Astro Daily: December 5, 2017

05 Dec 2017, 12:30 pm

Chiron turns direct in Pisces, digging into our psychic scar tissue. We may feel overly sensitive as a result. Whatever you are feeling has deep roots, a story that has played out over time. This is a day to heal not just this life but others.

Chiron, a new addition to astrology, is often a hard influence to understand. Often described as the “wounded healer” — a term I really want each and every one of you to throw out of your lexicon — Chiron is instead the knots of pain that wrap around certain parts of our life. You know, that painful story that gnaws at us over and over again. Maybe we think we’re not good enough. Or that no one wants to hear what we have to say.

Don’t be afraid to dig into that pain today, to work at that knot, to soothe the scar, to let it go. When you undo these knots, you do so for all those who suffer similarly. Chiron is a planet that not only works for the personal, but the collective of humanity as well. Make sure you read my On Chiron, Suffering, and Knots, linked below, a channel I received where Spirit reveals the true nature of Chiron.

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On Chiron, Suffering, and Knots

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