Sound and Fury, Part One

13 Apr 2018, 06:46 pm

Alpha Dogs

After more than a decade of moving fast and breaking things, [Zuckerberg] should slow down and clean up the mess. — Andrew Marantz

We have an extraordinary chance this month to consider some of the key themes underlying world events of the past decade.

And what it might look like to take responsibility for them.

This includes you, Zuckface.

Ten years ago

April features planetary stations of both Saturn and Pluto, highlighting the longterm lessons those cycles have been doggedly trying to teach us.

Saturn, planet of responsibility, pivots retrograde on April 17th. Pluto, planet of destruction & renewal, retrogrades on the 22nd.

It was back in 2008 that Pluto (breakdown) first dipped its toe into Capricorn, a 15-year-long slog that promised a radical restructuring of public life. Astrologers everywhere were speculating wildly about what the planet of deconstruction in the sign of politics would bring to the world.

Now we know.


One of the transit’s more obvious expressions is the way it’s being personified; i.e. symbolized by individuals in the public eye. We’ve seen quite a spike in heads of state (Capricorn) who embody the forces of dominance and control (Pluto).

We’ve got ham-fisted butchers like the Philippines’ Duterte and Egypt’s Al-Sisi, and unapologetic tyrants like Hungary’s Orban and Turkey’s Erdogan. We’ve got cooler, smoother dictators like Japan’s Abe, China’s Xi and Putin in Russia.

Ranging from the crude to the subtle, autocrats have ambled into seats of power. The media’s go-to term for these guys is “strongmen.” But their behavior suggests the opposite of strength.

Jailing dissidents, bullying critics and murdering journalists aren’t signs of confidence. Bullying, whether by tweet or poison, is a sign of desperation.

Huffing and puffing

The theme shows up equally in terms of political and personal style. It seems not to have occurred to Silvio Berlusconi, or his bro in the White House, that cavorting with porn stars and fake-tanning yourself the color of a rancid pumpkin do not make women think, “Yum yum yummy, what a healthy masculine ego.”

This sorry crop of alpha dogs are representative of a patriarchal model that’s running on fumes. When a cycle is on its last legs, its energy tends to flail around, huffing and puffing in crude shows of force.

We’re watching a hierarchical paradigm (Capricorn) all cranked up on faux-vitality before petering out.

Crumbling foundations

On an institutional level, rot has been exposed within some of the most deeply entrenched aspects of public life.

Like a wrecking ball swinging at the pillars of the public forum, Pluto in Capricorn has been dismantling the foundational structures of established government, all over the world.

Because the USA is entering its Pluto Return right now (exact in 2022), this country is an especially pointed example of the process. But watching the process is complicated for Americans.

Churning froth

This is because we can’t see the system from within the system. The system in question is a swirling maelstrom of media-driven culture wars: a public conversation that has entirely lost its moorings.

We’re thrashing around in a churning froth of junk information that’s being constantly updated without being coherently interpreted. Thus immersed, we have no way of understanding the role of our epoch in history.

To escape the madness, we need to question some deep collective assumptions.


For example, our adherence to the dualistic perspective, which divides all experience into opposite pairs.

On the esoteric level, this perspective is the product of The Fall; that is, of our departure from the Garden of Eden – a mythical metaphor for unity consciousness. Since then, polarization, i.e. “the knowledge of Good and Evil,” has been the dominant paradigm of humanity. Saturn (separation consciousness) usurped Neptune (the unified field).

For thousands of years, this worldview has been getting more and more extreme. But if we take a long enough view, we can take heart from the fact that, per Natural Law, things are coming back around (see this article.)

Binary model

Meanwhile, the dualistic paradigm is amped up to fever pitch in the USA right now, taking the form of blind binary partisanship. This is a really dumb way to see things.

Following this formula leads us to absurd dicta like “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” As if James Comey, so recently condemned by Hillary backers for springing that faux-scandal about her email server right before the election, is now a hero because he trashed Trump in his new book.

Or as if Jeff Bezos is suddenly a great guy, now that Trump is railing against him.

Knee-jerk antipathies

Trump’s base will stand by him not because they believe Trump is on their side, but because they define themselves as being on his side. — Robert Reich

Critical thinking has been replaced, in this media climate, by a compulsion to define our position in terms of knee-jerk antipathies, which change from one news cycle to the next. Whipped up by the media as by the announcer at a prizefight, the public’s positions are as passionate as they are ungrounded in any understanding of ideas or policy.

At the moment, establishment Democrats are expressing an admiration for Comey, Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, even John Kelly – all of them Republicans, and most of them Trump appointees — that would suggest these guys were lifelong heroes of the Left.

Dynamically linked

Astrology teaches us that opposite pairs are dynamically linked. To resolve a planetary opposition, we consciously make those two parts of the self come together, as if they were conjunct.

Moreover, the great sages teach that all opposites will sooner or later switch places. Take Roseanne Barr. A couple of years ago, she was on a spitfire tear about the prison-military-industrial complex. Now she’s tweeting that the Democrats are running child porn operations out of a pizza parlor.

To be continued.

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