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68730StraizysVytautas Straizys (b. 1936) was head of the Moletai Observatory and other astronomical institutions
95593AzusienisAlgimantas Azusienis (b. 1930), a teacher for 50 years at the Vilnius Pedagogical University, has in
95851StromvilThe Stromvil photometric system, established in 1996 by V. Straizys, D. L. Crawford and A. G. Davis
124192MoletaiWith its 7000 inhabitants, Moletai is situated 63 km to the north of Vilnius amid the surrounding Li
140628KlaipedaWith its 200~000 residents, Klaipeda is the third largest city in Lithuania. At the confluence of t
144752PlungePlunge is a town in the northwest region of Lithuania with 23~000 inhabitants. First mentioned in 1
151430NemunasThe Nemunas is the largest river in Lithuania and one of the major rivers in eastern Europe. It ris
155138PucinskasAloyzas Pucinskas (b. 1933) is an associate professor at the Astronomical Observatory of Vilnius Uni
157534SiauliaiOne of the largest towns in Lithuania (with 130~000 inhabitants), Siauliai is located among the pict
166229PalangaPalanga is a seaside resort town in western Lithuania, on the shore of the Baltic Sea. It is the bu
167960RudzikasZenonas Rokus Rudzikas (b. 1940), president of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, is a well-known t
175548SudziusJokubas Sudzius (b. 1946) is an associate professor at the Astronomical Observatory of Vilnius Unive
180141SperauskasJulius Sperauskas (b. 1950), President of Lithuanian Astronomical Union (2003-2007), is Senior Resea
184096KazlauskasAlgirdas Kazlauskas (b. 1949), Lithuanian astronomer, is a deputy director of the Institute of Theor
185150PanevezysPanevezys, capital of the Aukstaitija region in North Lithuania, is one of the biggest towns (popula
187276MeistasEdmundas Meistas (b. 1936), Lithuanian astronomer, worked in the field of stellar photometry. An ex
189396SielewiczHenryk Sielewicz (b. 1949) is one of the most skilled Lithuanian amateur astronomers. He built an o
202092AlgirdasAlgirdas (1296-1377) was monarch of medieval Lithuania. He ruled the Lithuanians and Ruthenians from
202704UtenaUtena is a city in north-east Lithuania. The name of the town was first recorded in 1261.
210147ZalgirisThe Battle of Zalgiris (Grunwald or Battle of Tannenberg) took place in 1410 with the Grand Duchy of
212606JanulisRimvydas Janulis (b. 1953), Lithuanian astronomer, is a senior researcher at the Institute of Theore
226672KucinskasArunas Kucinskas (b. 1967) is a professor at the Astronomical Observatory of Vilnius University. He
233661AlytusAlytus is a city of 70000 inhabitants in southern Lithuania. It is crossed by the Nemunas River. A
237845NerisNeris, also known as Vilija, is the second longest river in Lithuania. It rises in Belarus and flows
245983MachholzDonald Edward Machholz Jr (b. 1952) is an American amateur astronomer. He discovered visually 11 new
248993JonavaJonava is a city in central Lithuania (with 35 000 inhabitants), 30 km north east of Kaunas. The nam
252794MaironisMaironis, pseudonym of Jonas Mačiulis (1862-1932), is one of the most famous Lithuanian romantic poe
286693KodaitisBernardas Kodaitis (1879-1957) was Professor of the Kaunas and Vilnius universities in Lithuania and
289020UkmergeUkmerge is a city with 22 000 inhabitants in Vilnius County, Lithuania, located 78 km north-west of
289021JuzeliunasLithuanian physicist Gediminas Juzeliunas (b. 1958) is known for his research on the properties of u
296968IgnatianumIgnatianum is the Jesuit University of Philosophy and Education in Krakow, Poland. This College is
305181DonelaitisKristijonas Donelaitis (1714-1780) was a Lutheran pastor who is considered one of the greatest Lithu
320153EglitisIlgmars Eglitis (b. 1951) was the head of the Baldone Observatory and director of the Institute of A
325588BridziusAudrius Bridzius (b. 1966), President of Lithuanian Astronomical Union (2007-2011), is Senior Resear
420356PraamziusPraamzius is the oldest and highest Lithuanian god related to the creation of the world. He is the

download list of asteroids in this group in Zet act format.