Make New Moon Magic with Solarized Water

12 Apr 2018, 02:27 pm

Water is a highly sensitive medium. It can receive, hold, and transmit energy. And the Moon, of course, has a special relationship with water, as the prime mover of our inner and outer tides. Since New and Full Moons are high tide moments, doing water practices at these times can greatly increase your energetic sensitivity to the Moon. It will also give you a magical liquid for drinking, cleaning, and plant watering.  Does it really work? Try it on this Aries New Moon and see for yourself! After charging the liquid, hold the bottle or jar and tune in. Then take a drink. Do the same with a glass filled with uncharged water. You may notice a difference.

So here’s what you do: on the day after the New Moon, sometime between sunrise and noon, place a jar of purified water in the sunlight. I like to prepare the water on the night of the New Moon and leave it waiting to catch the early morning beams. Afterwards, I store the water (or natural oil for massaging its virtues into the skin) in a cool dark place until I need it. You can enhance the sign’s vibration by using colored glass or filtering the sunlight through transparent paper or silks.  Aries rules the head, face, and brain. Its solarized water will increase courage and vitality, bring victory in battle, strengthen new beginnings, and can ease depression.  To filter this water through the universally accepted color for Aries, use red.  But tune in first–is this the color you need? You may find another is more energizing, Go with it.

I always leave the water on my altar for a day–this seems to help it hold the charge. Again, try it and see for yourself. The lunation-charged water may feel more stimulating. Depending on your intuitive strengths, you may “hear” the water instead, or see colors. If you can’t sense anything at first, don’t worry. This comes with time. Just making the attempt will start to open you. With New Moon water, you may be able to sense some of the qualities of the New Moon sign—if you can’t, let your imagination help; just imagine how Aries would feel if it were water.

It’s the first New Moon of the season, which is a great time to begin my monthly Moon Workshop:  info and enrollment here!

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