Astrology of Thursday, July 12th 2018

12 Jul 2018, 09:00 am
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The first portion of the day sees the Moon in Cancer make very pleasant trines with Neptune in Pisces and now-direct Jupiter in Scorpio. The three, together, form a Grand Water trine, a deeply emotional but harmonious configuration.

Night, though, sees the Moon move on to an opposition with Pluto and conjunction with the Sun. The New Moon which occurs tonight is a partial Solar Eclipse, one which will be visible only in Tasmania and the most southern tip of eastern Australia. This Eclipse occurs almost exactly opposite Pluto. Together, they issue a call to that which dwells in the shadowed portions of the heart. This is a very emotional configuration, and care should be taken to provide the space necessary to hold what emerges.

This Eclipse is a preview of the Cancer-Capricorn series which will take us all the way into 2020. Note the themes, but remember that over the next month we will bear witness to a dramatic lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, as well a Solar Eclipse in Leo. So the next phase starts before this one concludes. _

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