Venus Jupiter Love Vibes

11 Nov 2017, 05:58 am

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Venus conjunct Jupiter [7 Scorpio 20]

– November 13 2017 (08:15 GMT)

Venus and Jupiter have special titles in the planetary treasury. Venus is the ‘lesser benefic’ and Jupiter the ‘greater benefic’. In other words, they are the two best planets and they meet on average once a year.

Monday 13th November is their next connection and this promises something special. For starters, it’s worth getting up early on Monday morning and looking to the east, weather permitting. Both these planets will be visible in the night sky before dawn and they are unusually close. It could be a spectacular show.

Venus is the planet linked to love and relating, money and pleasure, art and beauty. Jupiter is the big planet, a symbol of good fortune and luck, expansion and opportunity. Together they promise joy and happiness.

Scorpio’s Realm

Both planets are currently in Scorpio, one of the water signs, so expect an outpouring of emotion or deep feelings to rise to the surface. Venus in Scorpio represents the many faces of love, not just romance but sex and seduction too.

Scorpio is one of the star signs linked to knowledge, but this isn’t knowledge in the traditional sense of learning. Instead, it represents hidden knowledge, what lies deep within your soul, insights, natural instincts and knowingness. There’s a psychic quality to Scorpio’s depths so tap into your sixth sense.

Plus, Scorpio rules all things taboo, including sex, money, power, death and rebirth. There’s beauty to be found in what’s hidden and Jupiter will liberate what’s corrupt or come undone. Bring secrets to the surface and dig deep to find out the truth.


These are loving vibes so mark this special occasion by doing something special. Express your love, open your heart, meet up with your girlfriends, use your feminine skills & talents, treat yourself or others, be indulgent, give pleasure, joy and happiness and be open and willing to receive in return.

Be kind, not cruel. Honour women, because Venus is the planet that rules girls, women, the feminine.

Here’s a list of the areas of your life being awakened by the Venus/Jupiter loving vibes:

  • Aries – shared finances & all things taboo
  • Taurus – love & relationships
  • Gemini – job & health
  • Cancer – new birth i.e. kids, love, creative project
  • Leo – home & family
  • Virgo – communication & ideas
  • Libra – money & values
  • Scorpio – personal goals, image & profile
  • Sagittarius – retreat, secrets & personal issues
  • Capricorn – friends & wider society
  • Aquarius – career & status
  • Pisces – travel, study & deeper meaning


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