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2861Lambrecht Named in memory of Hermann Lambrecht (1908–1983), professor at the University of Jena and director o
3181Ahnert Named in honor of Paul Ahnert {1897–1989}, author since 1949 of the annual Kalender für Sternfreunde
3245Jensch Named in honor of Alfred Jensch, internationally renowned for his creative genius in the advancement
3338Richter Named in memory of Nikolaus B. Richter (1910–1980), first director of the Tautenburg Observatory (19
3499Hoppe Named in honor of Johannes Hoppe (1907–1987), appointed professor of astronomy at the University of
4076Dorffel Named in memory of Georg Samuel Dörffel (1643–1688), whose computations on the orbit of the great co
4098Thraen Named in memory of Anton Karl Thraen (1843–1902), an astronomer and catholic priest in the German di
4117Wilke Named in memory of Alfred Wilke (1893–1972), an optician of the highest rank, who constructed a work
4347Reger Named in memory of Max Reger (1873–1916), chief conductor and general music director of the renowned
4872Grieg Named for the Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg (1843–1907). In Grieg’s work, the precipitous, harsh b
5224Abbe Named in memory of Ernst Karl Abbe (1840–1905), director of the Jena Observatory from 1877 to 1900,
5312Schott Named in memory of Friedrich Otto Schott (1851–1935), analytical chemist and glass engineer. In 1882
5375Siedentopf Named in memory of Heinrich Siedentopf (1906–1963), professor of astronomy and director of the obser
5509Rennsteig Named for a narrow forest road, 168 km in length, that crosses the ridge-like hill of the chain of m
6120Anhalt Named for the former principality of Anhalt, at the northern border of the Harz mountains. About 177
6157PreyNamed in memory of Adalbert Prey (1873-1949), professor of astronomy in Innsbruck, Prague and, event
6305Helgoland Named for a small island in the North Sea, 45 km distant from the German coast, commanding the mouth
6488Drebach Named for the German village in the Erzgebirge mountains, 20 km south of the Saxon town of Chemnitz.
6653Feininger Named for the American painter and graphic artist Lyonel Feininger (1871–1956). Descended from a fam
6717Antal Named in honor of the Slovak astronomer Milan Antal {1935–1999}, on the staff of the observatories a
6718BeiglböckNamed in honor of Wolf D. Beiglböck (b. 1939), German mathematician and professor at the University
6776Dix Named for the painter and graphic artist Otto Dix (1891–1969), born in the Thuringian town of Gera-U
6966VietorisNamed in honor of Leopold Vietoris (b. 1891), professor emeritus of mathematics of the Leopold-Franz
7054BrehmNamed in memory of the two Thuringian naturalists Christian Ludwig Brehm (1787-1864) and Alfred Edmu
7127Stifter Named for the most famous Austrian narrator Adalbert Stifter (1805–1868). After formative years spen
7130Klepper Named for the German novelist and lyric poet Jochen Klepper (1903–1942), with The Father an importan
7256Bonhoeffer Named in memory of the German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906–1945). Already the author of nume
7583Rosegger Named for the Styrian author Peter Rosegger (1843–1918), in his lifetime extremely popular in Austri
7767TomaticNamed in honor of A. U. Tomatic (b. 1997), collaborator at the Minor Planet Center. An ardent compu
7873BöllNamed in honor of Heinrich Böll (1917-1985), outstanding German writer. In his work he described th
7945KreisauNamed in memory of an anti-Nazi resistance group formed in 1942 in Silesia at the Kreisau farm, the
8089YukarYurij Vasil'evich Karachkin (b. 1940) is a teacher of physics at the school of the Crimean Astrophys
8108WielandNamed for the author Christoph Martin Wieland (1733-1813), a representative of the Rococo period, as
8158HerderNamed for Johann Gottfried Herder (1744-1803), German philosopher, theologian, writer, translator, p
8268GoerdelerNamed in memory of Carl Friedrich Goerdeler (1884-1945), mayor of the towns of Königsberg and Leipzi
8282DelpNamed in memory of the German theologian Alfred Delp (1907-1945). Beginning in 1942, he was a member
8284CranachNamed in honor of the German painter, draftsman and copper engraver Lucas Cranach the Elder (1472-15
8382MannNamed in memory of Heinrich (1871-1950) and Thomas Mann (1875-1955), born in the Hanseatic town of L
8501WachholzBurkhard Wachholz (1940-2000), a dear friend of the first discoverer, was longstanding senior chief
8502BauhausNamed for the school of design founded in 1919 by the German architect W. Gropius (1883-1969) in We
8667FontaneNamed for Theodor Fontane (1819-1898) on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his death. He bro
8684Reichwein Named for the German reform pedagogue Adolf Reichwein (1898–1944), who ran the Adult Education Cours
8831BrändströmNamed in memory of the uncommon Swede Elsa Brändström (1888-1948). Born in St. Petersburg , she was
8847HuchNamed in honor of the German novelist and poet Ricarda Huch (1864-1947). Born into a prosperous com
8860RohloffRalf-Rainer Rohloff (b. 1960) is a design engineer on the staff of the Max-Planck-Institut für Astro
9052UhlandNamed for the German poet Johann Ludwig Uhland (1787-1862), best known for lyric poetry and ballads
9204MörikeNamed for the Swabian poet Eduard Mörike (1804-1875), one of the great German lyric poets. The wond
9315WeigelNamed for the German mathematician and astronomer Erhard Weigel (1625-1699) on the occasion of the 3
9322LindenauNamed for the German scientist, statesman and promotor of the arts Bernhard August von Lindenau (177
9336AltenburgNamed for the town of Altenburg, noted for its outstanding buildings (e.g. the theater and Lindenau
9344KlopstockNamed for Friedrich Gottfried Klopstock (1724-1803), one of the most famous German poets between th
9577GropiusNamed for the German architect Walter Gropius (1883-1969), born in Berlin and one of the most fascin
9610VischerNamed for Peter Vischer the Elder (c. 1460-1529), the greatest German brass-caster master in the Mid
9742WorpswedeNamed for the German colony of artists near the city of Bremen. Beginning in 1889, many painters set
9833Rilke Named for the Austrian poet Rainer Maria Rilke (1875–1926), husband of the sculptor Clara Westhoff.
9861JahreissHartmut Jahreiß (b. 1942) is a staff astronomer at the Astronomisches Rechen-Institut. As a success
9863Reichardt Named in memory of the German composer Johann Friedrich Reichardt (1752–1814), who for 20 years was
9872SolfNamed in honor of Josef K. M. Solf (b. 1934), professor of astronomy at Heidelberg and Jena, and sin
9956CastellazGerman physicist Peter Castellaz (b. 1965) works in the Department of Science and Arts of the state
9962PfauWerner Pfau (b. 1936), director of the Jena University Observatory from 1990 to 2000 and a former ch
10067BertuchNamed for the German author, bookseller and successful liberal employer Friedrich Justin Bertuch (17
10100BürgelAs detailed in his autobiography, Vom Arbeiter zum Astronomen, Bruno H. Bürgel (1875-1948), f
10114GreifswaldGreifswald, the old German Hanse city on the Baltic Sea, is a scientific, economic and cultural cent
10340JostjahnJost Jahn (b. 1959), a dental surgeon, has been editor of the German Astro-Fax-Circulars for
10348PoelchauAs a chaplain at the penitentiaries of Tegel, Plötzensee and Brandenburg-Görden in Berlin during 193
10543KleeOne of the most self-willed of the expressionists, Swiss painter and graphic artist Paul Klee (1879-
10746MühlhausenIn Carolinian times the Thuringian town of Mühlhausen was the haunt of emperors and kings. It becam
10749MusäusJohann Carl August Musäus (1735-1787), a private tutor at the court of Weimar, was the satiric autho
10761LyubimetsLyubimets, the Russian word for ‘darling’, seems to be an appropriate name for Grigorij (b. 2000), g
10762von LaueMax von Laue (1879-1960), student of Planck, discovered the diffraction of x-rays in crystals, there
10763HlawkaEdmund Hlawka (b. 1916) is the most famous living Austrian mathematician and a prominent university
10775LeipzigThe Saxon city of Leipzig has a great number of splendid sights. J. S. Bach worked as cantor in the
10778MarcksSculptor and graphic artist Gerhard Marcks (1889-1981) was master of the potter's shop in Dornburg,
10781RitterAs the result of numerous physical experiments he conducted during the decade he lived in Jena, the
10782HittmairOtto Hittmair (b. 1924) is a well-known Austrian theoretical physicist. He was president of the Aust
10835FröbelThe Thuringian pedagogue Friedrich Fröbel (1782-1852) was committed to the education of young childr
10856BechsteinCarl Bechstein (1826-1900), born in the Thuringian town of Gotha, founded a piano factory in Berlin
11037DistlerHugo Distler (1908-1942), a composer, organist and director of renowned choirs, served in Lübeck, St
11043PeppingErnst Pepping (1901-1981) was an organist and professor of music in Berlin and one of the leading Ge
11075DönhoffMarion Gräfin Dönhoff (b. 1909) is a highly esteemed critical German journalist, engaged in problems
11313KügelgenGerhard von Kügelgen (1772-1820) and his son Wilhelm (1802-1867) were prominent German painters. Th
11485ZinzendorfNikolaus Ludwig Graf von Zinzendorf (1700-1760) was counsellor at the court of his native town of Dr
11496GrassGünter Grass (b. 1927), German writer, sculptor and graphic artist, is a critic of both the immediat
11508StolteDieter Stolte (b. 1934) served for 20 years as director general of ZDF, the public German TV net and
11853RungeThe German painter and graphic artist Philipp Otto Runge (1777-1810) was a famous master of north Ge
11855PrellerFriedrich Preller the Elder (1804-1878), German painter and etcher, was court painter in Weimar and,
11886KraskeKonrad Kraske (b. 1926) served as a member of the supervisory board of the public German TV net ZDF
11916WieslochThe city of Wiesloch celebrates the 1200th anniversary of its first documented mention in mid-2001.
12241LefortGertrud Freiin von le Fort (1876-1971), German poet, deals with historical and religious topics in h
12244WerfelAustrian author Franz Werfel (1890-1945) was a playwright who achieved international success as a no
12298BrechtBertolt Brecht (1898-1956), German author, songwriter, producer and social critic, was born in Augsb
12318KästnerGerman writer and journalist Erich Kästner (1899-1974) wrote witty, sociocritical and satiric poems,
12327TerbrüggenDietrich Terbrüggen (b. 1941) is a well-known German surgeon who served as a lecturer at the univers
12329LiebermannThe painter Max Liebermann (1847-1935) is one of the greatest masters of German impressionism. He p
12659SchlegelThe brothers August Wilhelm (1767-1845) and Friedrich (1772-1829) Schlegel, both famous writers, phi
12661SchellingFriedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling (1775-1854) studied at the Stift in Tübingen and was professo
12729BergerThe German medical doctor Hans Berger (1873-1941) was professor of neurology and psychiatry in Jena.
13055KreppeinWolfgang Kreppein (b. 1948) is a German physician and dermatologist. He is a well-known expert on al
13084VirchowGerman pathologist Rudolf Virchow (1821-1902) was the founder of cellular pathology and a pioneer in
13086SauerbruchGerman surgeon Ernst Ferdinand Sauerbruch (1875-1951) devised many improvements in surgical procedur
13478FraunhoferJoseph von Fraunhofer (1787-1826), a German autodidact, glassmaker, optician and scientist, had an
13531WeizsäckerCarl Friedrich Freiherr von Weizsäcker (b. 1912), German physicist and philosopher, was involved in
13559WerthHildegard Werth (b. 1950) is an experienced TV journalist with the large German TV system ZDF. Besi
13610LilienthalThe German engineer Otto Lilienthal (1848-1896) explored the aerodynamics of the flight of birds. B
13954BornGerman physicist Max Born (1882-1970), a pioneer in modern theoretical physics, formulated a theory
13977FrischAustrian zoologist Karl Ritter von Frisch (1886-1982) did fundamental investigations on fish and ho
14025FalladaGerman author Hans Fallada (Rudolph Ditzen, 1893-1947) wrote sociocritical novels. He described the
14413GeigerGerman physicist Hans Geiger (1882-1945) studied radioactivity and scattering of α-particles. Toget
14871PyramusIn classic literature, Pyramus and Thisbe are two lovers whose union is prevented by their opposing
15264DelbrückGerman-born biophysicist Max Delbrück (1906-1981), who moved to the U.S. in 1937, was a cofounder of
15265ErnstingGerman science fiction writer Walter Ernsting (b. 1920; pen name Clark Darlton) founded the German S
15301MarutesserMarianne Ute Esser (b. 1943) has been a member of the scientific staff of the Astronomisches Rechen-
15342AssisiAssisi is the birthplace of St. Franciscus (1181?-1226; St. Francis, originally Giovanni Bernardone)
15346BonifatiusAnglo-Saxon Benedictine monk Bonifatius (674?-754; Boniface, originally Wynfrieth) was sent as a mi
15710BöcklinSwiss painter Arnold Böcklin (1827-1901) created landscapes and figures in a richly colored monument
15724ZilleGraphic artist and photographer Heinrich Zille (1858-1929) portrayed the milieu of ordinary Berliner
15761SchumiGerman ace Michael (“Schumi”) Schumacher (b. 1969) is recognized as being among the world's best rac
15762RühmannHeinz Rühmann (1902-1994), German actor, inspired comic, brilliant character performer, stage direct
16355BuberMartin Buber (1878-1965), Austrian-born Jewish philosopher and author, was a teacher of religious sc
16398HummelJohann Nepomuk Hummel (1778-1837), famous Austrian pianist and versatile composer, Mozart's pupil an
16418LortzingAlbert Lortzing (1801-1851), who was born and died in Berlin, was a singer, an actor and later a con
16459BarthThe Swiss Protestant Reformed theologian Karl Barth (1886-1968), ousted from his post in Germany, wa
16505SulzerRobert Sulzer-Forrer (1873-1953), a socially minded Swiss industrialist at Winterthur, was an outsta
16522TellWilhelm Tell, legendary hero of the well-known Swiss saga, distinguished himself in the fight for in
16714ArndtGerman patriotic writer and poet Ernst Moritz Arndt (1769-1860), born on the island of Rügen, was a
17458DickGerman astronomer and geodesist Wolfgang R. Dick (b. 1959) works at the Frankfurt IERS Central Burea
17460MangHerbert Mang (b. 1942) is professor of material sciences at the Vienna University of Technology. He
17484GanghoferGerman author Ludwig Ganghofer (1855-1920), son of a forester, studied philosophy, was a dramatic ad
17486HodlerFerdinand Hodler (1853-1918) founded modern Swiss painting with his use of allegorical themes, histo
17488MantlWolfgang Mantl (b. 1939) is professor of jurisprudence and constitutional law at the University of G
17489TrenkerLuis Trenker (1892-1990), initially a herdsman, mountain guide and ski instructor in his South Tyrol
17496AugustinusAurelius Augustinus (354-430), born in North Africa, converted to Christianity in Milan and was bish
18286KneippGerman priest Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897), skilled in the art of healing, introduced manifold appli
18360SachsHans Sachs (1494-1576), master of the shoemaker guild in Nuremberg from 1520, is the most important
18398BregenzBregenz, capital of the Austrian province of Vorarlberg, is situated on the east shore of the Lake C
19126OttohahnOtto Hahn (1879-1968), chemistry Nobel Laureate in 1944, participated in the discovery of numerous r
19139ApianGerman mathematician and cartographer Peter Apian (1495-1552) made astronomical instruments. His ma
19162WambsganssJoachim Wambsganss (b. 1961) is a German astronomer and since 2004 has been the seventh director in
19182PitzEckhart Pitz (b. 1940) is a German physicist at the Heidelberg Max-Planck-Institut für Astronomie. H
19183AmatiThe Amati family of violin makers worked in Cremona in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, esta
19185GuarneriThe Guarneri family of violin makers was active in Cremona for several generations. Giuseppe Antoni
19189StradivariAntonio Stradivari (1644-1737) of Cremona is considered the master of all violin makers, and he was
19208StarrfieldSumner Starrfield (b. 1940) is an American astronomer. Regents' professor at the Arizona State Unive
19263LavaterSwiss writer, clergyman and religious philosopher Johann Kaspar Lavater (1741-1801), friendly with H
20012RankeLeopold von Ranke (1795-1886) was a professor of history in Berlin from 1825 to 1871. Treading new
21010KishonIsraeli author, journalist and satirist Ephraim Kishon (b. 1924) became known for his satiric storie
21050BeckHans G. Beck (b. 1930) studied astronomy and served for decades as head of the department for astron
21074RügenRügen is the largest German island in the Baltic. Off the Pomeranian coast, it is characterized by
21076KokoschkaAustrian expressionist painter, graphic artist and writer Oskar Kokoschka (1886-1980) was known for
21109SünkelHans Sünkel (b. 1948) is professor of mathematical geodesy and geoinformatics at the Technical Unive
22291HeitiferHeinrich (b. 1998), Tibère (b. 1999) and Ferdinand (b. 2000) are the three grandsons of the discover
22322BodenseeBodensee, Constance Lake, or Swabian Sea, is a border sea of the Alps, adjoining Germany, Switzerlan
22369KlingerGerman sculptor, painter and etcher Max Klinger (1857-1920) worked in Leipzig, partly in Rome. His
23473VossPhilologist and poet Johann Heinrich Voss (1751-1826) wrote idyllic scenes of civil life, partly in
23490MonikohlMonika Kohl (b. 1944) served as secretary of the documentation department of the Astronomisches Rech
23578BaedekerThis German family of printers and booksellers dates back to Dietrich Baedeker (1680-1716). In 1827,
24711ChamissoGerman-French poet Adelbert von Chamisso (1781-1838), a member of the Prussian Academy of Sciences,
24713EkruttJoachim Ekrutt (b. 1948) is an enthusiastic German amateur astronomer. A lawyer and tax consultant
24748NernstGerman Walther Hermann Nernst (1864-1941) is one of the founders of physical chemistry. He discover
24749GrebelEva K. Grebel (b. 1966) is a German astronomer, professor at the Heidelberg University and since 200
24750OhmGerman physicist Georg Simon Ohm (1789-1854) discovered the fundamental law of electrical circuits i
24751KroemerGerman-born Herbert Kroemer (b. 1928), who has lived in the United States since 1954, is one of the
26119DudenPhilologist Konrad Duden (1829-1911), for a time a schoolmaster in Thuringia, was renowned for his t
26821BaehrGeorge Baehr (1666-1738) was a famous architect of the Baroque period. His masterpiece, the Frauenki
26842HefeleHerbert Hefele (b. 1942) is a retired staff astronomer at the Astronomisches Rechen-Institut. He se
27710HenselingGerman teacher and author Robert Henseling (1883-1964) wrote numerous popular astronomical books and
27712CoudrayClemens Wenzeslaus Coudray (1775-1845), court architect in Fulda, was chief director of the building
27765BrockhausIn 1805, German publisher Friedrich Arnold Brockhaus (1772-1823) founded the F. A. Brockhaus publish
29185ReichLudwig Reich (b. 1940) is professor of mathematics at the University of Graz and editor of internati
29197GleimJohann Wilhelm Ludwig Gleim (1719-1803) was secretary of the cathedral chapter at Halberstadt. He w
29204LadegastFriedrich Ladegast (1818-1905), a German organ builder of European repute, followed Romantic trends
29208HalorentzThe Dutch physicist Hendrick Antoon Lorentz (1853-1928) formulated the classic electron theory and p
29212ZeemanDutch physicist Pieter Zeeman (1865-1943) discovered the splitting of spectral lines in the magnetic
29214ApitzschRolf Apitzsch (b. 1943) is a German amateur astronomer who started serious astronomical work after h
29246ClausiusGerman physicist Rudolf Clausius (1822-1888) elaborated the kinetic theory of gases. He is one of t
30719IsserstedtIsserstedt is a part of Jena, situated high above the town and near the scene of the 1806 battle of
30778DöblinGerman narrative writer Alfred Döblin (1878-1957) originated from a Jewish merchant family. A docto
30798GraubündenGraubünden, also known as Grisons (French), Grigioni (Italian) and Grishun (Romansh), is the largest
30826CoulombCharles-Augustin de Coulomb (1736-1806) was one of the most famous physicists of his time. Best kno
30828BetheHans Albrecht Bethe (b. 1906) is a pioneering theoretician in quantum physics, atomic and nuclear pr
30830JahnFriedrich Ludwig Jahn (1778-1852) was an educator, writer and the “father of gymnastics”. He opened
30836SchnittkeAlfred Garriyevich Schnittke (1934-1998) was a teacher at the Moscow Conservatory during 1962-1972.
30837SteinheilCarl August von Steinheil (1801-1870) was a professor in Munich, where he established an optical wor
30847LampertKlaus Lampert (b. 1943) is a very experienced amateur radio operator whose call sign DK6IP is well k
30850VonsiemensGerman inventor Werner von Siemens (1816-1892) played an important role in the development of telegr
30852DebyeDutch-American physical chemist Peter Debye (1884-1966), recipient of the 1936 Nobel prize in chemis
30883de BroglieFrench physicist Louis-Victor de Broglie (1892-1987), late in deciding on his career, chose for his
32808BischoffWerner Bischoff (1902-1993), a researcher at Carl Zeiss, Jena was engaged in designing the large Ham
32809SommerfeldArnold Sommerfeld (1868-1951), a longtime professor in Munich, taught many renowned physicists. He
32821PoschManfred Posch (b. 1943) was chief editor of an Austrian newspaper and he is still editing the popula
32853DöbereinerJohann Wolfgang Döbereiner (1780-1849), professor of chemistry at Jena and creator of the first chem
32855ZollitschRobert Zollitsch (b. 1938) is the archbishop of Freiburg and, since 2008, chairman of the German Rom
32899KniggeAdolph Freiherr von Knigge (1752-1796) wrote novels, satires, dramas and autographic works, and he t
35229BenckertJohann Peter Benckert (1709-1765) created stone, stucco and wooden sculptures for the court of the p
37584SchleidenThe German botanist Matthias Jakob Schleiden (1804-1881), a professor at Jena during 1846-1863, util
37608LönsHerman Löns (1866-1914) was closely attached to North German people and landscape, especially Lünebu
39536LenhofHelmut Lenhof (b. 1924) is a retired professor of physics. He was one of the founders of the Carinth
39540BorchertWolfgang Borchert (1921-1947) was one of the pioneers of German postwar literature. In poetry and p
39549CasalsSpanish-born cellist, composer and conductor Pablo Casals (1876-1973) is known for his love of the w
39571PücklerGerman Herman Graf von Pückler (1785-1871), given the rank of prince in 1822, created great landsc
42516OistrachWorld-renowned Russian violin virtuosi David Oistrach (1908-1974) and his son Igor (b. 1931), occasi
43751AsamThe artistic Bavarian family Asam, father Hans Georg (1649-1711) and sons Cosmas Damian (1686-1739)
43775TiepoloItalian Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (1696-1770) ranks with the great painters of all ages. His huge ce
46563OkenLorenz Oken (1779-1851) was professor of medicine in Jena (1807-1819) and a leading Romantic natural
48415DehioArt historian Georg Dehio (1850-1932) published the fundamental works The Church Architecture of
48422SchradeEngineer Hugo Schrade (1900-1974), employed by the firm Carl Zeiss Jena from 1929, became the highly
48435JaspersPhilosopher, physician and political thinker Karl Jaspers (1883-1969) is an important representative
48447HingleyPeter D. Hingley (1951-2012) worked for many years as the Librarian of the Royal Astronomical Societ
48458MerianSwiss engraver, etcher and book dealer Matthäus Merian (1593-1650) and his sons published more than
48471OrchistonNew Zealander Wayne Orchistron (b. 1943) works as an astronomer at the National Astronomical Researc
48492UtewielenUte Wielen (b. 1934) has worked in astronomy for more than 50 years. She was an assistant observer a
48588RaschröderGerman Rudolf Alexander Schröder (1878-1962) was an architect, but he became known as a poet, essayi
52291MottAmerican John R. Mott (1865-1955) is one of the organizers of the modern ecumenical movement, ultima
52293MommsenGerman classical historian and epigraphist Theodor Mommsen (1817-1903) revolutionized the study of R
52294DetlefDetlef Ninnemann (b. 1944) is a German patent attorney and electrical engineer, who trained a genera
52301QumranQumran, situated on the shore of Dead Sea, is the region where numerous Scrolls, 2000 years old, wer
52337ComptonAmerican Arthur Holly Compton (1892-1962) discovered the Compton effect, which confirms the particle
55733LepsiusGerman Karl Richard Lepsius (1810-1884) studied the monuments, pyramids and mastabas of the Old King
55772LoderGerman Justus Christian Loder (1753-1832) was one of the most distinguished anatomists of his time a
58163MinnesangThe Minnesang is a poetic-musical form created by the German-speaking peoples of the twelfth and thi
58186LangkavelArno Langkavel (b. 1938) is a former high school teacher and historian of astronomy. Over several de
58191DolomitenThe Dolomiten is a mountain group with characteristic rocks formed of dolomitic limestone found in t
65685BehringEmil von Behring (1854-1917) is considered the founder of the science of immunology. In 1901, he rec
65692TrifuRomanian-born Cezar I. Trifu (b. 1954) studies the physics of seismic sources and induced seismicity
65708EhrlichPaul Ehrlich (1854-1915) is known for his pioneering work in hematology, immunology and chemotherapy
65769MahaliaMahalia Jackson (1911-1972) had an extraordinary voice and became world-renowned as interpreter of s
69264NebraThe town Nebra on the Unstrut river, 35 km from Tautenburg, was first documented in 876 and became k
69286von LiebigJustus von Liebig (1803-1873), a full professor in 1826, made many important contributions to the fi
69295StecklumBringfried Stecklum (b. 1954) is a German astrophysicist working on star formation with emphasis on
73686NussdorfNamed after the abundant walnut trees, Nussdorf is a village in south-western Germany's Palatinate.
73692GürtlerGerman astronomer Joachim Gürtler (b.1939) researched and lectured at the Astrophysical Institute of
73693DorschnerGerman astronomer Johann M. Dorschner (b. 1939) researched and lectured at the Astrophysical Institu
73700von KuesNikolaus von Kues (Nicolaus Cusanus, 1401-1464), born near Trier, was a theologian, mathematician, s
79087ScheidtSamuel Scheidt (1587-1654), whose birth and death occurred in Halle, which is also the native town o
79138MansfeldMansfeld is a German town, situated at the border of the Harz Mountains. Martin Luther spent his chi
85190BirgitrothBirgit Roth (b. 1974) is a German physician and well-known expert on hematology and oncology.
85195von HelftaGertrud von Helfta (1256-1302), “the Great”, lived in the nunnery of Helfta near Eisleben. She is on
85196HalleHalle (Saale) in Saxony Anhalt is a large city containing the university of Halle-Wittenberg, the ac
85197GinkgoThe tree Ginkgo biloba, in German also named ‘Goethe Baum’, is a living fossil, unchanged sin
85198WeltenburgThe famous Benedictine Abbey in Weltenburg on the Danube is the oldest monastery in Bavaria. It was
85199HabsburgHabsburg or Habichtsburg (“hawk's castle”) is a ruin in the Swiss canton of Aargau. It is the ancest
85216ScheinJohann Herman Schein (1586-1630), born and died in Saxony, was cantor of Leipzig's Thomanerchor for
85299NeanderHeadmaster of a Latin school, Joachim Neander (1650-1680) wrote the words to the ecumenical hymn
85317LehárComposer Franz Lehár (1870-1948) created a new style of Viennese operetta. In 1905, he achieved worl
85320BertramBertram von Minden (1340?--1414?) is a main representative of the late Gothic North German painting
90709WettinWettin is a castle near Halle and the ancestral seat of the dynasty of the Wettiner. The dynasty rei
96205AraratThe majestic Mt. Ararat, an extinct volcano with double cone-shaped peaks (altitudes 5165 and 3925 m
96206EschenbergThe Eschenberg Observatory, near Winterthur in Switzerland, was founded in 1979 and attracts 3000 vi
100029VarnhagenRahel Varnhagen von Ense (née Levin, 1771-1833) and her husband Karl August (1785-1858) were
100033TaizéTaizé is a small French village in Burgundy. It is the home of an international overconfessional mo
100046WormsWorms is one of the oldest German towns and has a Romanesque cathedral and the oldest extant Jewish
100047LeobaeckLeo Baeck (1873-1956) was a leading liberal Jewish religious thinker. His The Essence of Judaism<
118173BarmenIncorporated into Wuppertal, Barmen was the meeting place of a Synod in 1934 that formulated the Bar
118178RinckartThe author, composer and theologian Martin Rinckart (1586-1649) underwent the horrors of the Thirty
120460HambachThe Hambach Festival in 1832 was a great meeting of about 30~000 liberals and democrats, among them
134348KlempererVictor Klemperer (1881-1960), son of a rabbi, was a professor of philology in Dresden. Suspended, h
150118PetersbergThe Petersberg is a 250-m hill near of Halle (Saale), Germany. On the hill is an Abbey with its chur
162001VulpiusMelchior Vulpius (1570-1615), from 1596 municipal Kantor in Weimar, was a composer and teacher. He
162002SpalatinGeorg Spalatin (1484-1545) was a German theologian, humanist and historian. In 1502 he went to the U
178294WertheimerEgon Ranshofen-Wertheimer (1894-1957) was an Austrian lawyer, journalist and historian. For ten yea
190283SchielickeReinhard E. Schielicke (b. 1940) is a German engineer who worked in astronomy as an associate of the
279723WittenbergWittenberg, situated in Saxony-Anhalt, was the centre of the Reformation. Its five-hundredth anniver
350178EislebenEisleben is a German town situated in Saxony-Anhalt, where Martin Luther was born and died.

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