Moonchild daily horoscope – February 11 2019

10 Feb 2019, 02:00 pm

Change your thoughts, change your life…

We are at the start of what is going to be a rather long Mercury cycle. Mercury is the planet of the mind, of thinking and of speaking. It’s now in the sign of Pisces where it will stay until April 17. This is an extra-long time because in fact Mercury will be retrograde in the sign of Pisces from March 5 to 28. More on that as we get closer to the date. But for now, here’s what Mercury in Pisces means for you (and remember the retrograde means that you will have second thoughts and/or second chances in the part of your life mentioned…

Mercury and you…

Here’s some good news, if you feel like you’ve had just about all you can take. You’re due a break! The intensity of the past few weeks is about to ease off. The people around you are about to ease off. You no longer have to consider face dark and/or scary facts every time you open your mouth. If you’ve spend the past few weeks tackling intense issues until your head hurts, pat yourself on the back and move on. It’s time to think about all that you’ve learned – this is the start of a four week period when exchanging ideas with others will expand your mind and teach you all kinds of amazing things about yourself and The World We Live In. If you’re about to head off on a journey, you are in perfect timing with the Cosmos. It could be a trip which really opens your mind to the word beyond your backyard. Ditto if you’re about to start a course of study or self-improvement. It’s like someone’s showing you a new area in your brain which you never used before.

How is Valentine’s Day looking?

Valentine’s day 2019 looks pretty promising – you could say it looks both romantic and stable – a lovely combo! Let us work out your love prospects for you, with one of our free or paid charts here.


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