Astro Daily: December 7, 2017

06 Dec 2017, 10:36 am

The Moon is taking us through the sign of Leo today, meeting up with the North Node and reminding us the power of ourselves, the power of our talents, and the power to create. To be in the essence of Leo is to be in the joy of creation.

Yes, the North Node is still in Leo, which means that our collective work as well as destiny is to rediscover who we truly are as individuals. It’s easy to get lost in the group just as much as it is easy for us to limit ourselves because we are afraid to reveal lest we are rejected. Positive Leo is the pure pleasure and the gift of sharing ourselves. (This is one of the ways Leo links to Scorpio, the following fixed sign in the fixed cross of manifestation — a technical point.)

Also, don’t forget we’re a couple days out from Chiron’s station direct at 24 Pisces. It’s likely been an emotional past few days because Chiron drags up deep emotions — emotions that are deeper than us, emotions that speak to a collective experience or human suffering. The reason I dislike the term “wounded healer” for Chiron is because it’s jargon and fails to fully transmit the beauty and the pain of what it is in astrology.

Chiron teaches that your wounds are everyone’s wounds, your suffering is everyone’s suffering. When you work to transcend these wounds, like knots in a fabric, taking consciousness of the bigger you in the collective of humanity, you unlock this experience for those who suffer similarly. In short, your wounds heal others …. “wounded healer.”

Keep this in mind if your feelings are a bit on the intense side. Chiron is the key to opening up and transcending into the larger you that is connected to each and everyone on this planet.

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