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433Eros Named after the Greek god of love (in Latin called Cupido or Amor), son of Mercury and Venus. He pro
719Albert Named by the Vienna astronomers in honor of Albert Freiherr von Rothschild, a benefactor of the Vien
887Alinda According to Australian aboriginal mythology, Alinda is the man in the moon. He drowned his two sons
1036Ganymed Named after the beautiful youth in classical mythology carried off to Olympus to be the cupbearer of
1221Amor Amor is the Latin name for the Greek Eros, the god of love. Like (433) Eros this planet makes close
1580Betulia This planet has been named at the request of Dr. S. J. Herrick in honor of his wife. (M 768)
1627Ivar This planet is named by the discoverer in honor of his late brother Ivar. (M 1860)
1915Quetzalcoatl Named for the god of wisdom and culture who brought learning to the Toltec people and has been famil
1916Boreas Named for the god of the north wind, this Amor-type {see planet  (1221)} object was discovered as it
1917Cuyo Named in honor of the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, which operated the observatory at El Leoncito {s
1943Anteros Anteros was in attendance upon Eros and was sometimes said to be the avenger of slighted love, somet
1980Tezcatlipoca Named for the Toltec god of matter, “the smoking mirror”, the counterpart to (1915) Quetzálcoatl, “t
2059BaboquivariThis Amor-type object, recovered with the Steward Observatory’s 2.3-m reflector on
2061Anza Named for Captain Juan Bautista de Anza, born at the Presidio of Fronteras, 250 km southeast of Tucs
2202PeleNamed for the goddess of fire in Hawaiian legend. She made her home in the volcano Kilauea, after be
2368BeltrovataThis Amor object shares the name given by the Zurich-born writer Gottfried Keller to his friend Bett
2608Seneca Named for the great Roman philosopher and statesman Lucius Annaeus Seneca {4 B.C.-65}. (M 6835) Sene
3102Krok Krok was a mythical prince of the Slavonic tribes in ancient Bohemia. He had three daughters. The yo
3122Florence Named in memory of Florence Nightingale (1820–1910), English nurse and hospital reformer, who almost
3199Nefertiti Named for the beautiful consort of the revolutionary pharaoh Akhenaten of the seventeenth dynasty in
3271Ul Named for the spirit of night-time and the moon in the mythology of the Melanesians of the New Hebri
3288Seleucus Named for one of the generals of Alexander the Great and heir to the largest part of his empire. Sel
3352McAuliffe Named in memory of S. Christa C. McAuliffe (1948–1986), teacher, observer. (M 10550) See the comment
3551Verenia Named for the first vestal virgin consecrated by the legendary Roman king Numa Pompilius, builder of
3552Don Quixote Named for the hero of Cervantes’ {1547–1616} great romance, the Knight of the Sorrowful Countenance,
3553Mera Named for a daughter of Praetus. She was a follower of Artemis {see planet  (105)} and was killed by
3671Dionysus Originating in Thrace, where he was revered as a god of wine, the cult of Dionysus spread gradually
3691BedeThe Venerable Bede (c. 672-735), the “Father of English History” who popularized the A.D. reckoning
3757AnagolayAnagolay is the goddess of lost things in ancient Philippine Tagalog mythology. Name suggested by t
3908NyxNamed for the goddess and personification of the night. She was a daughter of Chaos and had many ch
3988HumaThe Huma (or Homa) are legendary birds within Iranian mythology and Sufi fable. A huma is a bird of
4055Magellan Named for the leader of the first expedition to circumnavigate the Earth and the present highly succ
4401Aditi Aditi was an Indian goddess of the sky and the air. She was the mother of 33 gods and of the sun, an
4487Pocahontas An Indian princess and daughter of Powhatan, celebrated sachem and chief of the Chickahominy tribe o
4503Cleobulus Named for Cleobulus (fl. c. 560 B.C.), one of the Seven Sages of Greece. A native and tyrant of Lind
4587Rees Named in honor of Martin J. Rees (1942– ), English astronomer, professor of astronomy at the Univers
4947Ninkasi Named for the Sumerian goddess of wine and beer. She aided the god Lugalbanda in rescuing the tablet
4954Eric The name dates back to ancient Norse times, and was also prominent among Scandinavian monarchs. Eric
4957Brucemurray Named in honor of Bruce C. Murray, professor of planetary science at the California Institute of Tec
5324Lyapunov This unusual object is named in honor of the outstanding Russian mathematician Alexandr Mikhailovich
5332DavidaguilarDavid Aguilar (b. 1945), director of public affairs at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysi
5370Taranis Named after the Gaulish god of thunder (Irish “torann” and Gallic “Taran”). His symbols are the whee
5620JasonwheelerJason Wheeler Roman (b. 1995) is the youngest son of the first discoverer.
5626MelissabruckerMelissa J. Brucker (b. 1977) researches small bodies in the solar system. As Deputy Principal Invest
5653CamarilloAt his private observatory in Camarillo, John Rogers secured follow-up observations of this minor pl
5751Zao Mt. Zao is the general name of the volcanic mountains that lie in the northern part of mainland Japa
5797BivojThis Amor-type object is named for the honorable hero of ancient Bohemian myths, known for his great
5863Tara In Indian Hinduism, the star-goddess Tara is a manifestation of the queen of time. She is the absolu
5869Tanith Seen as a heavenly goddess by the conquering Romans who called her Caelestis, Tanith was worshipped
5879AlmeriaNamed for the Spanish city and province where the Calar Alto Observatory of the German-Spanish Astro
6050MiwablockMiwa Block (b. 1972) is an astronomical observer and programmer for Spacewatch. She created Spacewa
6569OndaatjeMichael Ondaatje (b. 1943), a Canadian novelist, poet and writer, was born in Sri Lanka into a Burgh
7088Ishtar Named for the chief goddess of the Mesopotamian pantheon and a principal goddess of the Assyrians an
7336SaundersR. Stephen Saunders (b. 1940), chief scientist for the Solar System Exploration Office at the Jet Pr
7358OzeOze is a basin highland lying astride the prefectures Fukushima, Gunma and Niigata. The highland is
7480Norwan Norwan, as the “dancing porcupine woman” of the California Wintuns, was a goddess of light who broug
8013GordonmooreA life-long contributor to and supporter of education, research and technology, Gordon Moore (b. 192
8034AkkaAkka was the Finnish earth mother and goddess of the harvest and female sexuality. She was the wife
9172AbhramuAbhramu, the “cloud-knitter”, was the original female elephant who was a supernatural winged being w
9950ESAESA is an acronym for the European Space Agency. This agency, formed in 1974, manages impressive sc
11284BelenusBelenus, husband of Belisana, is the Gaulish god of light, with responsibilities also to sheep and c
13553MasaakikoyamaMasaaki Koyama (b. 1934), Japanese baseball player, was known for his superb ball control and was ca
15745YuliyaYuliya Germanova (b. 1986), studied English and Chinese at the Ural University in Chelyabinsk. Duri
15817LucianotesiLuciano Tesi (b. 1931) founded the Amateur Group of the Pistoiese Mountain in 1980. This later led
16064DavidharveyDavid Harvey (b. 1958) is a software engineer at the University of Arizona's Steward Observatory. H
16912RhiannonRhiannon was a version of the celtic horse-goddess Epona and of sovereignty. She was mistress of th
18106BlumeWilliam H. Blume (b. 1948), a senior mission designer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, has played a
20460RobwhiteleyRobert J. Whiteley (b. 1971) is a member of the University of Hawaii Aten Survey and the Catalina Sk
21088ChelyabinskChelyabinsk is a city in the Urals, Siberia. On 2013 February 15 a small asteroidal fragment explod
39557GielgudRenowned for his portrayal of Hamlet in 1936, British actor John Gielgud (1904-2000) later played al
52387HuitzilopochtliHuitzilopochtli is an Aztec god associated with the sun. His name, meaning “hummingbird of the sout
65803DidymosGreek for “twin”, this rapid-rotator Amor possesses a satellite with an orbital period of 11.9 hr.

download list of asteroids in this group in Zet act format.