Everyone just take a deep breath, meditate with Emerald to align with Taurus and comfort your freaked-out self

18 May 2017, 08:24 am

I awoke in the wee hours smelling gas. There was my cat sitting on the kitchen stove in between the burners, having just slightly turned one of the knobs as he made his way to his favorite perch to where he could warm his furry self. He is always searching out comfort, the perfect spot to keep his kitty self completely satisfied, unaware of possible dangers, just seeking comfort. He gets to do that because he’s the cat. I have to be more alert but in my alertness do I forget entirely to seek comfort as well?

Meditate with EMERALD to align with the comfort of TAURUS

Sun and Mercury in Taurus are comfort-seeking energies. and finding comfort in these volatile times of transitions on all levels, is paramount. Venus rules Taurus, reminding you to feed your Venus each and every day. Calming the mind is paramount. Meditating with your favorite crystal or the crystal that is calling to you is an easy and fast way to shift your mind from freak-out stress and worry to a calmer state. In a calmer, more relaxed state you are able to hear Higher Guidance with clarity, you will know what to do and when.
Aquarius moon is highly mentally active, activating your brain with oodles of high vibration energy and if this energy is grounded you can feel pretty amped up, like you’ve had way too much caffeine. As the Aquarian moon makes a last quarter square to the Sun in Taurus there is tension created between the lunar urge to dwell in the mental body and the solar push to be in the physical. Ground nervous Aquarian mental energy by connecting with the earth. Walk barefoot. Dig your hands into the earth. Weed the garden. Meditate with deep earth treasures, our crystal friends. Hold crystals in your hands and feel the immediate connection to the vast energies of the earth, grounding and supporting you on your journey. You deserve a place to warm yourself. My cat teaches me to comfort myself. It’s ok to comfort yourself. We all need some comforting on this wild ride. Meditating with crystals is an instant comfort. Don’t take my word for it. Try it yourself.

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