Transiting Mars in Aquarius

17 May 2018, 11:20 am

Transiting Mars in Aquarius

May 16 – June 25 (D)
June 26 – Aug. 26 (Rx)
Aug. 27 – Nov. 15 (D)

Air KingWhen the planet of war is in the sign of humanitarians, free thinkers and good old fashioned protesters, he rallies to the cause and leads the charge. Normally, he would be in Aquarius for about six weeks, but this year he’ll be wearing the rebel’s clothes for almost five months.

Why so long? Because on May 12, Mars will begin to slow down, and on June 26 it will station retrograde at 9°13′ Aquarius. From that point on, Mars will backpedal through the zodiac until it stations direct at 28°37′ Capricorn on August 27. On September 10, Mars will re-enter Aquarius where it will remain until November 15.

Since Aquarius is an air sign, the Water Bearer leads with its head. With courage and passion to spare, Mars fights for what he believes is right, and the fixed nature of Aquarius adds fortitude to his personality. In short, he holds his ground until he wins, and if he doesn’t, he goes down fighting.

However, the influence of ruler Uranus means that Aquarius often thinks in extremes, and depending upon whether it’s expressing its higher or lower side, it can be a genius or a maniac. When you add in the courageous, impulsive and inflammatory nature of Mars, this particular planetary combination is capable of far-reaching achievements or extensive destruction.

On the collective level, expect to see headlines reflecting both extremes during the summer months with July being the month to watch. Why July? Because transiting Mars retrograde will make an exact conjunction to the lunar eclipse on July 27.

On a personal level,  you can expect to get in touch with your inner rebel in connection to some area of your life.

How will the upcoming Mars retrograde cycle influence your horoscope? More on that in the weeks ahead!

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