Jupiter Enters Pisces: Swimming in the Right Direction

12 May 2021, 10:50 am
Jupiter enters Pisces, dolphins

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Jupiter Enters Pisces

– May 13, 2021 (23:36 GMT+1)

The big news this week is the fact that Jupiter is on the move. Jupiter is the biggest planet in the universe and the best planet in astrology. Jupiter takes 12 years to circuit the zodiac bringing its blessings to each of the twelve star signs in turn. 

In mythology, Jupiter was a Sky God, linked to expansion, benevolence and protection. Jupiter is the planet that represents travel, higher education, the law, truth & justice, wherever you seek meaning & purpose in life, the bigger picture. At its best, Jupiter’s influence is jovial, fortunate and lucky.

Therefore, wherever Jupiter goes, you’re wise to follow as this is where opportunity lies. What begins under a Jupiter transit often promises success.

Most significantly, for the first time in 18 months, Jupiter is no longer under Saturn’s rule. Jupiter entered Capricorn on December 2, 2019 and Aquarius on December 19, 2020, both star signs ruled by Saturn.  

Jupiter’s move into Pisces promises a lot as Jupiter is finally swimming in the right direction in one of its two signs of rulership.

Jupiter In Pisces

At its best, Jupiter in Pisces is boundless compassion, kind and sensitive. Jupiter expands what it touches and Pisces is the star sign linked to dreams, the imagination, spirituality and mysticism.  

Pisces is a creative and imaginative influence and Jupiter’s move into Pisces will spell good news for the Arts. Here in the UK, theatres, art galleries and museums are opening their doors on May 17th and not before time. 

Foreign holidays, travel and freedom could also prosper as Jupiter, the global planet, gathers strength. Although, for now, Jupiter is only dipping its toe into Pisces so it’s unlikely that the world is going to open up dramatically. 

Jupiter is the truth planet moving into Pisces, which is linked to the media. Here’s hoping there’ll be less lies and manipulative behaviour from our press & TV screens and more truth & open-minded debate. 

Jupiter’s swimming in and out of Pisces so use the timing of this to your advantage. Here are the dates when Jupiter’s in Pisces: 

  • May 14 to July 28, 2021 
  • December 29, 2021 to May 10, 2022 
  • October 28, 2022 to December 20, 2022

The real proof of Jupiter’s strength in Pisces may not arrive until April 2022 when Jupiter meets Neptune in Pisces, Pisces’ other ruling planet. This will be an interesting time for the media as Neptune deludes while Jupiter expands.

Note that Jupiter will return to Aquarius from July 28 to December 29, 2021. It won’t be as close to Saturn as it was earlier this year but it may mean that our freedoms are curtailed once again.  

In other words, you’re probably wise to make the most of Jupiter’s expansive transit through Pisces over the next two and a half months.

Notice what happens out in the world when Jupiter enters Pisces this week and in your own life. Listen out for signs, hunches and coincidences. 

Where Jupiter Promises Success

Here’s a quick guide to the areas of life that Jupiter will highlight in your horoscope in the coming year. Read both your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign.

Remember, it’s important not to sit back and wait for Jupiter’s gifts to come to you. When you know which area of your life Jupiter is highlighting, take advantage of the best planet.  

Jupiter encourages risk-taking, envisioning, enthusiasm and positive vibes. The more you put in, the more you get back in return.

Pisces: Jupiter is in your 1st house ruling your physical body, your personal goals and ambitions. The spotlight’s on you when Jupiter’s in Pisces giving you the feel-good factor and doubling your luck. Embrace new experiences, be adventurous and say Yes to life.

Aries: Jupiter is in your 12th house ruling retreat and quiet times. An ideal time to develop your spiritual side, listen to your inner voice, learn meditation, yoga or go on a retreat. Let the inner journey begin.

Taurus: Jupiter is in your 11th house ruling friends, groups, social activities and concerns. An ideal time to connect with old and new friends alike, join a club, society or community project, do your bit for a humanitarian, environmental, political or social cause.

Gemini: Jupiter is in your 10th house ruling your career, vocation, status and where you’re heading in life. An ideal time to change career, ask for a pay-rise, go for promotion, take a sabbatical, work abroad, gain new qualifications or pursue a dream goal.

Cancer: Jupiter is in your 9th house ruling travel, study, philosophy and spirituality. An ideal time to broaden your horizons and remember that life is the journey and not the destination. Emigrate, sign up for a life-changing course, be open-minded and explore life in depth.

Leo: Jupiter is in your 8th house ruling joint finances, sexuality and all that’s hidden or taboo. An ideal time to pray for what you most need in life, receive an inheritance, improve your financial portfolio, explore your sexuality or embrace celibacy, share resources and pool finances.

Virgo: Jupiter is in your 7th house ruling your 1-to-1 relationships. An ideal time to fall in love, propose or be proposed to, play the field and become a dating superstar, let go of any relationship that restricts you, employ a personal trainer, life coach or find your ideal business partner.

Libra: Jupiter is in your 6th house ruling work & routine, service to others and your health. An ideal time to change the 9-to-5 so you free up your time, apply for a job, join a volunteer agency, boost your health and fitness. Jupiter in Pisces is likely to be busy for you, go with the flow as much as you can.

Scorpio: Jupiter is in your 5th house ruling children, creativity, entertainment, love affairs and fun. An ideal time to give birth, get pregnant, work with children, write your masterpiece, explore your creativity, have an affair, become a socialite, buy tickets for a big event.

Sagittarius: Jupiter is in your 4th house ruling your home, family, your past and where you come from. An ideal time to move home, expand where you live, make a journey into your past, celebrate with family and find your clan. Forgiveness is a theme moving forward, as is letting go.

Capricorn: Jupiter is in your 3rd house ruling communication, siblings, neighbours and your local community. An ideal time to launch a website, tell stories, reconnect with brothers, sisters or people who live close by, join your neighbourhood watch scheme, update your mode of communication or transport, become a teacher or mentor.

Aquarius: Jupiter is in your 2nd house ruling money, personal possessions and what you value in life. An ideal time to earn more money, play with your investments, think ‘less is more’ and de-clutter your possessions, show your charitable or philanthropic side, value yourself highly.

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