Astrology of Monday, July 9th 2018

10 Jul 2018, 02:00 am
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Monday morning benefits from a square between the solid Moon in Taurus and flamboyant Venus in Leo. This combination offers some unexpected fun, but the tone changes quickly when the Moon enters Gemini shortly thereafter. In the sign of the Twins, Luna is more manic and impatient, desirous of the speedy movement of both bodies and ideas.

Around sunset, Venus leaves the sunny savannahs of Leo behind for the tidy fields of Virgo. Venus is traditionally “fallen” or “depressed” in Vigo, as the critical orientation of the sign is contrary to the embracing, joyful nature of the planet. Try not to let little things overshadow your appreciation of people or situations which are otherwise positive. Venus will be in Virgo until August 6th.

The late night sees the Moon in Gemini complete a trine with retrograde Mars in Aquarius, mixing silver light into the red planet’s brilliant crimson. Irritation and anxiety are possible effects of this combination, but so too is integration of the lessons on power and anger being taught this season. _

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