astronomer from Dresden who now lives in Fou
29672SalvoAfter studies on supernovae at the University of Padua, Maria Elena Salvo (b. 1970) has recently sta
35347TallinnKnown in the twelfth century as Kolyvan, and later as Reval, the Finnic-speaking community became th
35618TartuIn 1224 the Tarbatu settlement was captured by German crusaders, who named it Dorpat. The community
48480FalkWriter and social pedagogue Johann Daniel Falk (1768-1826), legation councillor at Weimar and friend

download list of asteroids in this group in Zet act format.