Astrology Class - Venus Retrograde in October-November 2018

08 Oct 2018, 04:58 pm

by Robert Wilkinson

I was asked by a person with Venus retrograde in their chart to explain more about Venus retrograde. Today we’ll recap some things, and explore others.

I last gave this to you two years ago, and so as usual have updated it and rewritten parts. As with all the planets except the Sun and Moon, Venus goes retrograde every so often. All retrogradation involves a planet slowing down relative to its average orbital speed so a view from Earth makes it seem like it’s going backward.

I explain more about the retrograde phenomenon in my book A New Look At Mercury Retrograde, though I did try not to lumber it down with complicated astrophysics, since I figured that might be boring to the vast majority who would buy the book. That said, if you want to learn more about the retrograde phenomenon, as well as Mercury retrograde (we have another coming soon in Sagittarius and Scorpio!), please go to this Createspace link where you can purchase a paperback edition of A New Look at Mercury Retrograde. And if you want to order it as an ebook, here’s the link to where you can purchase the new 2nd edition of A New Look at Mercury Retrograde

To recap what we’ve looked at so far, a piece from the Venus retrograde article of October 4,

Venus symbolizes what we like, what we value, what we appreciate, and our overall aesthetic inclinations. So when Venus goes retrograde, it definitely affects everyone’s values, pleasures, love life and other close relationships.

When Venus is retrograde, we can find different ways to relate to others, or different ways to image what we like and how we like it. It can bring back old relationships, old memories of relationships, or old relationship patterns updated for the present. Given Venus rules values, it can bring back old value systems for new evaluation, or the return of old memories of things we valued and appreciated in the past.

During a Venus retrograde period, we have a chance to review, revalue, reevaluate, and rework our appreciations and our ways of relating to others. Because Venus is associated with Narcissus, we can get different looks at direct and indirect forms of narcissistic behaviors, or how people in our past exhibited these, as well as our subconscious vanities and superficialities which enable us to be seduced by the passing fancies of our world.

As noted in A New Look At Mercury Retrograde, I believe that people with natal Mercury retrograde handle Mercury retrograde periods more easily, since it’s more familiar to them. I would think it would work the same way with Venus retrograde people during a Venus retrograde. Perhaps those with natal Venus retrograde already are familiar with the Venusian review process, and can deal with old interactive stuff coming back to the surface during these periods.

All retrogrades indicate a time of review, reversal, and taking a new look at experiences we’ve already had. All retrogrades seem to involve elements from the subconscious mind coming to the surface, often in roundabout or indirect ways. All retrogrades bring things from the past back into view for reconsideration.

While I haven’t experienced evident manifestations yet, Venus retrograde of 2015 brought me into contact with a friend I lost touch with over 40 years ago. That’s the interactive side of Venus. It brought the reversal of a fun “art project” that someone else had the power to pull the plug on, frustrating a great shared group experience and killing the income that was covering expenses. That involved the artistic quality Venus brings to enterprises, as well as the money/value part of it. It brought a friend of mine who’s a Taurus (ruled by Venus) the offer to come out of retirement and work at the place he retired from as a result of being overworked and underappreciated (Venus retrograde).

We have a Venus “inferior conjunction” with the Sun coming at 4 Scorpio on October 26. As I explained regarding this “fusion of life and likes” in the article Venus Retrograde Conjunct the Sun March 25, 2017 - What Does This Rare Event Mean

... this merging of Venus with the Sun symbolizes a point where the spiritual mind awakens and seeks to merge with the heart and find new ways to interact with others to share spiritual knowledge. In Esoteric Science Venus rules the Throat chakra, associated with Spiritual Knowledge of the Way, whereas the Sun rules the Heart chakra, associated with the Love of the Way. Both are constantly exercised as we move from ignorance to knowledge, and from conditional love to Unconditional Love.

In terms of the mechanics of the process, as I’ve explained before, when Venus retrograde conjuncts the Sun it’s similar to when Mercury retrograde conjuncts the Sun in what is called “an Inferior Conjunction.” However, rather than Mercury as coordinating principle in life being part of the fusion, here Venus is fusing. And because now the Sun is moving much faster than Venus, Life is chasing Likes, and Light is chasing Relatedness.

In the cases of both Mercury and Venus, an inner planet conjuncts the Sun while retrograde. In this case, if you’re wondering how it works, substitute Venus “slowing down and looking back” energy for Mercury energy. While Life (the Sun) moves steadily forward, these inner planet energies are moving at a different pace so that life can then move forward beyond the function of these inner planet energies.

Whereas when direct they raced forward ahead of the Sun (as our mind and vanities often do!), when retrograde they internalize, or become receptive to inner energies not paid attention to before then, or are impacted by (in this case) Venus forces from “the outside” that impact what we like or don’t, why we like what we like, why we believe we’re getting what we want from others or not, and a host of other Venus retrograde possibilities.

Astute astrologers will note that the coming Venus retrograde conjunction with the Sun happens at the exact degree of the Sun conjunct Jupiter in late October 2017! That would imply that the Scorpionic opportunities opened in that sector of our charts will be revisited via the retrograde, and we’ll see many things from the past 11 months in a new light. Much will be re-valued, or appreciated from a different angle of view, after this coming conjunction. I’ll write more about that in a couple of weeks.

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