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353Ruperto-Carola The discoverer stated in AN 154, 15 (1900): “Der Planet hat durch die Versammlung der A.G. in Heidel
728Leonisis Named in honor of Geheimrat Leo Gans (1843–1935), president of the Physical Society at Frankfurt a.M
735Marghanna Named in honor of the discoverer’s mother Margarete Vogt and after Hanna, who was a relative of H. V
922Schlutia Named in honor of the important businessmen Edgar Schlubach (Hamburg) and Mr. Tiarks (London) who to
1152Pawona This name stands for a combination of the names of J. Palisa and M. Wolf in honor of the cooperation
1433Geramtina This is a compound name which has been formed to recall and to honor Miss Asplind, sister of B. Aspl
1844Susilva See {the citation} for (1845) which follows. (M 4156)
1845Helewalda Named for two charming former schoolmates of the discoverer, Susi and Helen, both from the town of W
2298Cindijon Named by B. G. Marsden {see planet  (1877)}, who found the identification for this planet, in honor
2443Tomeileen Named by B. G. Marsden, who found the identifications for this planet, in memory of his parents, Tho
2526Alisary Named by the discoverer in honor of his parents, Alice Benedicta (née Loethman) West and Harry Richa
2757Crisser The name is formed from the first halves of the first names of the discoverer’s wife, Cristina, and
2958Arpetito Named in honor of E. Araya, J. Perez, R. Tighe and A. Torrecon, who prepare the plates used in the o
3401Vanphilos Named by G. V. Williams in honor of his friends Vanessa Hall and Philip Osborne, on the occasion of
3567Alvema Named for the three great-granddaughters of the discoverer, Aline De Middelaer, and Véronique and Ma
3685Derdenye Named in honor of Derald and Denise Nye, dedicated amateur astronomers and observatory builders in T
4129Richelen Named in honor of Richard A. Keen and Helen C. Duran, friends of the discoverer, on the occasion of
4224Susa Named in honor of Susan and Sarah Hicks, daughters of Bill and Nancy Hicks {see also planet 2220)}.
4421Kayor Named by G. V. Williams in honor of his parents, Kay and Roy, for their support over the years. This
4857Altgamia Named for Andrew L. T. and Angela Maria Chiarappa Green, son and wife of D. W. E. Green {see planet
4930Rephiltim A composite name to honor the children of the discoverer: Rebecca Anne Salyards (1988– ), Philip Ste
5111Jacliff Named in honor of Clifford (1929–1993) and Jackie (1935– ) Holmes. With his wife Jackie’s backing an
5255JohnsophieNamed in honor of John and Sophie Karayusuf, parents of Alford S. Karayusuf, a friend of the discove
5402Kejosmith Named in honor of Keith C. Smith and Joan Furlong of University College, London, on the occasion of
5593Jonsujatha Named in honor of Jonathan Brian Marsden and Sujatha Nagarajan on the occasion of their wedding on 1
6013AndanikeAndrew S. (b. 1996), David S. (b. 1994), Nicholas J. (b. 1992) and Kevin M. Martinez (b. 1989) are g
6282Edwelda Named in honor of Edwin L. Aguirre and Imelda B. Joson, who have popularized astronomy in the Philip
6403Steverin Named for Steven Newburn and Erin Fischer on the occasion of their marriage. Steven is the son of Ra
6445BellmoreNamed in honor of Tamara Bell and Michael More on the occasion of their wedding. They are recent gr
6628Dondelia Named in honor of Donald S. C. and Delia West of Wareham, Dorset. Friends of the discoverer, Don and
7311HildehanForever outnumbered by the women in his life, the discoverer chose to acknowledge those most signifi
7372EmimarGeophysicist María Emilia Muzzio (b. 1979) and anthropologist Marina Muzzio (b. 1982) are two Argent
7465MunkanberNamed in honor of John Munger, Veikko Kanto and Richard Berry, the authors of The CCD Cookbook
8066PoldimeriLeopold (b. 1938) and Meri (b. 1945) Bausbek are great devotees of astronomy and philosophy. This m
8308Julie-MélissaNamed in memory of the two Belgian children Julie and Mélissa, who were murdered tragically in 1996,
8494EdpatvegaEd (b. 1931) and Pat (b. 1944) Vega have been a dynamic astronomical team for many years. Drawing o
8496JandlsmithNamed in honor of Jim and Laurie Smith in recognition of their generosity and wisdom in the support
9070EnsabLeo Enright (b. 1943) and Denise Sabatini (b. 1950) of Ontario are one of the foremost couples in Ca
9083RamboehmJeff Ramos (b. 1962) and Art Boehm (b. 1944) are friends of the discoverers. Their humanitarian ef
9299VinceteriVince (b. 1959) and Teri (b. 1960) Grout are true friends to two-legged and four-legged animals. Th
9421Violilla Named in memory of the discoverer’s mother, Violet Lilian Laurie (1921–1995), who died the same year
9720UlfbirgittaUlf and Birgitta Heyman are old friends of the discoverer and his wife. This naming is to celebrate
10257GarecynthiaThis minor planet honors the marriage of Gareth Williams, associate director of the Minor Planet Cen
10668PlansosNamed in honor of the discoverer's grandchildren: Pandora Mae Honiara (b. 2000), Noël Richard (b. 20
10719AndamarAnne M. (b. 1944) and David (b. 1953) Marren are long-standing friends of the discoverer.
11606AlmaryThis minor planet is named for the parents of the discoverer, Alfred and Mary, on the occasion of th
11625FrancelindaFrancesca Tesi and Linda Tesi are granddaughters of the first discoverer.
12867JoëloïcJoël (b. 1982) and Loïc (b. 1985) are the children of Gérard Faure, accountant, amateur astronomer a
13533JuniliThe troika of daughters June (1985), Nina (1987) and Lian (1988) give much joy and enlightenment to
13895LetkasagjonicaNamed for Anna Leticia Rosales Chase (b. 1998), Agustin Rosales Chase (b. 2000), Kassia Elizabeth Ro
14071GadabirdBonnie Bird (b. 1947) and Andreas Gada (b. 1952) are amateur astronomers in Toronto who were married
15042AnndavguiThe discoverer's spouse Annick (b. 1953), and their two sons David (b. 1985) and Guillaume (b. 1989)
16514SteveliaSteve (b. 1949) and Amelia (b. 1940) Goldberg have spent years teaching beginners to observe the nig
16666LiromaThe Meiers are a family of amateur astronomers living near Ottawa, Ontario. Linda (b. 1950) is an a
17446MopakuThe name Mopaku honors three assistants involved with the observations of minor planets at Kavular:
17638SualanSue and Alan French live in Scotia, New York. Both are avid amateur astronomers, telescope builders
22338JanemojoJane Houston Jones (b. 1952) and Morris Jones (b. 1957) are first, and foremost, sidewalk astronomer
22415HumeIveyJames Nairn Patterson Hume (1923-2013) and Donald Glenn Ivey (b. 1922) were physics educators, best
22449OttijeffOttilie Malfliet (b. 1944) and Jeffrey Levine (b. 1948) are the parents of the discoverer's wife. T
22692CarfrekahlCaroline (b. 1994) and Frederikke (b. 1997) Kahl are the daughters of Vibeke Kristensen and the gran
24308CowencoCourtney, Wendy and Cody have the misfortune of being the offspring of an amateur astronomer. They
24827MaryphilMary Clark (b. 1938) and Phil Spahr (b. 1938) are the parents of the discoverer. They have been ver
37392YukiniallYuki and Niall are the children of codiscoverer Henri Boffin who, after postdoctoral studies in Japa
37601VicjenVic Winter (b. 1953) and Jen Winter (b. 1969) have spread interest in astronomy to a series of rural
41979LelumacriLuca Pacciorini (b. 1958), his partner Cristina Conedera (b. 1965) and their two children, Letizia (
51415TovinderPhilip Inderwiesen (b. 1953) and his wife Pat Tovsen (b. 1951) are proud citizens of rural Ft. Bend
54411BobestelleGeorge Robert Stetson has been an amateur astronomer since the 1930s. Bob and Estelle Marie Ives wer
69594UlferikaUlf Lehmann (b. 1939) and Erika (b. 1940) are the parents of the discoverer. They made it possible
74503MadolaChristian Marois (b. 1974), René Doyon (b. 1963) and David Lafrenière (b. 1978) developed instrument
85471MaryamMaryam is a composite name in honor of Martin R. Pepper (b. 1976), Ryan D. Pepper (b. 1977) and Ambe
100049CésarannCésar Hernandez (b. 1959) and Ann Hernandez (b. 1964) are the brother-in-law and sister, respectivel
108140AlirThe name Alir comprises the two first letters of Alphonse (b. 1927) and Irène (b. 1935) Hernandez, t
112798KelindseyKelsey Leanne Harding (b. 2000) and Lindsey Annemarie Harding (b. 1998) are nieces of the discoverer
114239BermarmiThis minor planet is named in memory of Bernard (1911-1988) and Mary (1912-1996), parents of the dis
115312WhitherWhitney Young (b. 1990) and Heather Young (b. 1992) are granddaughters of the discoverer.
115477BrantanicaBrandon Danielson (b. 1994), Brittany Danielson (b. 1996) and Monica Rahn (b. 2006) are grandchildre
117586TwilathoTwila Gore Peck (b. 1949) and Thom Peck (b. 1950) are an astronomical outreach powerhouse. While Th
117640MillsellieAmelia Lucas (b. 2014) and Eloise Thornton (b. 2014) were born during the OSIRIS-REx Mission. Mills,
128297AshleviAshlie Philpott (b. 1998) and Levi Lemley (b. 2000) are grandchildren of the discoverer.
130283ElizabethgrahamElizabeth Brady and Graham Lawrence Brady are the parents of the discoverer. They were instrumental
133280BryleenNamed in honor of Bryan (b. 1976) and Eileen (b. 1979), son and daughter of the discoverer.
147397BobhazelRobert Sealy (1927-2002) founded the Seaside Amateur Astronomers in Seaside, Oregon, in 1958. His w
147736RaxavinicAirline pilot trainee Rapha (b. 1977), experimental physicist Xavier (b. 1979) and software engineer
175109SharickaerVeterinarian assistant Sharvel Gretzner (b. 1986) and construction worker Rick Kaer (b. 1987), both
192686AljuromaAlexandra, Juri, Robin and Marlene are grandchildren of the discoverer.
210350MariolisaMario (b. 2005) and Lisa (b. 2002) are the son and daughter of the discoverer.
224067ColemilaCole Osmonson (b. 2016) and Mila Rodriguez (b. 2016) are great-grandchildren of the discoverer
228136BillaryWilliam Griffith (b. 1956) and Hillary U. Galkin (b. 1956), avid amateur astronomers from southern C
239046JudysydJudith J. (b. 1937) and Sydney P. (b. 1933) Levine, orthopedic surgeon and maritime economic consult
321405IngehorstInge (b. 1938) and Horst Zimmer (b. 1931) are the parents of the second discoverer. They have stron
330440DavinadonDavina O'Brien (b. 1949) and Donovan Edward O'Brien (b. 1945), of Tea Gardens, Australia, are friend
379173GamaovaliaNamed after the three sisters Galina (b. 1935), Mariya (b. 1940), Oktyabrina (b. 1938) and two brot

download list of asteroids in this group in Zet act format.