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54Alexandra Named in honor of Baron Alexander von Humboldt (1769–1859), renowned naturalist and explorer of Sout
80Sappho Named in honor of the renowned Greek lyric poetess (610 B.C.) who threw herself into the ocean becau
115Thyra Named after an early Danish queen. Queen Thyri was the wife of King Gorm the Old of Denmark (?–940)
117Lomia Very probably, the name ‘Lamia’ originally was misspelled to ‘Lomia’. Lamia, queen of Lybia, was bel
126Velleda Named for a priestess of the Germans in the first century A.D. who was worshiped as a deity. She pro
127Johanna Named probably for Jeanne d’Arc (1412–1431), saint and French national heroine. (Littrow, 7. ed., p.
156Xanthippe Named for the wife of the Greek philosopher Socrates (470?-399 B.C.) {see planet  (5450)} whose peev
203Pompeja The discoverer wrote: “For the planet, whose discovery very coincided with the day, when at Pompeji
216Kleopatra Named for the Egyptian queen (69–30 B.C.), famed as mistress of Julius Caesar and of Mark Antony. (H
219Thusnelda Named probably after the daughter of the German chief Segestes. She was taken to wife by force by th
238Hypatia Named probably after the daughter of the famous mathematician and philosopher Theon of Alexandria, w
264Libussa Named after the princess who founded the city of Prague {see planet  (2367)} in the 8th century. (H
404Arsinoe Named for the mother of Asclepius (or Aesculapius, see planet  (1027) by Apollo {see planet  (1862)}
409Aspasia Named for the Greek adventuress (470?–410 B.C.) and consort of Pericles. Aspasia of Miletus was a fa
421Zahringia Named for a family of Grand Dukes of Baden (see also planet  (420)). (H 46)
423Diotima Named for a priestess and teacher of the Greek philosopher Socrates (470?–399 B.C.) {see planet  (54
425Cornelia Named probably after Cornelia (ca. 180 B.C.), daughter of Scipio Africanus, mother of Tiberius Sempr
444Gyptis Named for the wife of Protis, chief of the expedition from Phocaea {see planet  (25)} which founded
475Ocllo Named by the discoverer for the first Inca queen, by tradition daughter of the Sun. (AN 159, 129 (19
515Athalia Named for the impious and murderous queen of Judah, daughter of Ahab and Jezebel (II Kings 8, 26; 11
530Turandot Named for the daughter of the Emperor of China in the opera Turandot by the Italian composer Giacomo
545Messalina Named after Valeria Messalina (c. 25–48), the third wife of the Roman emperor Claudius (10 B.C.-54).
546Herodias Named for the consort of Herod Antipas. She and her daughter Salome {see planet  (562)} caused the d
560Delila Named for the mistress and betrayer of Samson in the book of Judges, set to music by the French comp
562Salome Named for the daughter of Herod Antipas who was given the head of John the Baptist as a reward for h
584Semiramis Named for the mythical Assyrian queen, wife of Ninus, founder of Niniveh, whom she succeeded as rule
585Bilkis Bilkis, or Balkis, is the name in the Koran of the queen of Sheba {see planet  (1196)} who visited S
590Tomyris Named after the queen of the Massagets in Scythia who sold and killed the Persian king Cyrus the Gre
609Fulvia Named for Fulvia, first wife of the orator, triumvir and general Marcus Aurelius Antonius (83?–30 B.
626Notburga Named after the Catholic Saint Notburga von Hoch-hausen (ca. 1517), a small town in the Neckar Valle
645Agrippina Named for two characters of the Roman history. Agrippina the elder (13? B.C.–33) was the daughter of
653Berenike Named after the daughter of king Magas of Cyrene (273?–221 B.C.) and wife (247 B.C.) of Ptolemaeus I
661Cloelia Named probably for a Roman noble girl. With nine other girls she was an hostage given to Porsenna wh
664Judith Named after the figure from the play (1839) of the German dramatist Friedrich Hebbel (1813–1863). Ju
670Ottegebe Named for a woman character in the drama Der arme Heinrich by the German writer Gerhart Hauptmann (1
697Galilea Named for the discovery of the Jupiter satellites by Galileo Galilei: “Im besonderen soll der Name G
777Gutemberga Named by the discoverer in memory of Johann Gensfleisch (Gutenberg) (1400?–1468) who discovered the
810Atossa Named after the Persian queen, daughter of king Cyrus and wife of Darius I {see, respectively, plane
823Sisigambis Named for Sisigambis, the mother of Darius III, the last Persian king. During the Issus Battle (333
831Stateira Named after the wife of king Artaxerxes II of Persia who died following poisoning by her mother-in-l
888Parysatis Named after the wife of the Persian king Darius II, mother of Artaxerxes II {see planet  (831)} and
944Hidalgo German astronomers observed the total solar eclipse 1923 September 10 in Mexico. After the eclipse t
967Helionape Named in honor of the theatrical artist Sonnenthal. Helionape is the Greek translation (Sonne = heli
974Lioba Named after the Saint Lioba, abbess in Tauberbischofsheim, Germany. She was buried at the side of Bo
1068Nofretete Named for the Egyptian queen and wife of Amenhotep IV {see also planet  (4847)}. (H 101) Named by G.
1114Lorraine Named after the region and former duchy in northeastern France, remnant of the medieval kingdom of L
1126Otero Named probably after Caroline Otéro (1868–1965), known as “la belle Otéro”. The whole world admired
1236Thais Named for the famous Athenian hetaera who accompanied Alexander the Great (356–323 B.C.) in Asia. Sh
1246Chaka Named for Chaka (or Tchaka), king of the Zulu tribe and founder of the Zulu empire in 1812. (H 115)
1248Jugurtha Named after the Numidian king (160–104 B.C.) and enemy of Rome. Jugurtha was throttled to death in R
1291Phryne Named for a hetaera of the 4th century B.C. celebrated for her beauty. She was the model for several
1315Bronislawa Named for the Polish saint Bronislava {1203?–1259{, a cousin of St. Hyazinth of Poland. She was a pr
1322Coppernicus Named for the great Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus (1473–1543), the founder of the heliocentr
1358Gaika Name of a native chief of the Transkei, Cape Province, who figures largely in South African history.
1366Piccolo Named in honor of M. d’Arsac, editor-in-chief of the Brussels newspaper Le Soir who used this pseudo
1442Corvina Named by the discoverer probably in memory of the Hungarian king Matthias I. Corvinus (1440–1490) wh
1489AttilaNamed for the fifth-century king of the Huns.
1677Tycho Brahe Named for the great Danish-born astronomer Tycho Brahe (1546–1601). (M 4236) Brahe is also honored b
1680Per BraheNamed in memory of the Swedish count Per Brahe (1602-1680), who was governor general of Finland. Th
1813Imhotep Named for a famous physician and architect in the third dynasty of the ancient Egyptian Kingdom, bui
1860Barbarossa The name of the famous German emperor was the nickname (Barba) of the discoverer’s favorite mathemat
1888Zu Chong-Zhi Named for Zu Chong-Zhi (492–500), a distinguished astronomer-mathematician during the period of the
1972Yi Xing Named for Yi Xing or I Hsing (683–727), also known as Zhang Sui. This famous Chinese astronomer of t
1973ColocoloNamed for the old and wise Araucanian chief who succeeded in unifying the Araucanian Indian tribes a
1974CaupolicanNamed for the Great Chief of the unified Araucanian tribes. He was selected after winning a competit
1992GalvarinoNamed for the heroic Araucanian chief condemned by the Spanish soldiers to have his hands cut off an
1993GuacoldaNamed for the beautiful and heroic wife of the Araucanian chief Lautaro, formerly a servant in a Spa
1998Titius Named in memory of Johann Daniel Titius (1729–1796), who made the initial formulation of the Titius-
2012Guo Shou-Jing Named for Guo Shou-Jing (1231–1316), a prominent Chinese astronomer of the Yuan dynasty. Believing t
2013TucapelNamed for one of the brave Araucanian chiefs who, with his wife Gualeva, victoriously entered the ci
2027Shen Guo Named for the versatile Chinese scholar Shen Guo (1031–1095), who lived during the Sung dynasty and
2028JanequeoNamed for the wife of the Araucanian chief Guepotan. After her husband's death in battle, she took c
2029BinomiThis minor planet, five ahead of (2034) Bernoulli, is named for the mythical inventor of mathematica
2152Hannibal Named for the great Carthaginian general who, on his way to Rome in 217 B.C., crossed the Alps with
2239Paracelsus Named for the great physician and natural philosopher whose real name was Theophrastus Bombastus von
2272Montezuma Named in honor of the ninth emperor of the Aztec empire, who reigned 1502–1520. He believed that his
2275Cuitlahuac Named in honor of the tenth emperor of the Aztec empire, who reigned briefly in 1520. Brother of Mon
2319Aristides Named for the Athenian politician Aristides (fl. c. 500 B.C.), famous for his just determination of
2339Anacreon Named for the Greek poet Anacreon (fl. c. 550 B.C.), whose poems celebrate wine, love and friendship
2435Horemheb Named for the last pharaoh of the eighteenth dynasty in ancient Egypt. His tomb was recently excavat
2436Hatshepsut Named for the only female pharaoh to reign over ancient Egypt. (M 8153)
2439Ulugbek Named for the celebrated Uzbek astronomer and mathematician Ulugbek (Ulugh Beg) Mukhammed Taragaj (1
2454Olaus Magnus Named for Olaus Magnus (1490–1557), the last Catholic archbishop of Sweden, who spent most of his li
2483Guinevere Named for the heroine of the Arthurian legends, the wife of King Arthur {see planet  (2597)}, but th
2542Calpurnia Named for the last wife of Julius Caesar. She bade him stay home from the Senate on the Ides of Marc
2579Spartacus Named for the leader of a large-scale rebellion of the slaves in Rome in 73–71 B.C. (M 9767)
2608Seneca Named for the great Roman philosopher and statesman Lucius Annaeus Seneca {4 B.C.-65}. (M 6835) Sene
2609Kiril-Metodi Named for the brothers Kiril (827–869) and Metodi (815–885), also known as Cyril and Methodius, ‘the
2663Miltiades Named for the commander of the Athenian troops who conquered the Persian army in the battle near Mar
2720Pyotr Pervyj Named in memory of Peter I (1672–1725), the Russian tsar known as Peter the Great for his progressiv
2741Valdivia Named in memory of the Spanish Captain Pedro de Valdivia (1502–1553), conqueror of Chile, who left P
2755Avicenna Named for the medieval scientist, philosopher, physician and poet Ibn Sina, or Abu Ali al Hussein ib
2758Cordelia Named for the younger daughter of King Lear in Shakespeare’s tragedy. (M 9769) The name Cordelia has
2798Vergilius Named for the Roman poet Virgil (70–18 B.C.), author of the poems Bucolica, Georgica and Aeneis. (M
2800Ovidius Named for the Roman poet Ovid (43 B.C.-A.D. 18), whose collections of poems include Ars Amatoria, Me
2818Juvenalis Named for the Roman satirical poet Juvenal (fl. c. A.D. 100). (M 16591)
2822Sacajawea Named for the young Shoshone Indian woman who guided Lewis and Clark on their expedition of discover
2876Aeschylus Named for the author of tragedies in ancient Athens (525–456 B. C.). Of his more than 90 tragedies o
2921Sophocles Named for the author of tragedies in ancient Athens (496–406 B.C.). Of his 123 tragedies only seven
2930Euripides Named for the author of tragedies in ancient Athens (480–406 B.C.). Of his 92 plays 19 survived. (M
2934Aristophanes Named for the author of comedies in ancient Athens (445–385 B.C.). Of his 44 plays 11 survived. (M 1
2944Peyo Named in memory of Pierre Culliford (1928–1992), better known under his pseudonym Peyo. He was known
2967Vladisvyat Named for Vladimir Svyatoslavich (ca. 950–1015), Kiev Grand Prince who worked for the consolidation
2976Lautaro Named in honor of the Chilean Indian Levtraru (1534–1557), modified to Lautaro (Swift Hawk) by the S
3000Leonardo Named for Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519), Italian painter, sculptor, architect, musician, enigineer a
3001Michelangelo Named for Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475–1564), Italian artist. (M 10045)
3018Godiva Named for the wife of Leofric, Earl of Mercia, who, it is said, rode naked, but for her long hair, t
3027Shavarsh Named in honor of Shavarsh Vladimirovich Kara-petyan, Armenian sportsman, eleven times the world cha
3092Herodotus Named for the Greek historian who lived in the fifth century B.C. and is known as the “Father of His
3094Chukokkala Named in memory of Kornej Ivanovich Chukovskij, pen name of Nikolaj Vasil’evich Kornejchukov (1882–1
3095Omarkhayyam Named for the great Tadjik and Persian poet, mathematician and philosopher Omar Khayyam Giyasaddinab
3097Tacitus Named for the Roman historian who lived in the first century A.D. (M 11159) Tacitus is also honored
3178Yoshitsune Named for one of the most famous and tragic Japanese military commanders, Minamoto Yoshitsune (1159–
3199Nefertiti Named for the beautiful consort of the revolutionary pharaoh Akhenaten of the seventeenth dynasty in
3226Plinius Named for Pliny (62–114), the Roman author who described the A.D. 79 eruption of Vesuvius. (M 16591)
3244Petronius Named for Petronius (fl. c. A.D. 60), Roman author whose main work is the novel Satyricon. (M 16591)
3251Eratosthenes Named for the Greek scholar Eratosthenes, who lived in Alexandria around 250 B.C. and was the first
3279Solon Named for the Athenian legislator who lived around 600 B.C. (M 16591)
3288Seleucus Named for one of the generals of Alexander the Great and heir to the largest part of his empire. Sel
3362Khufu Named for the Egyptian god-king Khufu, better known by his Greek name of Cheops, a pharaoh of the 29
3458Boduognat Named for Boduognat, chief of the Nerviens, a Belgian tribe in the provinces of Hainaut and Brabant.
3491Fridolin Named for the patron saint of the Swiss valley of Glarus, where it is still a popular Christian name
3519Ambiorix Named for Ambiorix, chief of the Eburons, an ancient Belgian tribe. Ambiorix revolted against the oc
3551Verenia Named for the first vestal virgin consecrated by the legendary Roman king Numa Pompilius, builder of
3582Cyrano Named for the whimsical French poet and soldier Cyrano de Bergerac (1619–1655), who in some of his c
3588Kirik Named for Kirik Novgorodets, a twelfth-century chronicler from the town of Novgorod, author of the f
3589Loyola Named for the town in Spain, birthplace of Ignatius {see planet  (3562)}, founder of the Jesuits. (M
3600Archimedes Named for Archimedes (c. 287–212 B.C.), great ancient Greek scientist. (M 22245) Archimedes is also
3655Eupraksia Named for the wife of the thirteenth-century prince Fyodor Ryazansky. She preferred death to being t
3686Antoku Named for the 81st emperor of Japan, Antoku (1178–1185), son of Kenreimonin {see planet  (5242)}. He
3733Yoshitomo Named for a Japanese military commander, Minamoto Yoshitomo (1123–1160), father of Yoritomo and Yosh
3902Yoritomo Named for Minamoto Yoritomo (1147–1199), the first shogun and founder of the Japanese feudal system.
3903Kliment Ohridski Named in memory of Kliment Ohridski (840–916), one of the first Bulgarian philosophers {of Macedonia
3916Maeva Named in memory of Maeva d’Alloy d’Hocquincourt Vitry, who died tragically on 1992 June 7 at the age
4000Hipparchus Named by the Minor Planet Names Committee for the greatest astronomer of ancient times, renowned for
4001Ptolemaeus Named by the Minor Planet Names Committee for the celebrated author of the Almagest, whose ideas dom
4049Noragal' Named in memory of Eleonora Yakovlevna Gal’perina (1912–1992), literary critic and translator, well-
4161Amasis Named after the Egyptian pharaoh Amasis (570–526 B.C.). The Greek and Roman historians praised him g
4180Anaxagoras Named after the Greek philosopher Anaxagoras (c. 500–428 B.C.). He lived in Asia minor and in Athens
4294Horatius Named for the Roman poet Horatio (65–8 B.C.), whose main poems are collected in Sermones, Carmina an
4354Euclides Named for the Greek mathematician Euclid, who lived in Alexandria about 300 B.C. (M 16594) Euclid is
4374Tadamori Named for a Japanese commander of the Heike, Taira-no Tadamori (1096–1153), father of Taira-no Kiyom
4375Kiyomori Named for one of the most brilliant Japanese autocrats in the late Heian era, Taira-no Kiyomori (111
4376Shigemori Named for a Japanese military commander, Taira-no Shigemori (1138–1179), the eldest son of Taira-no
4377Koremori Named for Taira-no Koremori (1160–?), a Japanese military commander who was the eldest son of Taira-
4402Tsunemori Named for the Japanese military commander in the late Heian era, Taira-no Tsunemori (1125–1185), a s
4412Chephren Chephren was a pharaoh of the old Egyptian kingdom. He reigned about 2500 B.C. and built the second
4413Mycerinos Mycerinos was pharaoh of the old Egyptian kingdom of the fourth dynasty. He reigned about 2500 B.C.
4414Sesostris Sesostris was the name of three pharaohs of the old Egyptian kingdom (twelfth dynasty). They reigned
4415Echnaton Echnaton was a pharaoh of the old Egyptian kingdom who reigned from 1375 to 1358 B.C. He started a r
4416Ramses Ramses II, also called Ramesses, was a pharaoh of the old Egyptian kingdom who reigned from 1332 to
4485Radonezhskij Named in honor of Reverend Sergij Radonezhskij (c. 1321–1391), prominent figure in the Russian Churc
4487Pocahontas An Indian princess and daughter of Powhatan, celebrated sachem and chief of the Chickahominy tribe o
4488Tokitada Named for Taira-no Tokitada (1130–1189), a Japanese military commander in the late Heian era who was
4503Cleobulus Named for Cleobulus (fl. c. 560 B.C.), one of the Seven Sages of Greece. A native and tyrant of Lind
4568Menkaure Menkaure (c. 2530 B.C.), the son of Chephren {see planet  (4412)}, reigned for 18 years and built th
4574Yoshinaka Named for Kiso Yoshinaka (1154–1184), the Japanese military commander in the late Heian era. He was
4637Odorico Named for the renowned solitary traveler and missionary, the Franciscan monk Odorico (1265–1331). Bo
4653Tommaso Named for Tommaso Campanella (1568–1639), Italian monk who was a philosopher, poet and political fig
4681Ermak Named for Ermak Timofeevich (?–1585), hero of Russian folklore and the Cossack chieftain who led the
4721Atahualpa On the 500th anniversary of the discovery of the Americas by Columbus {see planet  (327)}, we want t
4748Tokiwagozen Named for Tokiwagozen (1138–?), beautiful mother of Yoshitsune {see planet  (3178)}. She was capture
4752Myron Myron of Eleutherae (fl. 470 B.C.) in Attica, one of the most celebrated Greek artists, was a pupil
4753Phidias Named for the famous Greek artist, born c. 500 B.C. in Athens, a pupil of Ageladus. Eminent as an ar
4798Mercator Named in memory of the Flemish cartographer Gerard De Kremer (1512–1594), known under the Latinised
4846Tuthmosis Tuthmosis (also written Thothmose) was the name of four Egyptian pharaohs of the 18th dynasty. The n
4847Amenhotep Named after pharaohs of the 18th dynasty. Amenhotep (Greek name Amenophis) means ‘Amun is merciful’.
4848Tutenchamun Named after the 18th dynasty pharaoh Tut-ench-Amun or Tutanchamun, 1355–1337 B.C., son-in-law and pr
4876Strabo Named after the Greek geographer Strabo (Greek Strabon: 63 B.C.-c. A.D. 23), who devoted himself to
4896Tomoegozen Named for Tomoegozen, mistress of Yoshinaka, known as a brave strategist on Yoshinaka’s staff. After
4906Seneferu Seneferu (also written Snefru) was the first king of the 4th dynasty and built two pyramids near Das
4907Zoser Named after the Egyptian pharaoh of the third dynasty. Zoser, also written Djoser, erected the first
4945Ikenozenni Named for Ikenozenni, the second wife of (4374) Tadamori. She asked (4375) Kiyomori to spare the lif
4959Niinoama Named for Tokiko (?–1185), wife of (4375) Kiyomori. She is called Niinoama because she took the rank
5002Marnix Named for Philips Marnix van Sint Aldegonde (1538–1598), mayor of Antwerp during 1583–1585 and playe
5009Sethos Named after the Egyptian pharaoh Sethos I (reigned 1304–1290 B.C.) of the 19th dynasty. His father w
5010Amenemhet Named after the Egyptian pharaoh Amenemhět III (1844–1797 B.C.), son of Sesostris III {see planet  (
5017Tenchi Named for the emperor (626–671) who made the first clepsydra in Japan in 660. On 671 June 10 (Gregor
5018Tenmu Named for a Japanese Emperor (?–686), younger brother of the emperor Tenchi {see planet  (5017)}, sk
5148Giordano Named in honor of Giordano Bruno (1548–1600), Dominican priest, who spent 16 years travelling throug
5204Herakleitos Named for the Greek philosopher Herakleitos (540–480 B.C.) of Ephesus. By means of his metaphoric cl
5238Naozane Named for Naozane Jiro Kumagaya (1141–1208), respected for his courage as a soldier during the turbu
5242Kenreimonin Named for Tokuko Kenreimon-in (1155–1213), daughter of Kiyorami and mother of Emperor Antoku {see pl
5450Sokrates Named after the Greek philosopher Sokrates (c. 470–399 B.C.), who taught that one should always say
5451Plato Named after Plato (c. 428–348 B.C.), the most famous pupil of Sokrates {see planet  (5450)}. He was
5546Salavat Named in honor of the industrial city of Salavat, located in Bashkiria {see planet  (2657)}, just we
5565Ukyounodaibu Named for the Japanese poetess, Kenreimon-in Ukyounodaibu (1157–?). She wrote a diary with 359 poems
5612Nevskij Named for Novgorod prince Aleksandr Yaroslavich (1220–1263), astute politician and skilled military
5613Donskoj Named for Dmitrij Donskoj (1350–1389), Alexandr Nevskij’s {see planet  (5612)} great-grandson, grand
5700Homerus Named for the legendary Greek poet Homerus, who depicted in his epic poem Ilias an episode of the ba
5703Hevelius Named in memory of the eminent astronomer Johannes Hevelius (1611–1687), brewer and city councillor
5744Yorimasa Named for a Japanese military commander and well-known poet in the late Heian era, Minomoto-no Yorim
5855Yukitsuna Named for a Japanese military commander in the late Heian era, Minamoto-no Yukitsuna. When Yoshinaka
5873Archilochos Named for the Greek poet Archilochos (fl. 700 B.C.) who, through his provocative attitude against th
5928Pindarus Named for the Greek lyric poet Pindarus (c. 520–446 B.C.), long the mainstay of Greek poetry. He liv
5932Prutkov Named for Koz’ma Prutkov, a parody character, fictitious poet and author of many fables, humorous po
5945RoachapproachNamed in honor of Steve Roach, musician and composer of ‘space music’. Among the most progressive pe
5950Leukippos Named for the great Greek philosopher Leukippos, born around 450 B.C., probably at Miletus, on the w
5954Epikouros Named for the great philosopher Epikouros (341–270 B.C.), well known for his exposition of the atomi
5981Kresilas Named for the Greek sculptor Kresilas, who lived in the 5th century B.C. He is mostly known for his
5982Polykletus Named for the Greek sculptor Polykletus of Argos (c. 480–423 B.C.). Together with Phidias {see plane
5983Praxiteles Named for the great Athenian sculptor Praxiteles (c. 370–325 B.C.). Antique sources indicate that Pr
5984Lysippus Named for Lysippus of Sikyon (c. 370–300 B.C.), a great Greek sculptor in the time of Alexander the
5986XenophonNamed for the Athenian nobleman, pupil and interpreter of Socrates, historian, agriculturist, and mi
6001Thales Named for the famous Greek philosopher Thales of Miletus (c.625–547 B.C.). None of Thales’ writings
6006Anaximandros Named for the great Greek philosopher Anaximander of Miletus (610–546 B.C.). A pupil of Thales {see
6026Xenophanes Named for the Greek philosopher Xenophanes of Colophon (570–475 B.C.). He was in the first place a p
6039Parmenides Named for Parmenides of Elea, born around 515 B.C. and the founder of “Eleaticism“. From his lengthy
6051Anaximenes Named for the great Greek philosopher Anaximenes of Miletus. He was born in 545 B.C. and is to be co
6123Aristoteles Named for Aristoteles (384–322 B.C.), one of the most significant Greek philosophers, charging the d
6129Demokritos Named for the Greek philosopher Demokritos of Abdera (460–380 B.C.), well-known for his atomistic th
6143Pythagoras Named for the great Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras of Samos (580–500 B.C.). He contr
6152Empedocles Named for the Greek philosopher Empedocles (490–430 B.C.). Only some 400 lines remain of his poem On
6174Polybius Named for Polybius (c. 200–118 B.C.), Greek historian and father of pragmatic history, one of 1000 e
6186Zenon Named for the great Greek philosopher and mathematician Zenon of Elea (494–430 B.C.). As a friend an
6240Lucretius Carus Named for the Latin philosopher and poet Titus Lucretius Carus. He was born around 90 B.C., probably
6304Josephus Flavius Named for the Jewish historian Josephus Bar Mattheus, born around A.D. 37 in Jerusalem. He was a mem
6317Dreyfus Named for the infamous Dreyfus case, which dominated French politics, reinforced religious feelings,
6614Antisthenes Named for the Greek philosopher Antisthenes (c.455–c.360 B.C.). In ethics he said that everyone coul
6615Plutarchos Named for the great Greek philosopher and writer Plutarchos (c.45–125), who studied at the Academia
6616Plotinos Named for the Greek philosopher Plotinos (205–270). In Alexandria Plotin studied under the philosoph
6617Boethius Named for the western Roman politician, poet and philosopher Anicius Manilius Severinus Boethius (c.
6843Heremon Named for the seventh son of Milesius, Celtic ruler of Iberia. Heremon was the first of the discover
6972Helvetius Named in memory of the famous French philosopher and Encyclopedist Claude Adrien Helvetius (1715–177
7117Claudius Named for the popular German poet and writer Matthias Claudius (1740–1815). He was the editor of the
7207Hammurabi Named for the Babylonian king Hammurabi, who reigned from 1792 to 1750 B.C. and united the different
7208Ashurbanipal Named for the Assyrian king Ashurbanipal (c.693–626 B.C.), who became king in 669 B.C. and is histor
7209Cyrus Named for the Persian king Cyrus II, the Great, who reigned from 559 to 529 B.C. He conquered the Me
7210Darius Named for the Persian king Darius I, the Great (550–486 B.C.), who became king after the death of Ca
7211Xerxes Named for the Persian king Xerxes I (519–465 B.C.), son of Darius and Atossa {see, respectively, pla
7212Artaxerxes Named for the Persian kings Artaxerxes. Artaxerxes I, Macrocheir (484–424 B.C.) was the younger son
7217DackeNamed for Nils Dacke (d.~1543), born in Torsås in the Swedish province Småland. Dacke was the leade
7223Dolgorukij Named in memory of Yurij Dolgorukij (c.1095–1157), prince of Suzdal and Kiev’s grand prince, son of
7313Pisano Named for the family of Italian sculptors. Nicoló Pisano (1225–c.1280) combined in his sculptures th
7365Sejong Named on the occasion of the 600th anniversary of the birth of the Korean king Sejong (1397–1450), r
7445Trajanus Named for the Roman emperor Marcus Ulpius Trajanus (53–117). Trajan was adopted by emperor Nerva and
7446Hadrianus Named for Publius Aelius Hadrianus (76–138), Roman emperor, who was adopted by Trajan {see planet  (
7447Marcusaurelius Named for the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (121–180), who became emperor in 161 upon the
7493Hirzo Named after Hirzo (?-1275), the knight of Bohemian king Přemysl {see planet  (7695)} Otakar II and t
7853ConfuciusNamed after Confucius (551-471 B.C.), the famous Chinese philosopher. Nothing written by Confucius h
7854LaotseNamed after Laotse (sixth century B.C.), the famous Chinese philosopher. He worked at the court of t
8128NicomachusNamed for Nicomachus of Gerasa, first-century arithmetician and numerologist who has been credited w
8319AntiphanesNamed after the Greek comic poet Antiphanes (408-330 B.C.). Today 119 complete titles and about 300
9307RegiomontanusNamed for the German mathematician and astronomer Johannes Regiomontanus (1436-1476), originally cal
9905TizianoTiziano Vecellio (Titian; c. 1477 or 1490-1576) was a typical Renaissance painter. He loved colors,
9906TintorettoNamed after Venetian painter Jacopo Robusti (1518-1594), called Tintoretto. He was influenced by Ti
10137ThucydidesNamed for Thucydides (ca. 460-400 BC), the greatest of the ancient Greek historians, who wrote stric
10208GermanicusGermanicus (15 B.C.-19 A.D.), a Roman general and nephew of Tiberius, also wrote several poems, incl
11196MichanikosHeron of Alexandria, also known as “Michanikos, the machine man” (c. 10-75), invented many automatic
11709EudoxosEudoxos of Knidos (c. 408-355 B.C.) was the prime mover behind two major developments in Greek mathe
11965CatullusRoman poet Gaius Valerius Catullus (84 B.C.--54 B.C.) still influences poetry and other forms of art
12144EinhartEinhart (also Eginhard or Einhard, ca. 770) was a Frankish scholar and historian. He was the chance
12152AratusHellenistic poet Aratus of Soli (c. 315/310-before 235 B.C.) was the author of Phaenomena (“A
12153CononConon of Samos (c. 280-c. 220 B.C.) was a Hellenistic astronomer and mathematician who worked in Ale
12154CallimachusCallimachus of Cyrene (c. 305-c. 240 B.C.) was a Hellenistic scholar and poet who worked in Alexandr
12155HyginusGaius Julius Hyginus (c. 64 B.C.-A.D. 17), Roman historian, philologer and mythographer, presided ov
12163ManiliusRoman poet and astrologer Marcus Manilius (1st century A.D.) wrote the comprehensive astronomical-as
12606ApuleiusLucius Apuleius (ca. 125-ca. 180) was a Roman writer and orator. His most important work is the sat
12607AlcaeusAlcaeus (ca. 620 B.C.-ca. 580 B.C.) was a Greek poet from the island of Lesbos. His songs are as fa
12608AesopHerodotus Aisopos of Sardes (Aesop) was a slave who lived around 550 B.C. on the island of Samos. T
12609ApollodorosApollodoros of Athens (c. 180 B.C.-c. 110 B.C.), a universal scholar and stoic, was author of a much
12610HãfezSchamsoddin Mohammed Hãfez (1324-1390) was a Persian poet. Hãfez means “a person who knows The K
12620SimaqianSima Qian (c. 145 B.C.-c. 85 B.C.) was a Chinese historian, counselor and court astrologer of the Ha
12621AlsufiThe Persian astronomer Abd al-Rahman al-Sufi (Azophi; 903-986) worked in Isfahan. His influential s
13017OwakenoomiOwakenoomi was a ruler of north Musashi in the latter half of the fifth century. The leader of a tr
13129PoseidoniosPoseidonios (c. 135 BCE--c. 51 BCE) was a Greek Stoic philosopher, astronomer and geographer. He wa
13498Al ChwarizmiAl Chwarizmi (c.~780-c.~850) was a Persian mathematician, astronomer and geographer. Latin translat
13772LiviusThe Roman historian Titus Livius (Livy, 59 B.C.--A.D. 17) is well known for the 142 books of his
14367HippokratesThe Greek physician Hippokrates (460?-375 B.C.) is regarded as the founder of medicine as an empiric
15949RhaeticusRhaeticus (Georg Joachim Lauchen, 1514-1574) was a humanist, physician, mathematician and astronomer
16413AbulghaziDuring 1643-1663 the historian Abulghazi Bahadur (1603-1663) ruled the khanate of Khorezm (now Uzbek
18458CaesarEmperor Gaius Julius Caesar (100-44 B.C.) promulgated in 46 B.C. on the advice of the Alexandrine as
18596SuperbusTarquinius Superbus, seventh and last king of Rome, reigned from 534 to 509 B.C. He placed under th
22283PytheasPytheas (fl. 4th century BC) was a geographer from the Greek colony of Massalia (Marseille).
28516MöbiusAugust Ferdinand Möbius (1790-1868) was a professor of astronomy at Leipzig. He studied occultation
29448PapposPappos of Alexandria (fl. 300-350) wrote the Synagoge, a collection and commentary that cover
29457MarcopoloMarco Polo (1254-1324) was a Venetian explorer. He traveled overland to China and became an expert
43841MarcustacitusMarcus Claudius Tacitus (200-276), a native of Interamna (Terni), held various civil offices, includ
54522MenaechmusThe Greek mathematician Menaechmus (c. 380-320 B.C.) is credited with the discovery that the ellipse
85179MeistereckhartMaster (in German, Meister) Eckhart (1260?-1327/28), born in Thuringia, is the greatest German mysti
100133DemosthenesDemosthenes (384-322 BC), a famous orator of ancient Athens was considered by Cicero as the greatest
218866AlexantiochAlexandros of Antioch was a Greek sculptor of the 1st century BCE, known today for the Venus de Milo
236746ChareslindosChares of Lindos was a Greek sculptor born on the island of Rhodes. In 282 BCE he built the Colossu
326290AkhenatenAkhenaten was a pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty of Egypt who ruled for 17 years and died in 1336 or 1334
368719AsparuhAsparuh (640-701) is the founder of the Bulgarian country, in the second half of the 7th century, an

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