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nr  ↓ name  ↓ Name Source  ↓
30Urania Named for the Muse of astronomy {see also planet  (18)}. (H 5; AN 39, 92 (1854)) Named by A. de Morg
1067Lunaria Named after any of a genus of European plants of the mustard family with cordate leaves and broad si
1206Numerowia Named in honor of the Russian astronomer Boris Vasil’evich Numerov (1891–1941), the founder and dire
2037TripaxeptalisA whimsical name, suggested by the fact that (2037) = 3 x (679) Pax = 7 x (291) Alice.
2830Greenwich Named for the Royal Greenwich Observatory on the occasion of the centennial of its adoption as the p
3142Kilopi The name acknowledges the fact that the number of this planet is the approximate circumference of a
3163Randi Named in honor of the American magician James Randi (1928– ); (real name Randall James Hamilton Zwin
4141Nintanlena Named in honor of Nina, Tanya and Elena, wife and daughters of Kiev astronomer K. I. Churyumov {see
4239Goodman Named in honor of Neville J. Goodman, a member of the British Astronomical Association since 1944. P
6465Zvezdotchet Named for the Russian amateur astronomers’ magazine Zvezdotchet (Stargazer) and its readers. (M 2914
6600QwertyQwerty is a popular name for the standard Roman-alphabet typewriter keyboard, based on the first six
6765Fibonacci Named in memory of Leonardo Fibonacci of Pisa (c. 1170–1240), the first “western” mathematician, who
7461Kachmokiam Named in honor of Katherine Galindo, Christine Galindo, Molly Thompson, Kimberley Galindo and Amy Ga
7805MoonsNamed in memory of Michèle Moons (1951-1998), well known for her work on celestial mechanics done at
8589StellarisNamed for Botaurus stellaris, or bittern.
8958StargazerThis name honors in general those who since time immemorial have gazed up at the night sky in wonder
9307RegiomontanusNamed for the German mathematician and astronomer Johannes Regiomontanus (1436-1476), originally cal
9936Al-BiruniThe Persian scientist Al-Biruni (973-1048) made important contributions to anthropology, mathematics
10216PopastroThe U.K. Society for Popular Astronomy (SPA) celebrates its fiftieth anniversary in 2003. It was es
10847KochThe German physician Robert Koch (1843-1910) is the chief founder of the methodology of modern bacte
13579AlloddThe number of this minor planet consists of all odd digits, in increasing order. The name was sugge
20461DioretsaAs befits the first numbered asteroid in a retrograde orbit, Dioretsa is the word asteroid spelled b
24626AstrowizardDavid V. Rodrigues (b. 1952) has dedicated his life to explaining the riches of the universe to anyo
24680AllevenThe number of this minor planet consists of the even digits in order. The name was suggested by J. M
25129UranoscopeUranoscope is a French amateur observatory, created in 1983 by Christian Bourdeille in Gretz Armainv
55753RamanIndian physicist C. V. Raman (1888-1970) showed the inelastic scattering of photons traversing a mat
213771JohndeeJohn Dee (1527-1608), English mathematician, astronomer, navigation expert, the author of Mathema
274020SkywalkerSkywalker is the family name of the fictional characters Luke and Anakin in the Star Wars universe.

download list of asteroids in this group in Zet act format.