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1566Icarus The discoverer has assigned to this unusual planet the name of the mythological boy who escaped impr
1620Geographos The name, meaning Geographer, has been assigned by the discoverers to honor the National Geographic
1685Toro Named, as companion to (1580) Betulia, to honor the maiden name of Mrs. Herrick, and because of its
1862Apollo This object is named for the god of the Sun, child of Zeus and Leto {see planets  (5731) and  (68)}.
1863Antinous Antinous was one of the many unwelcome suitors for Penelope’s {see planet  (201)} hand while her hus
1864Daedalus Named for the builder of King Minos’ {see planet  (6239)} labyrinth, who was subsequently imprisoned
1865Cerberus Named for the three-headed dog that guarded the entrance to Hades. His capture (and subsequent retur
1866Sisyphus Named for the cruel king of Corinth, punished by being given the task of rolling a large stone up to
1981Midas Named for the Phrygian king supposed to have the gift of transforming all that he touched to gold. A
2063Bacchus This Apollo-type object is named for the god of wine and merriment, son of Jupiter and Semele {see p
2101Adonis This Apollo-type minor planet was named previously for the lover of Aphrodite {see planet  (1388)}.
2102Tantalus Named for the king of Sipylus, who was punished by being immersed to his neck in water and prevented
2135AristaeusThis Apollo object is named for the son of Apollo and the nymph Cyrene.
2201Oljato Named for the place of Moonlight Water near Monument Valley, Utah, on the Navajo Indian Reservation.
2212HephaistosThis Apollo-type object is named for the god of fire and blacksmiths.
2329OrthosNamed for Orthos, the two-headed dog from Greek mythology. Together with his master Eurytion, this d
3103Eger Named for a famous Hungarian city. In 1762 its bishop, Count Karoly Esterhazy, established a univers
3200Phaethon This object associated with the Geminid meteor stream has the smallest known perihelion distance for
3360SyrinxIn 1918 the Danish composer Carl Nielsen (1865-1931) composed the tone poem Pan and Syrinx, b
3361Orpheus Named for the poet and musician of Greek mythology who almost rescued his wife Eurydice from Hades b
3752Camillo Named for the young son of Turno, king of the earliest Romans. The name also honors the son of the s
3838Epona Named for the Gaulish goddess of horses and horseriders, specifically with respect to those on Palom
4015Wilson-Harrington This Apollo object, which is identical with the single-apparition periodic comet 1949 III = 1949g (w
4034VishnuVishnu is the Hindu god of preservation. Name suggested by J. Meeus.
4179Toutatis Named after the Gaulish god, protector of the tribe. This totemic deity is well known because of the
4183Cuno Following the theme that several earth-approaching minor planets have four-letter masculine names, t
4197MorpheusMorpheus is a god of dreams who appears in Ovid's “Metamorphoses”. He has the ability to mimic any h
4257Ubasti Ubasti, also called Bastet or Bast, was an ancient Egyptian goddess worshipped in the form of a cat.
4341Poseidon In Greek mythology, Poseidon, a brother of Zeus {see planet  (5731)}, was lord of the sea and of ear
4450Pan Originally a shepherd god of Arcady, Pan developed into a hunter, fisherman and warrior. He was wors
4486Mithra Named for the Indo-Iranian god of the heavenly light that led to mithraism, one of the last oriental
4544Xanthus This is another Greek name for Apollo {see planet  (1862)} meaning the ‘Fair’; as such, Xanthus deli
4581Asclepius Named for the Greek god of healing and medicine, son of Apollo by Coronis {see planets  (1862) and  
4660Nereus Named for the ancient Greek god Nereus, a son of Pontus and Gaia {see planet  (1184)}. A benevolent
4769Castalia Named for Castalia, a nymph pursued by Apollo {see planet  (1862)}. Fleeing his attention, she dived
5011Ptah In Egyptian religion Ptah was the creator of the universe and a patron of craftsmen, especially scul
5143Heracles Heracles, son of Zeus and the Theban princess Alcmena {see planets  (5731) and  (82)}, united the fi
5731Zeus Originally Zeus was the god of the sky and of atmospheric phenomena, of winds, clouds, rain and thun
5786Talos A cousin of Icarus {see planet  (1566)}, Talos was murdered by his uncle, Daedalus {see planet  (186
6063Jason Jason, the son of Aeson of Thessaly, was educated by Chiron {see planet  (2060)}, the wisest of the
6239Minos Minos was the son of Zeus and Europa {see planets  (5731) and  (52)}. As king of Crete, he distingui
6489Golevka Named to honor the success of the multinational radar observations of this minor planet in June 1995
7092Cadmus Named for the son of the Phoenician king Agenor {see planet  (1873)}, and the brother of Europa {see
9162KwiilaKwiila is one of the First People in the Luiseno creation story. Kwiila means “black oak”, which is
10563IzhdubarIzhdubar was an ancient Chaldean sun-god. He was responsible for slaying the dreaded dragon Tiamat,
11066SigurdSigurd was the most famous of all Norse heroes and played the principal part in the Volsungasaga. H
11311PeleusPeleus, king of the Myrmidons in Thessaly, helped Heracles conquer Troy. He was married to the godd
11500TomaiyowitTomaiyowit is Earth Mother in the Luiseno creation story. She, together with Tukmit, gave birth to
11885SummanusSummanus was the Etruscan or Roman deity responsible for nocturnal lightning and thunder, as Jupiter
12711TukmitTukmit is Father Sky in the Luiseno creation story. He was made from nothingness and together with
12923ZephyrThe word zephyr derives from the name of the ancient Greek god of the west wind, Zephyros. The name
14827HypnosHypnos was the Greek god of sleep and twin brother of death. He entered the sleep of mortals and ga
24761AhauKinich Ahau was a Mayan sun god. He was the patron god of the city Itzamal and supposedly visited t
25143ItokawaHideo Itokawa (1912-1999) is regarded as the Father of Japanese rocketry. An aerospace engineer, It
37655IllapaIllapa was the thunder or weather god of the Incas. Hailing rain down from the celestial river (the
38086BeowolfOne of the oldest surviving texts from early Britain describes the adventures of Beowulf, a great Sc
54509YORPThis naming collectively honors Ivan O. Yarkovsky, John A. O'Keefe, V. V. Radzievskij and Stephen J.
69230HermesHermes was the messenger of the gods, son of Zeus and Maia. His attributes are the most complex and
85585MjolnirAccording to Norse mythology, Mjolnir was the hammer of Thor, god of thunder and defender of the wor

download list of asteroids in this group in Zet act format.