Scorpio Year Ahead 2018

11 Jan 2018, 01:12 am

"This is a year when you can be noticed and make a name for yourself. Consider how you want to express what you have to say, whether in writing or through the spoken word. You could become a public speaker, take a leading role in your community, start an inspirational blog or get published. Teaching is an option or knuckling down for an extended period of study.

In many respects, this doesn’t feel like a settled year ahead, but instead, you have to take some unusual routes or detours to find stability. Cutting financial ties can help or letting go of debt or responsibility. Take a new approach to money management as you’re about to enter a potentially wealthy and abundant phase later in the year.

Changes at home or within your work situation impact on other areas of your life. You might be moving somewhere new to follow a vocation or career goal. Or perhaps it’s your partner who’s on the move, and you have to decide what next and whether you’re going to move forward together or separately.

Be open to change in the year ahead and more than anything, have hope and faith in what unfolds. This isn’t a year to stay put in one place but instead consider new horizons and, most importantly, make choices that are in alignment with who you are.

You have a profound path in life waiting for you, one that feels more in line with your destiny. The big decision is whether you feel ready or brave enough to take a leap of faith or, at the very least, a sequence of small steps towards a new destination."

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