Astro Daily: September 14, 2018

14 Sep 2018, 11:43 am

The Moon winds its way out of Scorpio and slips into Sagittarius for the weekend. If Scorpio brought us into the shadows, then Sagittarius brings us back into the light. Sagittarius also turns us towards travel, faith, philosophy, and the search for truth.

But we haven’t completely left behind the sign of Scorpio. With Jupiter still in Scorpio, the Moon’s journey through Sagittarius hints that the truth must come from within. It’s also a truth forged through deep personal experience, the sort that force us to confront our fears and vulnerabilities. In fact, if we look back at Jupiter’s time in Scorpio, since October 2017, we’ve found deeper wisdom and healing (Jupiter) by recognizing and releasing our past traumas, shames, and heavy secrets (Scorpio).

Come November Jupiter will move onto Sagittarius, the sign it calls home. Like a light in the dark, Jupiter in Sagittarius will show us the way forward and help us to understand or make sense of the profound lessons we’ve been working on the past few years.

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Photo by Usukhbayar Gankhuyag on Unsplash

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